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Comparing 5 Steel Gate Systems for Your Round Yard. 

Selecting the right steel gate system for a round yard is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and the safety of your horses. 


The struggle lies in balancing functionality, durability, and the ever-crucial aspect of aesthetic appeal. If you want a solution that not only makes your daily routine with your horses’ smoother but also minimises worries about safety and maintenance, then keep reading. 


Navigating through numerous steel gate options, each promising unique benefit can be overwhelming. We’re here to simplify this process for you. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions for horse properties across Australia and New Zealand. Our products are selected with global performance and high horse safety standards in mind. In our lineup, you’ll find two special round-yard options: The LeGrande Series and The Buckley Series. Crafted from sturdy steel, these round yards are beautifully designed to be safe, durable and flexible. The Buckley Steel gate system 


Though we feature these products, we also understand they might not be the right gate options for you. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make an informed decision that perfectly aligns with your vision. 


As experts in equine fencing, we’ve curated a comprehensive comparison of the leading gate systems available for round yards. 


In this blog, we will explore and compare five prominent gate systems: Buckley Steel Gate, LeGrande Series, Ovals Horseman Gate, Premium Stock Yards Height Adjustable Horse Arena Gate, and Rono Gates Horse Yard Gate. Each system offers unique features, catering to different needs and preferences. 


By the end, you’ll walk away equipped with a clear understanding of each gate system’s features, advantages, and considerations. You’ll gain insight into how these systems can benefit your round yard specifically and comprehend which attributes to prioritise based on your requirements. 


Factors to be Considered Before Buying Round Yard Gate 

The gate you select should ideally allow for seamless, one-handed operation, facilitating easy access as you manage multiple entries and exits throughout the day. Moreover, it should promise reliability and contribute to the overall management and aesthetics of your property. 

There are 8 key features you should look for while buying a gate for your round yard: 

1.     Sturdy Construction 

2.     Smooth Edges 

3.     Latch Mechanism 

4.     Height Considerations 

5.     Weather Resistance 

6.     Swinging Direction 

7.     Locking Capability 

8.     Ground Clearance 

Before you dive into the comparison, it’s worth digging deeper into these features in detail and learning about different types of gates for round yards. It’ll equip you with a comprehensive checklist ready to evaluate each gate for your property. 


Comparing Different Steel Gate Systems for Round Yards 


1. Buckley Steel Gate 

Buckley Steel gates are made from galvanised steel and finished with an architectural-grade powder coat to ensure long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. 

Sizes: Available in 3 sizes – 1.2 metres, 2.4 metres and 3.6 metres. 

Swinging: Swings both ways for easy access. 

Coating: Architectural powder coat for durability. 

EZ Latch: Conveniently operable even on horseback. 

Matching Fencing: Offers matching fencing for a cohesive look. 

Distinctive Feature: Standout post-inclusive design, no hinges, deep-buried post, 15-year  paint guarantee. 

Cost of Buckley Steel gates including gate mounting post, gate cap and GST  

Cost of 3 rail 1.2-meter gate: 1293.60   

Cost of 3 rail 2.4-meter gate: $1835.90  

Cost of 3 rail 3.6-meter gate: $2183.50   

Also available in 4 rails. 


2.LeGrande Series

Crafted from galvanised steel these gates use the same quality as the Buckley Steel Fence System. 

Customisation: Tailored for custom-made round yards. 

Height: Customisable to 2.2m, lined with an equiboard around the base. 

Standout Feature: Customisation for custom-made round yards, and equiboard lining around the base. 

Price: Custom 


3. Ovals Horseman Gate

This gate is made of hot-dipped galvanised metal. 

Dimensions: 2700h x 2100w mm. 

Powder Coated: Stylish black powder coating. 

Matching Panels: Comes with matching fencing panels. 

Standout Feature: Stylish black powder coating, matching panels. 

Price: $550.85 


4. Premium Stock Yards Height Adjustable Horse Arena Gate

Stockyards claim to provide quality products at good prices. 

Adjustable Height: Can be raised to 2.5m for rider entry/exit. 

Material: 50 x 50mm box section, 47 x 67mm oval rails. 

Latch: Spring-loaded for strength and durability. 

Corrosion Protection: Hot-dip galvanised for long-lasting corrosion resistance. 

Standout Feature: Adjustable height, hot-dip galvanised for corrosion protection. 

Price: $500.00 (Excl. GST). 


5. Rono Gates Horse Yard Gate

They talk about balancing function with beauty and making gates for farms or businesses for usability and security. 

Dimensions: 1600 long x 3000mm high. 

Material: Hot-dipped galvanised for durability. 

Pipe Dimensions: 40 x 40mm (vertical), 60 x 40mm (horizontal rails). 

Matching Panels: Comes with matching panels. 

Price: $200.00 

Standout Feature: Hot-dipped galvanised for durability, budget-friendly. 


What Each Gate System Offers 

Let’s break down the factors discussed in the comparison and see how each gate system measures up: 

Buckley Steel Gate: 

Offers a unique design and durability with the inclusive post, ideal for those who prioritise a beautiful and long-lasting appearance. 


LeGrande Series: 

Perfect for those seeking tailor-made solutions and a touch of personalisation. 


Ovals Horseman Gate: 

Aesthetic appeal and coordination with matching panels might be crucial for those focusing on the overall look. 


Premium Stock Yards Height Adjustable Horse Arena Gate: 

Ideal for those who need flexibility in height and prioritise durability against corrosion. 


Rono Gates Horse Yard Gate: 

A cost-effective choice without compromising on durability. 


Choosing the Right Steel Gate System for Your Round Yard 

Selecting the perfect steel gate for your round yard is a critical decision that directly impacts the safety and functionality of your equine property. The search involves balancing factors like durability, aesthetics, and everyday management, making it a decision that requires careful consideration. 


In this blog, you learned about the five prominent steel gate systems, each designed to cater to different preferences and priorities. Before going into the detailed comparison, we outlined eight key features to consider when selecting a gate for your round yard. These features, serve as a checklist for evaluating each gate. 


Whether you prioritise a sleek design, customisation options, or budget-friendly steel gate you now have the knowledge required to make the right choice. 


Ultimately, the best steel gate system for your round yard depends on your priorities. If superior quality, durability and a unique design are paramount, the Buckley Steel Gate emerges as a top contender. For those seeking customisation, the LeGrande Series offers tailor-made solutions, while the Rono Gates Horse Yard Gate stands out as a cost-effective choice.


If you are also looking for the perfect fencing for your round yard, it’ll be worth learning about different horse fencing options you can consider and which one would match your requirements. 


As you weigh the factors that matter most to you and your round yards, feel free to reach out to our fencing experts for additional information or to address any specific questions you may have. They will help you every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful round yard. 

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