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Premium Fence Paints for lasting protection

Master Blend paint by Stock & Noble is exactly what you’d expect. Brilliant, rich and resilient fence paint that lasts and protects.

All our fence paints are water-based and safe for the environment and your animals. They are easy to apply and a breeze to maintain.

Our Master Blend contains Anti-Rust, Anti-Mould, Anti-Crib and Anti-Chew additives along with UV protection and Hot Weather Technology. This unique blend ensures that your fences deter horse cribbing, wear and discolouration to stay stunning for longer.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Premium paint products for lasting protection.

Build beautiful fencing, you’ll be proud of forever with Master Blend Paint

The Stock & Noble Master Blend Paint collection includes several products. See them here!


Forever Black - Timber


Deep, rich premium black fence paint. The traditional look. Suitable for timber fencing.


Forever Black - Steel


Deep, rich premium black fence paint. The traditional look. Suitable for steel fencing.


Forever White


Brilliant, vibrant premium white fence paint. An elegant choice.


Classic Black

Standard Range

It does what it says on the tin. Classic, standard quality fence paint.


Forever Timber


Premium quality primer and undercoat with advanced adhesion properties for timber fences. 


Forever Etch


Premium quality primer and undercoat with anti-corrosive pigments for both raw and galvanised steel fences. 

Product Specifications

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Brilliant colour

Rich vibrant long-lasting colour that doesn’t fade under the harsh Australian sun.

Unrivalled durability

Our Forever Black Timber typically lasts 6 times longer than standard fence paint. Forever Black Steel has a life expectancy of over 10 years.

Earth safe

Low in V.O.C - Stock & Noble's acrylic products comply with the EU Directive 2007/42/EC.

Client Reviews

Moira Kelly
Property Owner, Sydney, NSW 
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I bought paint from you as the quality is amazing, it’s easy to work with, it lasts longer and we save time on labour costs as the productivity is higher due to the quality.
Matthew Dale
Property Owner, Goulburn, NSW 
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We love our property and wanted the best and the most long-lasting fence paint in the market. That’s why we chose Forever Black. It has exceeded our expectations.
Reto Cadalbert
Proffessional Fence Painter, Scone, NSW 
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Forever Black Timber paint is the best bl***y paint i have used in my life.

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