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Matthew's Forever Property Makeover: Prepping, Choosing and Painting with Premium Timber Fence Paint. 

Matthew bought his property around Christmas. He loved it but realised that this place hadn’t seen a fresh coat of paint on its fences for over twenty years. 


He decided to find a solution that could elevate the overall aesthetics and keep the property looking beautiful for a long time. Thereafter, he started searching for the best fence paint in the market to match his vision of a stunning property lined up with rich black fences. 


If you’re on a similar path and looking to upgrade your timber fences, then this blog will guide you in the right direction. It will showcase the first-hand experience of Matthew Dale, an equine property owner in NSW and how he created a beautiful forever home for his family and horses. 


You will gain real-life insights from his journey of reviving timber fences using Forever Black Premium Timber Fence Paint. Through the blog and videos, he will unravel the step-by-step process of choosing, prepping, and painting his fences, with an emphasis on superior quality, rich black finish and longevity.  


By watching how Matthew realises his vision, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions and make your dream come true. 


How to Prepare Timber Fences for Painting: The Pressure Washing Technique 

Preparation is the key to a successful painting project. Matthew chose to prepare his fences using a pressure washer with a 3000psi capacity. This high-pressure washing technique effectively blasted away moss, debris, and dirt, leaving the fence surface looking as if it had been sanded. 

The preparation made sure there was a clean canvas ready for painting. 

If you want, you can dig deeper into the detailed process of how to prepare timber fences for the finest results. 

Consulting with the experts at Stock and Noble added another layer of assurance to Matthew’s prepping process. Their valuable advice on fence preparation and paint selection played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcome. 

The collaboration with Stock and Noble, coupled with effective pressure washing, laid the foundation for a successful painting project. 


Watch Video: Matthew’s Step-by-Step Fence Prep Process 

Gain insights into Matthew’s prepping process as he explains the importance of pressure washing and shares the remarkable results it achieved.

How to prepare timber fences- premium fence paint - forever black


How to Choose the Perfect Fence Paint: Durability and Longevity 

Choosing the right paint was a decision not taken lightly by Matthew. He prioritised a durable, long-lasting black paint that would stand the test of time, eliminating the need for frequent repainting. 

With a history of painting experience, Matthew understood the importance of thorough preparation and selecting the best paint available in the market. 

What set Forever Black apart, according to Matthew’s research, were the unique additives in the paint, contributing to an extended lifespan. The results exceeded expectations, beautifully transforming the fences with a promise of longevity. 


Watch Video: Matthew’s Insights on Choosing Premium Fence Paint 

Find out Matthew’s thought process behind choosing the perfect paint for his equine property and why Forever Black Premium Timber Fence Paint ticked all the boxes for him. 

How to choose premium timber fence paint

If you own a commercial property, the process of choosing a fence paint might be a little different. 


The Fence Makeover: How to Paint Timber Fences 

Matthew’s equine property, purchased around Christmas time, holds sentimental value as his forever home. Choosing Stock and Noble’s Forever Black Premium Timber Fence Paint became an integral part of enhancing the property’s aesthetics. The fences, neglected for over twenty years, underwent a remarkable transformation. 

Expressing his satisfaction, Matthew notes that the outcome exceeded expectations. The longevity of the paint, coupled with the rich black colour, breathed new life into the property. Stock and Noble’s support throughout the process, from easy ordering to valuable advice, reinforced Matthew’s confidence in his choice. 


Watch Video: Witness the Transformation of Matthew’s Equine Property 

Take a visual journey with Matthew as he showcases the before and after of his fence painting project. 

Property makeover - painting with premium timber fence paint - forever black


Forever Black – A Fence Paint for Forever Properties 

In conclusion, Matthew’s experience with Forever Black Premium Timber Fence Paint shows the transformative power of quality paint on an equine property. The journey from choosing the perfect paint to thorough prepping and seeing the beautiful result highlights the significance of investing in a premium product. 


Forever Black not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a lasting solution for Matthew’s fencing needs. The collaborative efforts with Stock and Noble, combined with the innovative additives in the paint, have created a lasting visual appeal for Matthew’s forever home. 


If you’re in search of the perfect fence paint for your property, a detailed comparison of timber fence paints will serve as a valuable guide, providing information on quality, performance, longevity and cost of the top 10 fence paints in Australia. 


 Our professionals are here to help you every step of the way. So for any questions on the environmental impact of our water-based fence paints, cost, application or longevity speak to our fencing experts. 

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