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The finest Steel Post and Rail fencing designed to last and protect.

Buckley Steel Fence is Stock & Noble’s finest horse fencing range. As close to the ‘perfect’ solution as you will get. The fences and gates in this range are classic Stock & Noble products that reflect deep understanding and a commitment to excellence — unrivalled quality, protection, and good looks.

This premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing answers every question the industry has asked…and then some. If you’re thinking of building your dream property with the most stunning and safest horse fence that’ll last, build Buckley. For other Stock & Noble horse fencing solutions that are leaders in the field, look for our Masterbrand Insignia, which reflects the premium nature of the product.

good lookin’ fences that last

Beautiful for generations

The lifetime expectancy of our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is decades, while the lifetime maintenance costs are virtually zero. Made with 2-sided pre-galvanised steel, this horse fence is treated with a phosphate conversion coating for added protection and finished with an architectural grade polyester powder coat. The protective coating will not chip, peel or crack, featuring superior long-term resistance to rusting, fading or chalking.

Each piece of horse fencing is thermally independent with allowance for the slight thermal expansion and contraction that occurs in metal. The rails remain straight and the posts perfectly aligned no matter what the temperature. Unlike wood or vinyl, the rails will not warp or sag over time. Nor will they be destroyed from cribbing. Fireproof, flood proof, horse proof, this horse fencing is designed to help you create a gorgeous property sans any compromise.

Steel Post & Rail fencing that’s designed to protect

Horse safety, is always the top priority

The premium Steel posts and Rail Fencing are very strong, but for safety reasons will buckle on direct running impact. For day-to-day bumps, nudges and kicks, each rail of our Steel horse fence is designed so that it will flex if impacted, and then return to its normal position. 

In the case of a panicked horse, its energy is sufficient to cause the rails to bend, buckle, and release from the posts with no breakage or splinters. This prevents serious injury to the horse, unlike with welded steel fence rails or masonry-style systems.

Each section is thermally independent and therefore not subject to cracking or corrosion. Furthermore, due to its design of rounded smooth edges and no nails, screws or fasteners, there is no risk of cuts to horses’ delicate skin.

Unlike Treated Pine, there’s no likely risk of animals breaking and choking on huge chunks of fencing or licking harmful chemicals off the fencing. Cribbers will also feel discouraged to bite metal.

Easy to install & easy on the planet

Cleverly designed

Our recycled Steel post and rail fencing is designed for practical and quick installation. The powder coat finish is non-toxic and free of chemically based solvents. Our steel shipping crates are also returnable and reusable.

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Explore Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing

Buckley Steel Fencing System offers the highest quality, American-designed horse fencing products on the market. From the broad rails to the high-strength fence posts to uniquely designed gating and latch system, we’re providers of the ultimate fencing solutions. View our finest steel fencing options below.

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Steel board gates


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Product Specifications

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Client Reviews

Lisa Trezise
Fencing Contractor, Mt Macedon, VIC 
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We have purchased from Stock & Noble in the past because: We wanted to move towards steel fencing and the customer was also happy to use the Quality of the Buckley steel fencing. We also receive excellent customer service from Gavin. Even more so now with the Victorian Timber sector impacted by the halt in lumbering we need to diversify our Products and Services. With being local suppliers in Macedon Ranges it is critical we are able to provide Quality workmanship, products and services.
Jason Shipton 
Property Owner, Gold Coast, QLD 
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I wasn’t 100% until I received the sample which I was impressed with. The dimensions of the post & rail were aesthetically pleasing. The correspondence was always prompt. It was different to other fencing in my street. I found your business to be patient & easy to deal with. I will be recommending this product to other people in my area.
Chris Livingston
Veterinary Practice Owner , Port McQuarie, NSW 
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I chose Stock and Noble probably for 2 main reasons: 1. The appearance- looks really smart. 2. Ease of installation- no welding or fasteners required.
John Ollington
Onsite Building & Maintenance  | Selah Valley Pty Ltd, Limpinwood NSW 
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After a considerable amount of searching (online and in person to local and Gold Coast/ Brisbane companies) it was decided that Stock & Noble were able to give us the products the owner was looking for, that was, a black, steel 3 rail post and rail fence that is maintenance free (no or minimum future painting) Stock & Noble fencing is not cheap! But cheap doesn’t last, we are wanting a lasting fence product that will look great in 10, 15 & 20 years time.

Design Features


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Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing

Our Steel Horse Fence is the only post and rail board fence made of steel. Enjoy the aesthetic appeal of traditional wood fencing with a stronger and more durable outcome.

Available in textured black or gloss white

Choose between brilliant white gloss or textured black. The protective powder coating will not chip, peel or crack, no matter the conditions with which it is tested.

Impressive dimensions

Available in 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 rail options, the basic dimensions of the premium Post and Rail fence is:

  • The typical height of post above ground: 1450-1500mm (this can change for different rail combinations)
  • Standard post spacing: 2940 mm centre to centre
  • Rail: 2900mm x 135mm x 35 x 1.2mm rectangular
  • Fence posts: 89mm x 130 x 1.4mm rectangular with radiused corners
The Posts are 2.54 metres long.

Suited for hilly terrain

The Buckley rails are 2.9m in length and have a 23° articulation allowance in any (direction (up and down, side to side) within each post-opening to readily accommodate an undulating terrain or installation of a round corral yard.

Lifetime Expectancy

The Buckley Steel Fencing System has a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years, which applies to the fencing system as well as the coating. However, the life expectancy of this horse fence is over 30 plus years and it has all the benefits that come with the strength of steel.

Steel Horse Fence with added protection against rust

The steel posts have a lock spacing system that is inserted in each post and serves to lock the rails in place, eliminating the need for welding, nails or screws or special tools for rail removal. The posts have pre-punched rail openings lined with commercial-grade rubber grommets, and at no point, steel is penetrated with nails or screws thus reducing the likelihood of any rusting or corrosion.