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Warren Jensen
Rural Acreage Property Owner , Praise Mountain, QLD 
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I really like the product you guys have in the EquiRope and the service you guys have offered me in the past. The product has always been dispatched quickly and you guys have always been easy to deal with.
Simon Hunter
Farm Manager – Pinker Park , Euroa, VIC 
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We are extremely happy with the horserail products we have used on our 120 property Pinker Park. Apart from looking very professional and smart we have very minimal maintenance and is so safe for the horses the way it is designed.   We would recommend it 110% to anyone looking to set up any kind of Equine property..
Leanne Benjamin
Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator , New Zealand 
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We have the fencing up around the arena and it looks great! My horse even tested it the day after it was finished by jumping out of the arena! Horse and fence unharmed.  If this had been post and rail we would have had injuries. 
Erin Sullivan
Property Owner, Wanaka, New Zealand 
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Easily assembled, safe fencing for horses. The customer support team was so easy to work with and extremely accommodating. As well as all the detailed information supplied on care, assembly, add-ons etc. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting a long lasting and aesthetically appealing equine property..
Adam and Bridget Floyd
Property Owner, New Zealand 
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The components of the product were very easy to use. Installation videos were provided and we simply followed them. We spoke to Georgie multiple times and she was very helpful. The quality of the product was exactly as we expected, we are really happy!
Lisa Trezise
Fencing Contractor, Mt Macedon, VIC 
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We have purchased from Stock & Noble in the past because: We wanted to move towards steel fencing and the customer was also happy to use the Quality of the Buckley steel fencing. We also receive excellent customer service from Gavin. Even more so now with the Victorian Timber sector impacted by the halt in lumbering we need to diversify our Products and Services. With being local suppliers in Macedon Ranges it is critical we are able to provide Quality workmanship, products and services.
Jason Shipton 
Property Owner, Gold Coast, QLD 
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I wasn’t 100% until I received the sample which I was impressed with. The dimensions of the post & rail were aesthetically pleasing. The correspondence was always prompt. It was different to other fencing in my street. I found your business to be patient & easy to deal with. I will be recommending this product to other people in my area.
Chris Livingston
Veterinary Practice Owner , Port McQuarie, NSW 
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I chose Stock and Noble probably for 2 main reasons: 1. The appearance- looks really smart. 2. Ease of installation- no welding or fasteners required.
John Ollington
Onsite Building & Maintenance  | Selah Valley Pty Ltd, Limpinwood NSW 
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After a considerable amount of searching (online and in person to local and Gold Coast/ Brisbane companies) it was decided that Stock & Noble were able to give us the products the owner was looking for, that was, a black, steel 3 rail post and rail fence that is maintenance free (no or minimum future painting) Stock & Noble fencing is not cheap! But cheap doesn’t last, we are wanting a lasting fence product that will look great in 10, 15 & 20 years time.
Moira Kelly
Property Owner, Sydney, NSW 
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I bought paint from you as the quality is amazing, it’s easy to work with, it lasts longer and we save time on labour costs as the productivity is higher due to the quality.
Matthew Dale
Property Owner, Goulburn, NSW 
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We love our property and wanted the best and the most long-lasting fence paint in the market. That’s why we chose Forever Black. It has exceeded our expectations.
Reto Cadalbert
Proffessional Fence Painter, Scone, NSW 
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Forever Black Timber paint is the best bl***y paint i have used in my life.
Tom Farley
  Fencing Contractor, New Zealand 
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Thought I would give you an update. Been really impressed with the quality of the products and the client is really happy. So thank you. 
Ashleigh Kendall
Athlete, Dreamtime Dressage, New Zealand 
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I am gone from having quite a few injuries from the old fence to none with the EquiRope. Horses just bounce off it, so it’s certainly paid for itself in VET bills a million times over. 
Michael Beckwith 
Property Owner, Mildura, VIC
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It is the quality of your products and your service / knowledge. We were looking for good quality fencing that would not only do the right job but would last us for years to come. We install our own fencing etc. and I don’t want to be constantly repairing or re-installing what we have already done. Pretty simple really- good products and good service together is hard to find these days!  
Troy Corstens
Director of Malua Racing, Geelong, Flemington, Lurg, VIC 
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We are using equirope exclusively at our Thoroughbred farm Bangtail in Lurg.  We have found the product to be extremely good.  It is extremely safe and the horses all have a lot of respect for it. 
Clare Austin
ORO Equestrian, New Zealand 
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Whilst in the process of developing our boutique equestrian property we needed to find a suitable fencing solution. With a young horse on the property it was so important to find something with safety in mind. We chose the Equirope from Stock & Noble, and we are so glad we did! It was not long installed and my young horse decided to rear up next to it and put a front leg over the top of the Equirope - BUT the Equirope simply just slid along his leg popping back up with absolutely no issues at all. Not a mark on my young horse I could not believe it. It has certainly given me peace of mind knowing how safe the Equirope really is. 110% recommend this as a safe fencing solution for your horses.  
Helen Arthur Innes
Equine Property Owner, Christchurch, NZ
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Have just put Equirope around my horse paddocks super simple process great cost effective option and the staff I dealt with couldn’t have been more helpful will definitely use again and highly recommend for a quality product.
Steve Gillfeather
Property owner, Euroa, VIC 
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The product was the kicker, my wife’s pony is special so just tickling 1 more box. Also your response time etc and customer service is top notch.
Chris Palmer
Property Owner, Queensland 
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It is a great product and so easy to use. 
Dan Adams
Horse Stud Manage, Meringo Studs, NSW
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I’ve been using Border Line for almost 5 years. I found it to be one of the safest, most cost effective and easiest fences I’ve ever put up. Within this time, we’ve had horses go through the fence and come out on the other side without any injury at all. We couldn’t ask for anything more.