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Buckley Steel Gates - Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to choosing the right gate for your property, there are many options to consider. Learning how to choose a fence gate would be the perfect place to start your research. 


However, if you are looking for a durable, long-lasting and visually superior option, steel gates might be the perfect fit for you. 


Steel gates are an essential component of any secure and sturdy fence system. These gates not only provide a functional entry and exit point for your property but also contribute significantly to its overall aesthetic appeal. 


Steel gates are known for their durability and strength, making them a popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing applications. With a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, steel fence gates can be customised to suit any property’s specific needs and complement its existing fencing system. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand. Our products are carefully chosen based on their proven success, functionality and safety across the globe. Buckley Steel Gates are a part of our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing solution. They are one of the leading options for steel gates available in the country. 


In this article, we will explore the specifications, different types, costs, advantages and disadvantages of Buckley Steel Fence Gates. In the end, you will have all the information on Buckley Steel Gates and will be able to evaluate whether these metal gates are right for your property. 


What are Buckley Steel Gates? 

Buckley Steel Gates are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and innovative design. These gates are made from galvanised steel and finished with an architectural-grade powder coat to ensure long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. 


Buckley Steel Gates come in various sizes and rail configurations, making them suitable for different fencing applications. Whether you need a single gate for easy navigation or a double gate for wider vehicle access, Buckley offers a solution that will fit your needs. 


Design Specifications of Buckley Steel Gates 

Buckley Steel Gates have a separate gate post made of 1/8” thick-walled steel tubing 3 1/2” in diameter that is set in concrete 54” deep. 


  • The Steel Gate is available in three different sizes, depending on the opening length required: 1.2 meters, 2.4 meters, and 3.6 meters. 
  • These gates can be installed either individually or as doubles to maximize the gate opening area. 
  • The Steel Gate comes in two colour options, textured black or gloss white, which matches the Steel Fence. 
  • All gate sizes are available in 3-rail or 4-rail configurations 

Buckley Steel Gates - Premium Steel fencing



Installation Instructions and Compatibility 

The Buckley Steel Gates are sold separately and can be installed with most wood or flexible rail fences. The installation instructions include the required opening dimensions and all necessary gate dimensions to ensure proper installation. 


Suitability of Buckley Steel Gates for Different Applications 

Buckley Fence offers a range of steel fence gates suitable for various applications. 


Suitability of Single Steel Gates 

Single gates are easy to navigate and come in various sizes, including the standard 1.2-meter, 2.4-meter, and 3.6-meter lengths. The smaller single gates are ideal for small horse paddocks or yard, while the larger ones are more suitable for large pastures or riding arenas. With only one gate and one latch, single gates are simple to navigate both on and off a horse. 


Buckley Fence offers the EZ Latch system for single-horse gates. The EZ Latch is horse-proof, can be opened and closed from horseback in both directions and is durable. It provides an advantage when turning a horse out or bringing him in from a field where other horses are already loose. 


Suitability of Double Steel Gates 

Double gates offer greater accessibility for wider vehicles and are often preferred for their versatility. They are ideal for property entranceways, boundary fencing, and entrances to arenas or paddocks that require large machinery access. 


However, navigating double gates can be difficult as they latch together at the centre, requiring both gates to be pulled together to latch. This can be challenging to do on foot, let alone from horseback. 


Buckley Fence offers a colour-matching bolt-on ground anchor system for double gates. This provides each gate with its anchor to keep it closed but requires dismounting from a horse and lacks the convenience of the Ez Latch system. 


Advantages of Buckley Steel Gates for Horse Fencing 


Dimensional Consistency 

The gates are welded from steel with the same dimensions and spacing as the rails of your horse fencing. 


Matching Rail Count 

Gates can have the same number of rails as your 3 or 4-rail horse fences, ensuring consistency in the fence’s overall appearance. 


Powder-Coated Latches 

The latches are powder coated to match the rest of your horse fencing’s colour, providing a cohesive visual aesthetic. 


Enhanced Visual Appeal 

The gates and fencing are in complete sync, creating an elevated and consistent appearance throughout the property. 


Safety and Design Considerations 

The gate is the only moving part of the fencing system and is specifically designed to ensure the safety of your horses and maintain the beauty and consistency of your overall fencing. 


These gates are hingeless, horse safe, and can be opened with one hand on both sides. They don’t twist, sag or warp. Have all the benefits and strength of steel without the issues of rust faced by most steel gates.   


Disadvantages of Buckley Steel Gates  


Installing Buckley Steel Gates on Sloping Fence Lines can be challenging

Steel gates for fencing are pre-welded and swing on bearings of vertically installed mounting posts. Placing these gates on a sloping fence line may result in an unusual appearance as they do not follow the same gradient as the fencing. 


To maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it is recommended to install gates where the ground levels are even and not sloping. However, with good fence planning, this challenge can be overcome. Our fencing consultants can offer valuable guidance and solutions to address this issue. 


Buckley Steel Gates Cannot be Customised 

If you’re looking to create an entryway or gate different from your entire fencing line, it would be tough to execute this design using Buckley gates. They cannot be customised and are designed to fit into the Buckley rail system to create a synchronised look for the property. 


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Cost of Steel Gates  

The cost of Buckley Steel Gates varies depending on the size and configuration of the gate. However, they are a cost-effective option for a long-lasting and visually appealing gate. 


Cost of Buckley Steel gates including gate mounting post,  gate cap and GST

Cost of 3 rail 1.2-meter gate: 1293.60 

Cost of 3 rail 2.4-meter gate: $1835.90

Cost of 3 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2183.50 

Cost of 4 rail 1.2-meter gate: $1395.90 

Cost of 4 rail 2.4-meter gate: $1998.70

Cost of 4 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2526.70 

Cost of gate latch (EZ Latch):  $317.90 including GST 


Are Buckley Steel Gates perfect for your property? 

You are looking for the best metal fence gates for your property and wanted to know the details of Buckley Steel gates before making a final decision. 


Now you know Buckley Steel Gates are made of galvanised steel and finished with an architectural-grade powder coat. They are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and innovative design, with a range of steel gates suitable for various applications, including single and double gates that are easy to navigate and provide greater accessibility for wider vehicles, respectively. The gates are designed to ensure the safety of horses and maintain the beauty and consistency of the overall fencing.  


You are well aware that while there are challenges to installing Buckley Steel Gates on sloping fence lines, these gates offer advantages, including dimensional consistency, matching rail count, powder-coated latches, and enhanced visual appeal, making them a durable and attractive option for securing and beautifying your property. 


It’ll be worth learning further about Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing system before you decide to invest in this premium solution. 


In conclusion, Buckley Steel Gates are a great option for those who are looking for a highly practical, durable and visually appealing gate for their property. They come in different sizes, rail configurations, and colours to fit your needs.


Our fencing consultants can help you choose the right gate and overcome any challenges you might face. You can book a personalised consultation and get all your questions answered over the call, at a time that’s convenient for you. 

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