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Uncover the Truth Behind Premium Steel Fencing. 

When you’re buying any product in the market, there are a lot of technical terms that are thrown around. They make the product sound loaded with features and convince you of its great value. However, it’s important to know what the jargon stands for.   


We understand, that the technical details might seem intimidating and you’d rather invest your time in exploring different designs, colours and other aspects of the fencing solutions. However, it’s really important to have a clear comprehension of what you’re signing up for. Having an in-depth knowledge of these terms and the workings of a fencing system will help you make the right decision for your property. 


If you are considering our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing to create your forever property, you might already know this product is pitched as the world’s only engineered steel post and rail fencing system. It has zinc phosphate conversion coating, epoxy primer and more. But do you know what an engineered system means, how it’s made and what all these terms imply? 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, also known as Buckley Fencing is our flagship product. It’s a beautiful-looking fence, but there’s a lot more that’s worth learning about this steel product.


In this blog, we will decode every technical term associated with this fencing system in the simplest way possible. So, you have a complete understanding of why this fencing is the toughest, most durable and one of the easiest to maintain fencing solutions in the world. 


How Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is made? 

Each post and board is made of galvanised steel treated with an architectural-grade powder coating, which prevents both fading and rust. 

The way the metal is designed and treated, it’s what the creator of this fence calls self-healing steel. So even when it gets scratched, it’s not going to start rusting. It protects itself without any additional input or maintenance work from the fence owner 

The posts also come pre-cut with slots that the rails fit securely into without the need for any nails or screws. 

It’s a fence you don’t paint; it doesn’t rust; it doesn’t rot; it doesn’t warp, splinter or require a single nail. 

The image below will further help explain how Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is made. 

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing System

No wonder it stands against any weather, with a life expectancy of more than 50 years. 


There are 5 layers to this premium fence. 


1. Base Steel Layer: 

This is the main layer of the fence and is made of strong steel. It’s like the skeleton or the main structure that gives the fence its strength. 


2. Zinc Layer: 

Think of this layer as a protective shield. It’s made of zinc, a material that helps prevent rust or corrosion. It’s like putting a coat on the fence to keep it safe from things like rain or moisture. 


3. Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating: 

It is a process where a layer of zinc phosphate is applied to the metal surface. This layer acts as a protective barrier, making the metal more durable and better prepared for the next layers of coating, like primers and paints. It’s like giving the metal a strong and rust-resistant foundation before adding the finishing touches. 


4. Epoxy Primer: 

Epoxy Primer is a strong adhesive layer that is applied to a surface, like metal, before painting or coating. It acts as a foundation, helping the next layers adhere better and providing additional durability. In this case, it helps the final coat of the fence to stick properly and stay in place. 


5. Polyester-Based Powder Coat (AAMA2604): 

This is a protective layer applied to a surface, like metal, in a dry powder form. 

It’s a tough coating made of polyester that not only gives the fence its colour but also protects it from things like sunlight and scratches. 

This coating serves multiple purposes, such as providing protection against weather, enhancing the appearance with colours, and adding an extra shield to resist scratches and corrosion. You can learn more about powder coating and how it adds to the beauty and longevity of steel. 

These layers work together to create a fence that is strong, resistant to rust, mould, termites, and horse cribbing, and looks beautiful for a long time, even in different weather conditions. They make Stock & Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, the toughest, most beautiful and trusted fence. 


What does the Bend, Buckle and Release System mean? 

This system has been specially incorporated into the Fence design to make it safer for horses. It sets Stock & Noble Premium Steel Fencing apart from regular steel fences like Cattle Rail. 



The fence is designed to flex or bend a bit under pressure. Imagine someone leaning on it or a horse pushing against it – instead of breaking, the fence can bend a little and then bounce back to its original shape. 


If there’s a lot of force, the fence buckles or folds up, not standing rigidly in the way of the speeding horse.  


After buckling, the fence rails release from their original position allowing the horse safe passage through the fence.  


So, in simple terms, the Bend, Buckle, and Release System in Buckley Fencing is like a flexible and resilient design. It allows the fence to make way for the horse if he runs into it and helps prevent any injury that could happen. 


Understanding the Term: Thermally Independent Fencing 

Thermally independent fencing means that the fence is designed to handle changes in temperature without getting damaged. 

Imagine your fence is made of metal. When it gets hot, metal expands a bit, and when it’s cold, it contracts. Thermally independent fencing is built to allow for these small changes in size without causing any problems. 

For example, if it’s a really hot day, the metal fence won’t bend or lose its straight shape. Likewise, on a cold day, it won’t shrink or get all crooked. This is important because some materials like wood or vinyl can warp, sag, or get damaged when the weather changes. 

So, in simple terms, thermally independent fencing keeps your horse fence looking good and staying strong, no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. It’s a reliable and durable option for keeping your horses safe. 


Learnt the Truth of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing? 

Choosing a fence can be tricky with all the techy talk but understanding what you’re buying is important. The Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing from Stock & Noble stands out not just for its aesthetics but for the smart engineering that goes into making it a durable and reliable choice. 


We’ve peeled back the layers, both literally and metaphorically, to reveal the secrets behind this fencing system. From a self-healing steel structure that withstands scratches without rusting to a hassle-free installation with pre-cut slots, this fence is more than just a pretty product. 


The process of layering, starting from the Base Steel Layer to the final Polyester-Based Powder Coat, ensures not only strength but also resistance against weather, rust, and the test of time. Each layer plays a key role, contributing to the fence’s longevity and beauty. 


The Bend, Buckle, and Release System goes beyond engineering; it’s a thoughtful design tailored for the safety of horses. This flexibility ensures that the fence can absorb pressure, preventing injuries to our four-legged friends. 


Moreover, the concept of thermally independent fencing helps manage the extremes of weather. Unlike materials prone to warping or sagging, this fence adapts to temperature changes without compromising its integrity. 


The Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing from Stock & Noble is a fence that stands tall against the elements, promising not just longevity but a worry-free ownership experience. So, when you choose this fencing, you’re investing in the long-lasting beauty and safety of your property. 


Overall, no matter which fencing you choose for your property, we’d advise you to learn about its features in detail and understand what they mean and how they will add to the beauty and safety of your property. It’ll be worth checking out different types of post and rail fencing in Australia along with their pros and cons. 


If you have more questions about the cost, suitability, installation or availability of premium fencing solutions, connect with our team of experts. They will discuss the vision you have for your property and help choose the fence that best aligns with it. 

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