Legacy Fence

Impact resistant, flexible fencing.

Safe, good lookin' fences

Classic board fencing, superior horse safety.

Legacy Rail has the aesthetics of a classic post and rail fence, but with superior flexibility, lower maintenance required and incredibly easy to install.

The flexibility, smoothness and strength of Legacy Rail protects horses and riders from injuries. No need to strip, crimp or notch. And no pesky exposed wires.

Legacy Fence - Classic board fencing, superior horse safety.

Legacy product range

Legacy Rail Bold

Black, White & Natural / 135mm

Legacy Bold is our premium and most asked for rail that closely resembles traditional board fence. It carries a Ltd. Lifetime Mfg. warranty, that is transferable one time.

Legacy Rail Classic

Black, White & Natural / 110mm

Legacy Classic is the workhorse of our Legacy Rail Family. More economical than our premium Legacy Bold and Classic but with the same thickness and break strength.

Legacy Rail Slimline

Black, White & Natural / 95mm

Legacy Slimline is for those who prefer the refined minimalistic approach. A rail that is safer, affordable and visible with an impressive break strength rating.

Legacy Rail Electric

Black, White & Natural / 130mm

Legacy Electric is an innovative hybrid rail technology that has all the features of a Legacy fence system with the added benefit of an electric charge.

Legacy Fence - Legacy Line White

Legacy Line

Black, White & Natural

Legacy Line is a 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire that is molecularly bonded to a unique polyolefin blend of flexible plastic.

Legacy Fence - Legacy Line Black

Legacy Line Electric

Black, White & Natural

Legacy Line Electric incorporates 3 consistent stripes of purified carbon to conduct electricity. Legacy Line Electric has the same strength and flexible properties as the normal Legacy Line.
Legacy Fence - Legacy Post

Legacy Post (by Plasmar)

A 100% recycled fence post

A 100% recycled fencing post solution that completes our Legacy Series. With a 50+ year lifespan, Legacy Post will outlive most of us. 12 years’ durability research and testing with the CSIRO.

Design Features and Accessories



Classic good looks

The closest you’ll get to a traditional board fence with this level of flexibility and safety

Strong as an ox!

Legacy Rail can survive some of the greatest storms and severe weather. Far tougher than traditional wood fencing.

Can be electrified

Legacy Rail Electric contains an innovative hybrid rail technology. A classic board style fence with extra zap!


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