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Cost of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing - Buying and Installing. 

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If you’re creating your forever property, you undoubtedly desire the most exquisite and superior horse fencing solution possible. Your ideal fence should provide a secure environment for your beloved animals while exuding elegance, requiring minimal upkeep, and making a distinct impression. 


However, the finest options usually come at a premium cost, and our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing (Buckley) is no exception. If you have completed your research, compared various Steel post and rail horse fences, and wish to know the cost of owning Buckley for your property, you have come to the right place. 


However, if you want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of our Premium Steel post and rail fencing, we suggest you first check out our review of the product. If you have decided to select this particular horse fence, this article will guide you through the next step. 


While calculating the cost of fencing material is relatively easy, determining the cost of preparation, freight charges, and installation fees by fencing contractors is more complicated. The process may involve finding multiple fencing contractors, discussing your project in detail with them, and contacting post suppliers to determine the material and delivery costs. In the end, the procedure can be tedious, time-consuming, and bewildering. 


At Stock & Noble, we are the exclusive supplier of Buckley steel post and rail fencing in Australia and New Zealand. We have a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with purchasing and installing Buckley, having sold and delivered the finest fencing solutions and continually interacting with fencing contractors in the region. 


This article will elaborate on the different factors that determine the cost of purchasing and installing Buckley fencing on your property. If you are considering owning the world’s only engineered steel post and rail fencing system for your property, continue reading. 


Cost Breakdown of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing 


Cost of Buckley steel post and rail:  

$87 per metre – 1 Rail system (no gates) 

$123 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates) 

$157 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates) 

$193 per metre – 4 Rail system (no gates) 


Cost of Buckley Steel Gates: 

(Including gate mounting post and gate cap)

Cost of 3 rail 1.2-meter gate: 1293.60 including GST

Cost of 3 rail 2.4-meter gate: $1835.90 including GST 

Cost of 3 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2183.50 including GST

Cost of 4 rail 1.2-meter gate: $1395.90 including GST

Cost of 4 rail 2.4-meter gate: $1998.70 including GST 

Cost of 4 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2526.70 including GST


Cost of gate latch (EZY Latch):

$317.90 including GST 


Cost of Drop Bolt Assembly:

$419.50, if an additional gate is required. 


Cost of Contractor:

Cost of preparation: On average $2.50 a meter to pull down the fence

Approximately $130 per post, including concrete. 

Contractor cost for one gate installation: $200 


Cost of DIY Installation:

$545 per day for an excavator with post hole and augur attachment, $11 per 20 kg bag of general-purpose cement, and $73 per day to hire a portable concrete mixer. 


To help you get an idea of the overall cost we will take an example of – the cost for a 3 Rail Buckley Steel post and rail fencing over 100 metres. 


Cost of Premium Steel post and rail fence


Materials Needed for Installation 

The first thing to consider is the cost of the materials needed for installation. This includes the cost of Buckley post and rail, gates, gate latches, and any additional accessories needed to install the fence properly. 


Buckley is an engineered fencing system. Therefore, the post and rails are integrated and priced together. The cost depends on the number of rails and gates chosen by you and the area of fencing to be covered. 


The price of Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing 


$87 per metre – 1 Rail system (no gates) 

$123 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates) 

$157 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates) 

$193 per metre – 4 Rail system (no gates) 


The cost of 100 metres 3 Rail Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing System is $15,700. Including GST.  


For an in-depth understanding of price, you can compare the cost of different Post and Rail Fencing solutions. 


Or use an interactive fencing tool to get an estimate of your fencing project.  




The Price of Buckley Steel Gates 

Gates are an important part of a fence, and if you choose to go ahead with the pre-designed Buckley gates you get an option of: 1.2 meters, 2.4 meters, and 3.6 meters. It’ll be worth learning the tips on choosing the best gate for your fencing. 


These gates are hingeless, horse safe, and can be opened with one hand on both sides. They cannot be customised and are designed to fit into the Buckley rail system to create a synchronised look for the property. 


Our best-selling steel welded gate options are 2.4 metres. The cost of a 3 rail 2.4-meter gate is $1835.90, while the cost of a 4 rail gate 2.4 meters wide is $1998.70.


All prices include the cost of the gate mounting post, gate cap and GST.  


