Master Blend Fence Paint

First impressions that last

Equine Fence Paint

Premium paint products for lasting protection.

Master Blend paint by Stock & Noble is exactly what you’d expect. Brilliant, rich and resilient fence paint that lasts and protects.

Our Master Blend contains Never Crib, Anti-Mould Defense and Hot Weather Technology, ensuring that your fences withstand pesky horse cribbing, wear and discolouration. First impressions count. Make ‘em last with Master Blend Paint.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Premium paint products for lasting protection.

First impressions count.
Make them last with Master Blend Paint.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Forever Black

Forever Black


Deep, rich premium black fence paint. The traditional look.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Forever White

Forever White


Brilliant, vibrant premium white fence paint. An elegant choice.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Never Crib

Never Crib


No more pesky horse bites on your fence posts. A clear solution to stop cribbing.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Classic Black

Classic Black

Standard Range

It does what it says on the tin. Classic, standard quality fence paint.

Master Blend Fence Paint - Hot weather additive

Hot weather additive

Standard Range

Add a dash of this to any paint to increase its durability and resistance to hot weather. Too easy.

Benefits & Specification​



Brilliant colour

Good lookin’ fences don’t just happen on their own. You need a tin or two of Master Blend paint and some elbow grease.

Unrivalled durability

Each tin of Master Blend comes chocked full of technology to combat harsh weather, mould, fungus and horse bites.

No pesky bite marks

All of our premium paint options are infused with Never Crib, our anti-cribbing solution. No more nibbling on your nice fence posts.


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