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Black Steel Fencing - Stock and Noble

Why Black Fencing More Popular For Horse Farms?

If you recall your favourite TV show set on a ranch from when you were a child, try and recall the colour of the fencing. Most likely white right? Massive long kentucky fences that stretch into the dusty distance. However, fast forward to today.

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electric fence

Dispelling 4 Electric Fence Myths Horse Owners Believe

If you’re a rancher, you’ve undoubtedly heard some rumours and stories about electrical fences – possibly even got a few stories of your own! We’ve also heard many but unfortunately, some claims are nothing more than urban legends. So, to deflate misconceptions, we’re going to reduce four of them today!

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White Fence Paint - Stock and Noble

3 Basic Tips Before Painting Your Fence

Your fence gives protection, privacy, and a lot of kerb appeal if it’s well-maintained. After you’ve invested in a fence, regular maintenance may help it last for years. You will be avoiding rot and insect damage as well as slowing decomposition by preserving the polish.

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Little Girl and her First Pony - Stock and Noble

3 Fence Planning Questions to Prepare For

Stock & Noble is here to share a quick guide on choosing a fence for your farm if you’re in the market for one. Below are some questions that you need to consider to help you best prepare for a fence system installation.

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Two Black Horses in the Farm- Stock and Noble

How To Prevent Horse Fence Failure?

Because horses are curious creatures, it’s a good bet that they’ll spend some time investigating and making contact with whatever fence is in place. As a result, the fence must be built appropriately to enclose horses safely.

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