In addition, you will need to purchase gate latches, called the EZY Latch, which costs $317.90 including GST. This is one of the best latches ever made and is highly recommended by horse owners who’ve installed it on their property. 


EZY LATCH - horse gate - horse property


If you require a double gate opening, where two gates join in the middle, you might want to add the drop bolt assembly. 


The drop bolt assembly holds the gate in position, and the cost of the drop bolt assembly is $419.50. 


The cost for 100m of the Premium Steel Post and Rail fence with 3 rails, a 2.4m wide 3 rail gate and EZY Latch: $17,820.80 


Cost of Preparation 

Before you begin your installation, the property needs to be prepared for the fencing. This includes the removal of any old fencing including posts and clearing and levelling the ground. 


On average your cost will be $2.50 a meter to pull down or remove the fence.  


Or it is recommended you get a fencing contractor to provide a quote on the merits of the project. 


Cost of Installation 

The installation of the fence is another factor that affects the cost of Buckley steel posts and rail fencing. You can either hire a contractor or do it yourself (DIY). 



If you decide to hire a contractor, you can expect to pay around $130 per post, including concrete. 


A contractor may charge extra for doing gate posts, and the cost for one gate installation is typical $200. 


To install a double gate, you can expect to pay $400, which includes fitting the latch, levelling the gate, and ensuring everything is working correctly. 


For a 100-meter 3-rail fence, you will need 35 posts and a gate. 

So the total cost for installation will be $4550 + $200 = $4650. 



If you decide to install the fence yourself, you will need an excavator with a post-hole and auger attachment. The cost of hiring an excavator is around $545 per day, and on a 100-meter fence, you will need 35 holes, which a good operator should be able to drill in one day. 


If you choose to install the fences yourself, there are two ways to purchase the required material. 


1. You can purchase 20 kg concrete mix bags, which retail for around $12.

The price varies from different garden suppliers. 

You will need 3 bags of concrete or 60 kg per post 

For 100 metre fencing, you will need concrete for 35 posts  

3 bags of concrete x $12 x 35 posts = $1260 


The important point to note is to install Buckley posts, you need concrete mix and not rapid set.  


Also, while the concrete comes in premixed bags you still need to add water and mix it together. For this, you will need a portable concrete mixer: $73 per day hire.


2. Another way is to buy materials in bulk. 

You can purchase sand, rock, and general-purpose cement and mix your own concrete. Your local sand and soil shop will tell you the best materials to use.


The ratio to mix is 3-2-1, 3 sand, 2 gravel, and 1cement, then add water until the mix is consistent. Avoid too much water. It doesn’t matter how much you mix, a small amount or large amount as long as the ratio is the same in every mix you will get consistent concrete.  


To mix the sand, gravel and cement together you can either mix it by hand in a wheelbarrow or hire a portable concrete mixer. 


Sand: $115 per cubic metre 

Rock: $95 per cubic metre 

20 kg bags of general-purpose cement is $11 

A portable concrete mixer is $73 per day to hire. 


It will cost approximately $466.00 to mix your own concrete for 35 posts. 


Cost of freight

The delivery cost varies from site to site and depends on factors such as the type of material and machinery involved, as well as the distance to be covered. If you need a forklift to unload your fencing material, we can get it arranged for you.

Cost of forklift hire: $600 per day.


To get the exact cost of your freight, we recommend speaking to one of our fencing experts.


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Know the cost of buying and installing Premium Steel post and Rail fencing on your property? 

You want to create your forever equine property with Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing and wanted to know how much it will cost to turn your dream property into a tangible reality.  


Now you know the cost of installing the Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fence varies depending on various factors, including the size of the property, your choice of rails, and gates, the cost of materials, preparation, fencing contractor and freight. 


It is important to weigh the costs against the benefits of the fence, such as high aesthetic value, horse safety, durability and longevity before making a decision. We recommend you dig deeper and find out if Buckley Steel Post and Rail fence can increase your property’s ROI and is worth the investment. 


If you have more questions on the suitability of Premium Steel Post and Rail for your forever property or want to know more about the freight, cost and installation of this fencing then book a personalised consultation. One of our fencing experts will connect with you to answer all your queries and help you create a safe and beautiful equine property, just the way you imagined.  

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