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Horserail – The original, the different versions, how and where to buy the original Horserail in Australia? 

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If you’re a horse owner, it’s quite likely that you know about Horserail®. You might have seen it, searched it, heard about it, bought it or would have thought of buying it for your horse property at least once or even more in your lifetime.  

Thanks to its performance over the years, Horserail has become a generic name that’s been adopted by a lot of different brands to refer to their flexible plastic rails.

It’s no surprise that every time you search for Horserail in Australia a different product comes up proclaiming it’s the best Horserail available.  

However, everything you see being called “Horserail” isn’t necessarily the authentic product. Here is the article you need if you are looking for a real “Horserail®” in Australia that has been around for 25 years, has patented installation technology, and is manufactured in America. 

At Stock & Noble, we provide premium properties across Australia and New Zealand with the finest fencing solutions and offer the top variant of the original Horserail called Hottop Plus®complete with its original trademark embossed on the product.

We also have another high-end Plastic Rail called, Legacy Rail which is also made in America and comes with a 65-year warranty. The question we get asked all the time by our customers is: Why do so many versions of Horserail exist online and how I can be sure if I am buying the authentic one? 

If you too have a similar question, spend 5 minutes on this blog to learn:  

  • What is the authentic Horserail® all about 
  • What different versions or imitations of Horserail® are sold in Australia 
  • How and where you can buy the original American manufactured Horserail® for your horse property


What is the original Horserail fence? 


Horserail is a 4-inch or 108 mm wide Long-Life UV Stabilised Non-Conductive Medium Density Polyethylene that has three strands of molecularly bonded high tensile wires.  

In simpler words, Horserail fence is a flexible plastic rail that looks like a traditional Timber rail from a distance. It has strong straight, evenly spaced lines and 3 high tensile wires running through the middle of it. It’s highly visible and mainly stocked in black or white. 

Horserail’s strong, smooth surface is designed to flex and slide so that if your horse would happen to run into, hit, kick or put a leg through the fence then it will bend and flex so that the animal will be uninjured.  

Other than horse safety, one of the most significant features of this product is the reduced maintenance cost, with no broken boards, no splintering, and no painting or mould treatment required. Additionally, Horserail is easy to clean. 

There are three types of Horserail fences available in Australia:  

  1. Horserail® – Non-electric rail 
  2. Horserail® Hottop – Rail with electric top 
  3. Horserail® Hottop plus – Rail with electric top and bottom 

The popularity of Horserail® can be attributed to its electric rails. They are safe for horses and stops them from leaning over or cribbing. 


Why do different brands call their products Horserail? 


There is a huge demand for original Horserail® among Australian horse owners and the gap in supply and demand is being well utilised by some brands. Their products are similar, but not all have the quality, strength and finesse of the authentic Horserail®.  

Original Horserail® was created more than 30 years ago by John Wall, in America. Since its launch, Horserail met with resounding success across the world and eventually became a genre in itself. A lot of brands use the popularity and the inherent trust associated with the name of Horserail to their advantage.  

Horserail is still the highest-selling flexible plastic rail trusted by both fencing contractors and horse property owners across Australia.

The original Horserail® was born in America and even today it is manufactured in the USA and is made available to Australian horse properties through a couple of suppliers only. 


What are the different alternatives of “Horserail®”  available in Australia? 


Stallion Rail by Duncan Equine Group 

The topmost results for your Horserail® search will lead you to Stallion Rail by Duncan Equine Group.  

Ben Duncan should be thanked and credited for introducing the original Horserail® to Australia. He brought it to our country 20 years ago, and it was absolutely loved by the horse owners for its safety, looks and ease of maintenance.

His company was the distributor of Horserail® in Australia for decades, however, Duncan Equine Group does not house the authentic Horserail anymore.  

They have recently launched their own flexible plastic rail called, Stallion Rail. It’s a product that’s probably the closest to Horserail. But unlike Horserail®, which is made in America, Stallion Rail is manufactured in China.

