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Review of EquiRope Electric Fencing by a Horse Property Owner 

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Horse property owners are no strangers to the challenges of maintaining secure and effective fencing. Electric fences have become one of the most sought-after solutions, offering a versatile and practical way to ensure the safety of both horses and property. 


If you’ve been considering electric fencing for your horse property, this blog is tailored for you. We understand that the process of choosing the right fence for your horses can be overwhelming, especially with various products flooding the market. 


EquiRope stands out as the only electric rope in the world that can be properly tensioned without compromising the quality of electrics. This key feature addresses a crucial concern for horse owners – the ability to maintain tension in the fence while ensuring the safety and well-being of the horses. The effectiveness of EquiRope is not just a claim; it’s a proven solution used across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. 


This electric braid is supplied exclusively by Stock & Noble, and while we believe in the excellence of EquiRope, we acknowledge that it might not be the perfect fit for every horse property. 


We might seem biased, however, this blog intends to provide an honest review, based on the experience of an equine property owner who is a VET and has embraced this electric braid. 


In the end, you will gain valuable insights about this electric fence that will help you make an informed decision for the safety and well-being of your horses. 


Check out the Video: Lynseys Experience with EquiRope 

Lynsey, a dedicated horse enthusiast, shares her experience with EquiRope, an electric fence system that has transformed the way she manages her horse property. 

In the following blog and video, Lynsey takes us through the journey of using EquiRope for the last 18 months, highlighting its unique features and the safety it provides for her beloved horses. 

Interested to see how EquiRope works? Click on the video below to watch Lynsey sharing her first-hand experience with this electric fence system. 


EquiRope review by horse property owner - horse fence - electric braid - electric fence


EquiRope Performance Review By a Horse Property Owner 

Dive into the different aspects that have made EquiRope a game-changer for Lynsey and her horses. 


The Easy Installation Process 

EquiRope proved to be a hassle-free addition to Lynsey’s horse property. The electric fence easily attached to the existing fence posts, requiring minimal effort. Lynsey emphasizes the simplicity of the installation process, noting that they just had to attach the insulators that came with the fence. This user-friendly feature allowed her to set up the system quickly and efficiently. 


Copper Conductor for Enhanced Performance 

A standout feature of EquiRope is its copper conductors, setting it apart from traditional tape electric fencing with stainless steel conductors or mixed metal conductors. Lynsey explains that copper, being a superior conductor, ensures better electricity flow through the fence, providing a more effective shock if anything comes into contact with it. The horses on Lynsey’s property have stayed away from the fence, making it a reliable deterrent. 


Durability and Horse Safety Features 

Lynsey recounts a specific incident where a horse kicked and broke one of the insulators. However, she praises the design of EquiRope’s insulators, highlighting that when they break, the screws tend to stay in the fence post while the plastic insulator comes off. This design minimises the risk of loose screws in the paddock, ensuring the safety of both horses and handlers. 

Furthermore, Lynsey highlights the unique behaviour of EquiRope when not under tension. Unlike plain wire fences that tend to coil and create hazards when broken, EquiRope remains slack and falls without coiling or springing off. This attribute significantly reduces the risk of wires getting wrapped around a horse’s legs, making it a safer option for Lynsey’s equine companions. 


Ready to Choose a Safe Electric Fence for Your Horses? 

In the end, if you’re thinking about getting an electric fence for your horses, EquiRope is a great option to consider. This blog is here to help you make the right choice for the safety of your horses and effective management of the horse property by sharing the experiences of horse owners, like Lynsey, who is also an experienced VET and veterinary practise director. VET. 


Overall, Lynsey has been using EquiRope for 18 months, and her horses have learned to appreciate and respect their new fences! The installation was easy, thanks to its user-friendly design. EquiRope’s copper conductor ensures better electricity flow, providing a reliable shock to keep horses away. Even when a horse broke an insulator, the design prevented loose screws in the paddock. The many benefits and features of this system means Lynsey can sleep better at night knowing her investment is keeping her 4 legged friends much more safely than before. 


EquiRope stays slack when not under tension, avoiding hazards. Lynsey calls it the safest horse fence she has ever used, and her positive experience shows how practical, safe, and easy EquiRope is for horse properties.  



If you’re thinking about fencing for your horse property, EquiRope is definitely worth exploring. A detailed review of EquiRope complete with its advantages and disadvantages can further lead you in the right direction. 


It is important to bear in mind with all Equine fencing comments we make that we cannot guarantee that injuries will be completely avoided however good fencing systems mean they can be minimised or reduced. 


For more questions on electric fencing or if you need help in finding a suitable fencing for your equine property, speaking to professionals could be useful. Book a free consultation with our fencing experts and they will discuss your vision and requirements in detail. You will be guided every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful equine property.  

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