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The Worst Mistakes When Choosing Front Fence: What Our Experts Think 

Your front fence is probably the most crucial area to fence on your property. Primarily because it’s the highlight of your entrance and gets a good deal of visual attention. Needless to say, it’s important to choose the right fencing material for this space. However, the whole process of navigating through all the options and finding the right product can be extensive given the importance of getting this decision right.  It’s a long-term investment in the beauty and value of your property. Yet, many find themselves swayed by the lure of cheaper options, only to regret their decision later.  


How to make sure you aren’t making a mistake with your front fence? 


If you’re in a similar boat and are looking for some clarity to make your decision, keep reading.  

At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Over the years we’ve helped numerous clients build their signature properties, with a stunning front fence. We know the struggle to make a lasting first impression is real. And understand the concerns and fears you might have about budget constraints and long-term value. 


Based on our experience and insights learnt on live projects, we will share the most common mistakes property owners make when selecting materials for their front fences and how you can avoid them.  


By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of where to invest so you can achieve the desired results and save your money and hassle in the long run. 


Mistake #1: Prioritising Initial Cost Over Long-Term Value 

This mistake is probably the most common one. It might have happened with each one of us at some stage of buying a product. Once there are multiple quotes on the table, we often lose track of what we set out to achieve. Cost becomes the overriding factor.  

We’ve noticed it’s easy to get caught up in the initial cost of materials when getting quotes for your front fence. Many property owners start with a vision of a beautiful, long-lasting fence that complements their property. However, once they receive different quotes, the decision-making process often shifts to focusing on the price. This shift can lead to choosing cheaper materials like Treated pine or PVC instead of more durable options like premium steel. They go for the lowest instead of what is actually right for them. It’ll be worth checking what Australian property owners think of PVC Post and Rail Fencing. 

While fencing options like Treated Pine might seem like a budget-friendly choice initially, they often require frequent maintenance and replacements. On the other hand, higher-quality solutions like Premium Steel Fencing, though more expensive upfront, offer a lifespan of up to 50 years with minimal upkeep.  


To put this into perspective, calculate the annual cost by dividing the total expense by the number of years the material lasts. You’ll find that well-designed systems like Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing are often more cost-effective over the long term. Additionally, consider the time and money spent on maintenance for cheaper materials, such as finding painters or repairing damages, which can add up significantly. 

When the quotes seem overwhelming, try taking a break from the buying process and think objectively. If you’re facing this issue, you might find it interesting to look at the cost of different post and rail fencing options over the years. 


Mistake #2: Ignoring the Long-Term Appearance 

No matter which post and rail fencing option you choose for your front fence, it’s going to look good at the time of buying. 

However, when choosing materials, it’s essential to think about how they will look not just when they are new, but years down the line. As you browse photos of brand-new PVC or Treated Pine Fences online, it might look appealing, but the look of these options can deteriorte quickly through weathering and low-strength material.  

Higher quality products like Premium Steel Fencing or Hardwood Timber, by contrast, maintain their appearance and integrity much longer. Their consistent performance means you won’t have to worry about significant variations in how it holds up from one project to another.  

If you’re considering materials like Hardwood timber, remember that because it’s a natural product, its performance can vary widely depending on environmental conditions and specific project circumstances.  

We also offer quality hardwood timber fencing. If you are considering hardwood as an option, we recommend digging into a detailed comparison of the finest hardwood timbers and finding the right fencing for your property. 


It’s a good idea to see how your future fence would look and hold up over time. So, drive around your neighbourhood and look at older fences made from your chosen materials to see their current state.  

If you’d like to check out a project of Premium Steel post and Rail Fencing around your area, connect with us and we’ll share the one closest to you. 


Mistake #3: Overlooking Installation Costs and Efficiency 

Another mistake is not considering the overall installation costs and efficiency. For instance, while the material cost for Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing might be higher, the installation process can be quicker and more straightforward compared to other options like welding Cattle rail together. This efficiency means lower labour costs and less disruption to your daily life during the installation period. 


When planning your fence, discuss with your contractor the total cost, including installation. Often, the higher upfront cost of fencing like premium steel is offset somewhat by the savings in installation time and labour. Plus, you’ll benefit from a fence that’s ready to withstand the elements without the need for frequent touch-ups and repairs. 

Find out the cost of buying and installing Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing here. 


Mistake #4: Failing to Visualise the Long-Term Outcome 

Before making a decision, think will you be satisfied with your choice in 5 to 10 years? This foresight is crucial, as a front fence is not a short-term investment. It’s part of your property’s curb appeal and can significantly impact its value. You don’t want a product with a bad ROI. 

Premium Steel Fencing provides a sleek, modern look that remains attractive over decades. In contrast, materials like Treated Pine may require painting and frequent upkeep to maintain their appearance. The initial savings on cheaper materials can quickly be overshadowed by the recurring costs of maintenance and replacement. 


If you’re creating a forever property, we highly recommend considering options that will enhance its value and give you a higher ROI. For premium properties, a long-term investment is better than a short-term gain. 

Find out what experts are saying about calculating your fencing investment based on your property’s value. 


Ready to Choose the Right Material for Your Front Fence? 

Who doesn’t want a beautiful front fence that stays stunning for years? Effortlessly. For this dream to come true, the first step is to have a clear vision and pick a good quality product. 


Now you know, that choosing the right material for your front fence is about balancing initial costs with long-term value and appearance. While it might be tempting to choose cheaper materials, the frequent maintenance, replacements, and potential dissatisfaction can make these options more costly in the long run. Also a disappointment, aesthetically.  


Higher-quality products like Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing offer a durable, low-maintenance solution that enhances your property’s appearance and value over time. It’s an investment in the beauty of your property, the safety of your animals and peace of mind. At least for the next 50 years. Remember, your front fence defines your home’s first impression. Make it a good one. 


If you’re looking for some inspiration for your front fence, our gallery and projects can take you for a visual tour. It’ll help you visualise how Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing would look on your land and create a safe and beautiful space. 


For any questions or further guidance, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you avoid common fencing mistakes and make the best choice that matches your vision and your budget.  

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