Round Yards

Premium Fencing packages for beautiful round yards.

Round yards made easy

Well-built round yards build confidence.

The LeGrande Series and The Buckley Series are unique round yard options by Stock & Noble, that are designed to make your decision, an easy one.

Our two round yard options are both crafted from steel and are built to make you and the horse feel safe and confident as you train, learn and evolve. Poorly constructed round yards can undermine confidence, leading to subpar learning and training experiences. Moreover, if you’re going to build one…make it look good.

Round Yard Fencing Series

Explore Round Yard Options

Designed and supplied to match the round yard size of your choice. Manufactured to look good, work hard and be safe.

The LeGrande Series

The LeGrande Series: The 2.2m infilled premium steel round yard

The Buckley Series Round Yard

The Buckley Series

The 1.6m open rail premium steel round yard

Client Reviews

Leanne Benjamin
Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator , New Zealand 
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We have the fencing up around the arena and it looks great! My horse even tested it the day after it was finished by jumping out of the arena! Horse and fence unharmed.  If this had been post and rail we would have had injuries. 
Erin Sullivan
Property Owner, Wanaka, New Zealand 
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Easily assembled, safe fencing for horses. The customer support team was so easy to work with and extremely accommodating. As well as all the detailed information supplied on care, assembly, add-ons etc. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting a long lasting and aesthetically appealing equine property..
Adam and Bridget Floyd
Property Owner, New Zealand 
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The components of the product were very easy to use. Installation videos were provided and we simply followed them. We spoke to Georgie multiple times and she was very helpful. The quality of the product was exactly as we expected, we are really happy!

Design Features and Accessories



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Bend, Buckle and Release

Stock & Noble Steel Round Yards feature the steel rail system that will give upon severe impact increasing the horse and trainer safety.

Designed to last

Crafted entirely from steel, with the LeGrande Series being lined with Equiboard which won't rot or break upon impact.


Construct to any size you choose and build your riding arena in the same fencing to match.

Typical Standard Round Yard Sizes are:
  • 10m Diameter
  • 12 Diameter
  • 16m Diameter
  • 18m Diameter
  • 20m Diameter