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Which Timber is the Best? Comparing 4 Finest Hardwood Post and Rail Fencing available in Australia. 

Hardwood - Timber Post and Rail Fencing

When it comes to choosing the right timber for your post and rail fencing, several factors come into play, including durability, aesthetics, sustainability, and cost. With an array of timber options available, it can be challenging to determine the best fit for your specific needs. 


At Stock & Noble, we offer high-end fencing solutions for signature property owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. With our expertise, we’ve assisted countless clients in realising their property dreams with premium post and rail fencing. 


In this blog, we will discuss the intricacies of four main types of hardwood timber used in fencing – Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Forest Red Gum, and White Cypress. From examining the uniqueness of each type of hardwood to understanding its applications and specific features, this article aims to equip you with the insights and tips necessary to create a beautiful property. 


It’s important to note that through this blog we will only be focusing on hardwood timber post and rail fencing solutions. Also, the hardwood specifications are subject to specific site conditions. 


Ironbark Timber Post and Rail Fencing: The Dense and Finest Hardwood 

Ironbark - hardwood post and rail fence

Preferred by premium property owners, Ironbark is amongst the best hardwood options you can get in our country. 

It stands out as a sturdy and robust option for fence posts, showcasing exceptional strength and durability. With its natural resistance to decay and termites, Ironbark proves to be a reliable and beautiful choice for long-term fencing solutions. 

However, its dense nature might pose challenges during morticing. The ‘denseness’ can be very tough on your gear, heavy to lift, and slower to cut/handle.  Checking with your supplier for customisation is highly recommended. 

Ironbark’s availability and pricing may vary, depending on the sourcing location and market demands. 


Ironbark Hardwood Specifications 

Durability Class in Ground: Class 1 (25 years +) 

Rating Above Ground: Class 1 (40 years +) 

Termite Resistant: Yes 

Colour: Red/Brown 


Forest Red Gum Timber Post and Rail Fencing: Strong Deep Coloured Hardwood  

Hardwood post and rail fence - Forest Red-gum

Hailing from Southern Queensland, Forest Red Gum boasts a striking dark red hue, adding a touch of elegance to any property.  

Its remarkable Class 1 durability in-ground and above-ground ratings make it an ideal option for long-lasting fence construction.  

Forest Red Gum offers exceptional qualities, however, its availability and pricing may vary depending on market demand and regional sourcing. Proper maintenance and protective measures can ensure its longevity and preserve its captivating appearance over time. 


Forest Red Gum 

Durability Class in Ground: Class 1 (25 years +) 

Rating Above Ground: Class 1 (40 years +) 

Termite Resistant: Yes 

Colour: Red – Dark Red 


Spotted Gum Timber Post and Rail Fencing: The Time-Tested Favourite 


Spotted Gum - Hardwood post and rail fence - timber fence

Spotted Gum emerges as a popular choice for rail fencing, renowned for its attractive light to dark brown hues and exceptional resilience. Its long strands provide flexibility within the rails, reducing the likelihood of breakage or bending, and ensuring a sturdy and reliable fence structure. 

Given the fact Spotted Gum is best suited to rails, it is not uncommon to use Spotted Gum Rails with Ironbark posts as they both have a similar colour. 

While Spotted Gum remains readily available, it is essential to consider sourcing from reputable suppliers to maintain consistent quality. Additionally, a proper protective coating can prolong its lifespan and preserve its natural aesthetics. 


Spotted Gum 

Durability Class in Ground: Class 1 (15-25 years +) 

Rating Above Ground: Class 1 (40 years +) 

Termite Resistant: Yes 

Colour: Light Brown to Dark Red 


White Cypress: The Reliable and Cost-Effective Choice 

Hardwood post and rail fence - timber fencing

With its impressive termite resistance and Class 1 durability above ground, White Cypress presents itself as a cost-effective and reliable timber option for fencing projects. While it may not possess the same density as some hardwood counterparts, White Cypress offers a viable solution for customers with budget constraints. 

However, its Class 2 durability on the ground and pricing dependent on availability call for prudent consideration. 

Tip: Source White Cypress from Southern Queensland which is a high-quality hardwood, be cautious of buying Victorian Cypress or Macocarpa, known for issues such as splitting or warping. 


White Cypress Specifications 

Durability Class in Ground: Class 1 & 2 (15-25 years +) 

Rating Above Ground: Class 1 (40 years +) 

Termite Resistant: Yes 

Colour: Light to Dark yellow-brown 


Ready to Choose Timber Post and Rail Fencing for Your Property? 

You are planning to build your forever property with the finest quality hardwood and want to know the perfect type of timber to be used for fencing. Now you know the intricacies of four primary types of hardwood commonly used in post and rail fencing: Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Forest Red Gum, and White Cypress. 


  • Overall Ironbark is ideal for premium properties, especially known for its exceptional strength and density that’s perfect for fence posts. 
  • Forest Red Gum adds elegance with its dark rich red colour and durability, however, it might need maintenance to maintain its beauty. 
  • Spotted Gum is a favourite hardwood option for rails, loved for its attractive brown hues and flexibility, ensuring a sturdy fence. 
  • White Cypress, a cost-effective option, offers termite resistance but needs careful sourcing to prevent ending up with Macrocarpa.  


Each of these timber types possesses unique characteristics, making them suitable for various applications. It’s also helpful to keep a checklist ready to refer to while buying Timber posts and rail fencing in Australia. 


You are now well-equipped with information, insights and tips to help you make the right decision and create a property that’ll stay beautiful for decades. We understand choosing an option could get overwhelming. So if you have any further questions on the cost, quality, type, installation, suitability or longevity of timber post and rail fencing solutions, reach out to our experts. They will help and guide you every step of the way to build your signature property, just the way you imagined. 


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