Both Horserail and Stallion Rail have 30 years of warranty, but Horserail also has 30 years of success and rich experience to keep it standing straight and safe for horse properties across Australia.

The great thing about Stallion Rail is that, like the electric rail options of Horserail Hottop® and Horserail Hottop Plus®, Stallion rail can also be electrified. 


Legacy rail by Stock & Noble  

Legacy Fence is a flexible plastic rail manufactured in America.  

It’s anti-fungal, UV Stabilised and has a warranty of 65 years. That’s unbelievable but true. 

Legacy rail is the finest and the best flexible plastic rail if you are looking for an alternative to non-electric Horserail®. Legacy rail can also be electrified by adding an electric wire alongside the rail. However, if you want an electric rail where the wire runs inside the rails then the electric variants of Horserail® like Hottop® and Hottop Plus® are preferred. 


Waratah Fencing 

Waratah Fencing is a known name in exclusion and mesh fencing, they’ve recently launched Flexible plastic rails called – Flex Rail. It’s comparatively cheaper than Horserail®, and is easy to install – works more like a DIY project. This rail has two wires which cannot be seen or felt and move up and down, resulting in rails not having great tension. Also till now they haven’t introduced an option of electrifying the Flex Rail. 


Bounce back  

Bounce Back Horse Fence Rails are flexible plastic rails made in Australia. They are definitely flexible and safe for horses. However, they cannot be tensioned as tight as Horserail. 

Also, unlike Horserail or Stallion Rail which can be electrified, Bounce Back does not have electric rails. You can try to electrify it by adding a wire around the rail, however, it does not work as well as a seamless system like Horserail® where everything is in one place, working in sync.  


Where can I purchase the original Horserail® in Australia? 


If you’ve looked at all the options of flexible plastic rails and made up your mind to buy nothing else but the authentic Horserail® for your horse property, there are three ways to get what you desire.

You can purchase Horserail® in Australia by choosing one of these three options: 

  1. Enquire at Horserail® The first option is to submit an enquiry on info@horserail.com. This might be the slowest way to get a response. They tend to forward enquiries to the relevant reseller and it will follow its due course and time as it passes through multiple channels.    
  2. Connect with Magnum Equine  They are the distributor of Horserail® in Australia. You can check out their website and submit an enquiry here. 
  3. Speak to a fencing expert at Stock & Noble  At Stock &  Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions and typically stock only the topmost variant of Horserail® with electric top and bottom – Horserail Hottop Plus®. You can book an appointment with our fencing expert, who will call you as soon as possible with all the details.


Top Things to remember while purchasing Horserail® in Australia. 


We believe you are now much clearer about choosing your Horserail® and will be able to spot imitations or similar products more confidently. Here are a few things you can do to further ensure authenticity of your Horserail® and a smooth buying process. 

  1. Do a thorough research before buying Horserail in Australia. Check the registered trademark of Horserail® on the supplier’s website.  
  2. Call and enquire about the availability of stock at both the suppliers of Horserail® in Australia – Magnum Equine and Stock & Noble. 
  3. Choose the option that works best for your horse property, the non-electric or electric Horserail®. 
  4. Confirm with your salesperson that you’re buying authentic Horserail®, manufactured in America.  
  5. Check the embossing of Horserail® and a reference number on the product, once your flexible plastic rails are delivered.


We understand it’s a bit of work but original Horserail® is tried and tested all across Australia for decades. 

If you need any more information on Horserail®, want to know which flexible plastic rail will be best for your property and whether you need a fencing contractor to install or you can do it all by yourself, we are just a call away. Book your consultation with our fencing expert and get all your questions answered before you say yes to the fence. 

To know the approximate cost of the topmost variant of Horserail® for your property, use our interactive fencing tool to map your fence. If you want to choose an option of non-electric fence, you can also take a look at Legacy Rail. 


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