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Which is the best horse fencing for stallions? 

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If you’re looking for fencing to contain stallions on your property then you might already know they are different from other horses and it’s important to find fencing that matches their size, strength and behaviour. 


They need a safe and secure environment that can keep them contained and prevent them from injuring themselves or others. Horse fencing plays a crucial role in providing a safe space for stallions. 


In this blog, we will discuss the fencing requirements for stallions and the most suitable horse fencing that matches their needs. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand. Our products are carefully picked based on their proven success globally and high horse safety standards. Based on our experience in helping clients create a safe equine property for the containment of stallions, insights learnt on live projects and knowledge gained from different fencing experts we will share the best fencing solutions for stallions. 


In the end, you’ll be well-equipped to choose a fence that’s safe for your stallions and matches your budget and your vision. 


Factors that Differentiate Fencing Requirements for Stallions 


1. Aggressive nature needs stronger fencing

The fencing requirements for stallions are different because they are generally stronger and more aggressive than other horses. They have a greater tendency to fight with other horses and attempt to escape from their enclosures.

So, fencing for stallions must have added strength and should be sturdy enough to contain them effectively. 


 2. Running speed requires enhanced safety features

Stallions run faster than other horses and can reach high speeds in smaller areas. To prevent escape and likely injury safety features in different product ranges such as Border Line, EquiRope, Equine Mesh, Buckley Steel Post and Rail, and others are more essential when it comes to stallions.

They are also more likely to challenge fencing by biting, kicking or pushing against it, which means that the fencing must be able to withstand these forces without breaking or becoming loose. 


3. Size and space to run demand tall flexible fencing.

Stallions are large animals and often would like a lot of room to run. In the case of impact, fencing should have the required flexibility to give way to the stallions rather than stay rigid which could result in an injury. 

The fencing for stallions needs to be at least 1.5 meters high, whereas typical horses need around 1.35 meters high. 


Overall stallion fencing needs to be stronger, safer, higher, and better equipped to contain these large animals.  



The Best Horse Fencing Solutions for Stallions 

Based on the different fencing requirements of stallions and our experience here are the two most suitable fencing options for properties with stallions: Premium Steel Post and Rail (Buckley fencing) and electrified Horserail (Hot top plus). 


Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing with 4 Rails 

If you have a smaller area like a day yard or a smaller paddock, the ideal fencing solution would be Buckley fencing with 4 rails and a reinforced top rail. 


This fencing is a popular choice for horse owners due to its high aesthetics, strength, durability and safety. The bend, buckle and release feature of this steel post and rail fencing, allows the rails to bend and release when under pressure. This feature helps prevent injuries to the animals, making it a safer option. 


Moreover, reinforced rails are 70% stronger than typical Buckley rails. In a smaller area, where the fence is hit more frequently, the reinforced rails can take more knocks without injuring the animals. It is designed to withstand extreme events and will also buckle and release in case of a significant impact. 


It is crucial to note that we only recommend using the 4-rail system for stallion yards as it is taller, stronger and better at containing large horses like stallions. Using 2 or 3 rail systems for stallion yards is not advisable as they may not be able to contain these large animals effectively. 


If you want, you can dig deeper and learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing. 


Electrified Horserail® Hot Top Plus 

If you have a larger paddock or area, an electrified Horserail – Hot Top Plus is an ideal solution. Electric fencing is more suitable for teaching stallions to respect the fences. These spirited animals need a lot of room to run around and may get agitated, which can lead to them hitting the fence. The electric fencing provides enough room for them to be free and run around with less likelihood of getting injured if they ever come in contact with the flexible fence. 


Horserail® is an excellent option as it is visible, flexible, electric and provides a high level of safety. It is also cost-effective compared to Buckley Steel post and rail fencing, making it an ideal solution for larger areas. 


Horserail® is an extremely sought-after horse fence and its popularity has made it a generic name used by several brands. It’ll be worth learning about the differences between the original Horserail and other similarly named products in the market. So, you can take an informed decision.  


Can Other Fencing Solutions be Suitable for Stallions? 

Several fencing options like Timber posts and rail, Cattle rail, and PVC are available for horse fencing but based on the factors listed above they lack the necessary safety features that are required for stallions. 


The only other option in our view is the Diamond mesh. It is stronger than other meshes and could work, but it would still need a top rail. 


Design Considerations for Properties with Stallions 

Stallion yards are often separated from other paddocks, and design plays a crucial role in the better containment of stallions. Apart from choosing the right fencing, the horse property should be designed intelligently to provide a safe and secure environment for stallions. 


Are You Ready to Choose the Right Fencing for Your Stallions? 

The fencing requirements for stallions are different from other horses due to several factors. Stallions are typically taller, bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than other horses. This means that the need for safe, strong and higher horse fencing is accentuated in every way when considering stallions. 


Now you know there are two fencing solutions ensuring the safety and well-being of these animals. 

  • For smaller areas, Buckley fencing with 4 rails and reinforced top rails is the ideal solution as it is designed to withstand significant impacts and prevent injuries to the animals. 
  • For larger areas, an electrified Horserail – Hot top Plus is a great solution as it safe and is cost-effective. 


Whatever fencing solution you choose, always ensure that it is sturdy, visible, and safe for the stallions. To make your final decision, learning the cost of different horse fencing solutions would surely prove helpful.   


If you need any more information about the suitability, installation, availability or cost of different horse fencing solutions, connect with our fencing experts. They would guide you at every step to create a safe and beautiful equine property for your stallions. 

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