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Single vs. Double Gates in Premium Steel – Which Suits Your Equine Property 

Are you creating a beautiful equine property and exploring gates that would best fit your property’s vision, needs and budget? 


If you’ve already learnt everything about Premium Steel Gates (Buckley) from Stock & Noble but are facing a tough choice between single and double gates, then this article is for you. 


It’s a common dilemma, and we understand the challenges you’re dealing with. While single gates are typically known to be convenient, double gates offer space for easy access and more. The problem is how to decide which one’s perfect for your needs. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. We’ve helped numerous clients build their signature properties that are also high on functionality. Gates play an integral role in the everyday management of an equine space and that’s why we are sharing key insights about single and double steel gates to help you make the right decision. 


In this blog, you’ll get an in-depth comparison between the single and double Premium Steel Gates. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a straightforward understanding of which gate best suits your requirements. We aim to offer not just gates but practical solutions for your equine property. 


Single Gates: Easy Access for Your Equine Space 

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Single gates offer a simple opening that’s easy to navigate. A smaller single gate works well for a compact horse pasture or day yard while a larger size is more suitable for expansive pastures or riding arenas.  

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and our range ensures you find the right fit for your equine space.At Stock & Noble, our Premium Steel Single Gates come in various sizes, including standard lengths of 1.2m, 2.4m, and 3.6m. Whether you have a small horse pasture or a large riding arena, we’ve got the right size for you. 


Easy Navigation On and Off Horseback 

Navigating single gates is a breeze, both on and off horseback. Dealing with just one gate and one latch simplifies the process. The EZ Latch System for single-horse gates, adds an extra layer of convenience. This horse-proof latch is designed for durability and can be effortlessly operated from horseback in both directions. 


Advantages of Handling Loose Horses 

The simplicity of a single gate becomes especially advantageous when dealing with loose horses. Whether you’re turning a horse out into a field or bringing one in from an area where other horses roam freely, a single gate allows for quick and efficient movement. It’s a practical choice for managing horses in scenarios where time is of the essence. 


Double Gates: Versatile Access for Wide Spaces 

Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing - Stock And Noble - Selah Valley

Double gates are a popular choice for their versatility, offering enhanced accessibility for wider vehicles that may struggle with a single gate’s constraints. They prove especially useful for property entranceways, border fencing, and entrances to arenas or pastures requiring access to large machinery. 


Navigating Double Gates: A Challenge to Consider 

Premium steel gate - fence gate from Stock & Noble

While double gates provide excellent functionality, navigating them can be a challenge. The difficulty arises because these gates latch together at the centre, requiring both gates to be pulled together for proper latching. This task is demanding on foot and even more so from horseback, leading many to opt for single gates unless absolutely necessary. 


Solutions to address the challenge of Double Steel Gates:  


1. Colour-Matching Bolt and Ground Anchor System 

To tackle the challenges of double gates, Stock & Noble has a practical solution. Our colour-matching bolt-on ground anchor system is designed to provide each double gate with its anchor, ensuring secure closure. While this system requires dismounting from your horse, it offers a reliable alternative for keeping both gates closed. It’s a solution tailored to the unique needs of double gates, even if it lacks the convenience of the EZLatch system. 


2. EZLatch on Double Gates 

When a customer expressed a desire for the convenient EZ Latch system on double gates, we introduced a smart dual gate system. This solution entails mounting both a ground anchor and an EZ Latch on one gate. By strategically positioning the latch pin of the EZ Latch system on the other gate, riders can operate the EZ Latch from the saddle to open one gate without the other swinging loose. This unique setup allows for easy access while maintaining the integrity of both gates when needed. 


Single or Double Steel Gate? Which is Best for Your Property? 

As you navigate the decision between single and double gates for your equine property, it’s essential to consider the specific needs and layout of your space. 


Single gates, with their simplicity and easy navigation, prove ideal for smaller pastures, corrals, or situations where quick access is crucial, especially when managing loose horses. 


On the other hand, if your property demands versatility and accessibility for larger vehicles or machinery, double gates become a practical choice. Despite the initial challenge of navigating them, the benefits of wide access to arenas, pastures, and property entranceways make double gates a valuable asset. 


For those considering the EZ Latch system on double gates, our innovative dual gate solution, combining a ground anchor and EZ Latch, provides a seamless way to operate the gates from the saddle. This thoughtful design addresses the challenges of double gates, offering convenience without compromising on functionality. 


In conclusion, the best gate for your equine property depends on your specific requirements. As you explore more about our Premium Steel Gates, learning how much it will cost you to buy and install these gates will be helpful in your decision-making process.   


Whether it’s the simplicity of single gates or the versatility of double gates, our goal is to help you find the right solution that elevates the looks and safety of your property. So, if you have any more questions on how and which steel gate is right for you, have a personalised discussion with our experts. 

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