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Beautiful Fencing,

You'll be proud of forever.

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We’re here to help you create your dream property. One you are truly proud of.

These aren’t mere words. If you’ve partnered with us, you already know that we do everything possible to make it happen. Everything.

We are selective.

Simply put, we are a Victoria-based company that supplies premium fencing solutions to upscale properties across Australia and New Zealand.

Although our main focus is on providing the finest fencing materials, we also assist in connecting you with trustworthy installers.

We are quite picky about the products we feature and choose only globally successful solutions that have proven their worth for beautiful aesthetics and exceptional safety standards for years.

We don’t discount on quality.

We understand the world is driven by price, but if that’s all that matters to you, likely, we won’t do business. For us, the true value lies in gorgeous looking, superior quality and long-lasting solutions.

We believe Rule breakers are the rule makers.

This is our philosophy. We don’t follow it. We live it, breathe it, dream it, and practice it every single day in everything we do.

We tell the truth as it is.

We are passionate about telling the truth and educating the customer as much as we can. So, you have the confidence to realise your vision and never compromise.

We’ve left our footprints in high places

As a young company, we’ve stepped straight into many prestigious facilities, leaving our mark on premier locations such as Scone Equine Hospital, Flemington Racecourse, and the renowned Gilgai Farm. Our expertise extends to revamping entire fencing infrastructures, transforming beautiful estates and ranches Australasia-wide.

At the heart of it all lies one of our core values –You can’t fly with the eagles if you’re still swimming with the ducks.

Who do YOU want to elevate your property with?