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Painting your fences can give your entire property a fresh makeover, making it beautiful and adding an extra layer of protection. 


However, at the same time, it’s a huge and time-consuming project. If you choose the wrong fence paint, the application can take longer than you expect, and the results might not be up to your expectations. Especially if you have a commercial property, choosing the right fence paint is critical to effectively cover the large area and ensure the business continues without interruption. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide commercial properties across Australia and New Zealand with the finest fence paints. Our products have been developed by experts after in-depth market research of the conditions prevalent in our region and the needs of the customers. They have the maximum paint solids and are formulated to last longer with minimum maintenance. However, they charge a premium for their superior quality and might not be the best fence paints for your property.  


Based on our knowledge, years of learning and experience in providing paint to horse studs, riding schools and other commercial properties, we have listed 5 questions to answer before you finalise the best fence paint for your property. 


Q1. Is your fence paint water-based? 

Q2. Is your fence paint UV stable and can prevent mould? 

Q3. Is your fence paint available in larger drums? 

Q4. Can your fence paint pass through an airless sprayer? 

Q5. How long will your fence paint last? 


In the end, you will be well-equipped to choose the right fence paint and ensure a successful painting project for your commercial property.  

Q1: Is your fence paint water-based?

In our experience, premium quality water-based fence paint is the most preferred in commercial properties. The reason is that paints with water-based formulas dry quickly and are easier to clean, allowing you to let the horses back into the paddocks soon after painting. Otherwise, the longer it takes to dry, the longer you lose business.  


Another significant reason to choose water-based fence paint is the fact that it’s low in VOCs and is a much safer option for the planet and also the applicant. You don’t want any health risk for your employees or a potential occupational health hazard at your property. 

While buying and applying oil-based fence paint, you should be conscious that these paints do harm the environment.    


There’s an occupational health and safety aspect attached to their application. If a respirator isn’t used the applicator of oil-based paint can become unwell by inhaling the fumes of the paint.   


It’s also worth noting that oil-based paint requires more time and effort to apply and clean up than water-based paint. To apply oil-based paints, you need protective gear such as a respirator and protective clothing. Consequently, it’s often tougher to find a professional to do a painting job that requires oil-based fence paints.  

If you want you can dig deeper and learn all about water-based fence paints. 


Q2: Is your fence paint UV Stable and can prevent mould?

In Australia and New Zealand, fencing gets exposed to harsh weather conditions with sun and moisture being the main culprits for its ruin. Typically, due to its large coverage area a commercial property gets a good deal of both – sunshine resulting in fading of the paint and mould robbing it of its premium look.  

This is the reason Premium quality fence paints for commercial properties typically come with UV Stability and anti-mould additive. If you want a long-lasting fence that continues to look stunning over the years these additional features will help achieve your goals.  


Q3: Is your fence paint available in larger drums ?

This is a logistical requirement, primarily because of the huge number of fences that need to be covered on a commercial property.  

It’s easier to dispose of or use an empty 200-litre drum around the property than find a proper disposal or usage for 10 drums of 20 litres. 

At Stock & Noble, we supply both 20 litres and 200 litres of drums to our customers. However, the 200-litre drum is made of metal and therefore the price works out to be the same.  

Q4: Can your fence paint pass through an airless sprayer?

The easy and convenient application of your fence paint is a huge factor in making your painting project a success.  

Before you make the final decision it’s best to check with the paint supplier that your choice of paint can be passed through an airless sprayer.  


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While it might sound insignificant, it can end up costing you a lot of time and money if you’ve to hand-paint the fences across your entire property. 


Q5: How long will your fence paint last?

Life at a commercial property can be busy. Once you are done with painting your fences you don’t want to repeat the whole process for a while. You’d prefer fences that keep looking freshly painted without much work.  

If you desire beautiful fences with a nice black finish to last for as long as possible then consider buying premium quality fence paints with maximum paint solids.  


One of the main ingredients used in paint is the glue that holds the paint together and the colour additives. However, if cheaper glue and a low-quality colour are added to the paint, then the fences will start developing a chalky appearance and lose their shiny black look soon after the application.   


The lower-quality paints have standard additives that give your fences the chalky look and don’t last long. That’s the reason over the years as they get exposed to sunshine and intense weather they tend to lose their vibrancy.   


For example, premium fence paint like Forever Black is made with superior quality additives which means the fences keep their stark brilliant black colour, for several years compared to the cheaper paints.   


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Are you confident to choose the best fence paint for your commercial property? 

 You wanted to find the best fence paint that can make your property stand out with freshly painted fences. Now you know the 6 questions to ask before you order that drum of paint to start your painting project. 

The checklist will help you focus on the most important things that your fence paint must have. So you can keep all your choices in front of you and evaluate each one of them based on the factors listed above.  

What will also help you in choosing the right fence paint is an in-depth comparison of the most popular fence paints in Australia and New Zealand. So check out how each paint performs on the scale of eco-friendliness, longevity, application and cost. 

In case, you have more questions on the availability, suitability and application of fence paints on your property our experts are there to help. Feel free to book a free personalised consultation and one of our experts will connect with you to answer all your questions and guide you at every step to create a beautiful property.  

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