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Cost of electric fence for horses - buying and installing EquiRope

EquiRope electric fence for horses
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EquiRope is a type of electric horse fencing that is safe, reliable, and low maintenance. It is a cost-effective solution for horse containment that is easy to install and maintain. With its numerous benefits, it’s no wonder that EquiRope has become a popular choice among horse owners. 


If you’ve already done your research, compared all the different types of electric horse fences and want to know how much it’ll cost to have EquiRope on your property, then you’re in the right place. 


In case you want to dig deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of EquiRope we would advise you to first check out the review of EquiRope. If you’re convinced about choosing this particular electric horse fence for your property, this article will help you with the next step. 


Calculating the cost of fencing material is fairly straightforward. Gathering the cost of the other elements, such as posts, freight charges, and installation charges by fencing contractors, is much more challenging.  


The process may involve finding multiple fencing contractors, discussing your project in detail with them, and contacting post suppliers to determine the material and delivery costs. In the end, the procedure can be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing.  


At Stock & Noble, we are the exclusive global supplier of EquiRope. It has been a successful product in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Having sold and delivered the finest fencing solutions and continuously interacting with fencing contractors across the region, we have a thorough understanding of the costs involved in purchasing and installing EquiRope - an electric fence for horses. 


This article will explain the different factors that determine the cost of purchasing and installing Equirope on your property. If you too are looking at owning the only tensionable electric braid in the world for your property, keep reading. 


Factors affecting the cost of Equirope, electric fence for horses 

The total cost of getting an Equirope Fencing System installed on your property is a sum of 6 different factors:  


  1. Cost of fencing material  
  2. Cost of posts 
  3. Cost of preparation  
  4. Cost of installation  
  5. Cost of delivery 

To begin, here’s a chart that will help you understand the cost of buying and installing EquiRope.

We have taken a sample size of 200 metres of fencing with one strand across the property of EquiRope.

The prices include GST. While this chart will give an overview, the cost of different factors has been listed in detail throughout the article.  


The total cost of buying and installing EquiRope is approximately $5168.4 with the major part being for posts and installation. 


The total cost of fencing materials, posts and end assemblies sans installation is approximately $2468.4. 



Cost of electric horse fence



Factor #1: Cost of EquiRope, electric fence for horses 

EquiRope is a complete electric fencing system with an electric braid, standard insulators, striker connectors and roller post insulators.  

Here are the prices of all the elements you need to achieve safe and successful horse fencing.


EquiRope Fencing 

PEB6200 Equirope 6mm, White, 200m 

Cost of 200 metres of EquiRope fence: $278.30 


PEB6500 Equirope 6mm, White, 500m 

Cost of 500 metres of EquiRope fence: $630.30 


(For ease of calculation we are only taking 200 meters of fencing with one strand of EquiRope) 


Standard Insulator 

I20F Std Iron Hart screw-in wood/plastic post insulator 


Cost of Standard insulator: $2.34 each  

For 200 metres of fencing, we need 50. 

Cost of a bag of 50 standard insulators: is $117 


Striker Connectors 

KV500C-G Striker Connector – for the termination of Equirope and connection point of the underground wire. 


Cost of one Striker Connector: $10.10 

For 200 metres of fencing, we need 2 because we are starting and stopping. 

Cost of Strikers needed for 200-metre fencing : $20.20  


Roller post insulator  

I25R – Roller Post Insulator Black.

It’s used for internal corners and termination points, that is start and finish points of the fence line and either side of gateways. 

Roller post insulators are needed for corners and termination of EquiRope. 


Cost of one Roller Post Insulator: $3.55  

For 200 metres of fencing, we only need 2 roller post insulators as we will use them as termination points at start and finish of fence. 

Cost of Roller Post Insulators needed for 200-metre fencing: $7.90 


Factor #2: Cost of posts for EquiRope, electric fence for horses 

It is the post that plays a major role in determining the estimate of EquiRope. There are a variety of fence options available today, including Treated Pine, Woodshield, Steel Posts, and Composite Plastic Posts.  


It’s best to learn about how to choose a fence post and make the right decision for you, your animals and your property. 


Based on our experience, it’s a good idea to use composite plastic posts for in-line posts and timber or steel for your end assemblies to hold the fencing together. 


Typically, the recommended post spacing for EquiRope is recommended between 4 to 6 metres.  


In this article, we will take the example of a hogan post(composite plastic post) to calculate the cost of 200 metres of fencing at 4-metre post spacing. 


Cost of one hogan post: $38.5 per post 

For 200 metres of fencing, we need 50 posts. 

Cost of hogan posts for 200-metre fencing : $1925 


Cost of one timber end assembly: $60 

For 200 metres of fencing, we need 2 end assemblies. 

Cost of end assemblies for 200-metre fencing: $120 


If you want to avoid the problems that arise with timber and desire a lasting option that goes well with hogan post, then consider Steel for your end assemblies.  


Cost of one Steel end assembly: $595.10 


Factor #3: Cost of preparing horse property for EquiRope 

Once you start your fencing project, the first step is preparation.  


If you are simply replacing the existing wire, it’s only a case of removing the old fence and replacing it with EquiRope. 


However, if it’s a new fence line, and you need to install EquiRope as well as posts, you might need the services of a fencing contractor. There are some good to know hacks to find the best fencing contractor for your property. 


Your assigned fencing contractor would visit your site and start the process.  


On average your cost will be $2.50 a meter to pull down or remove the fence. 


Or it is recommended you get a fencing contractor to provide a quote on the merits of the project. 


Factor #4: Cost of installing EquiRope, electric fence for horses 

The process of installing EquiRope is relatively simple. It’s one of the easiest fences you can consider installing yourself. The only area which needs work and professional expertise is installing the posts. 


However, unlike other horse fencing where the post needs to be concreted in, with plastic posts for EquiRope, all you need to do is ram or drill a post in place. Once the posts are in, you can screw in the insulators and attach the rope. 


If you choose to go ahead with a fencing contractor, they would visit your site, mark out your fence, and install your end strainer assemblies and posts. When that’s done, it’ll be time to install the electric braid. 


The cost will differ based on how big your property is, which posts you choose and how many wires you install. One wire is simple to do and would need a smaller number of hours, so fewer dollars are spent. 2 – 4 runs will require a little more time and investment in EquiRope and fittings, however, that is all as the posts or fence line is now established.  


Cost of installing only Line posts and wires: $8- $10 per meter.  

Cost of installing each End assembly: $160 + GST 

Cost of installing each Corner assembly: $250  +GST  


Also, while a fencing contractor can install the posts, you can attach the wires yourself.  

 Check if your fencing contractor is open to this idea. 

If you are interested in installing the fence yourself some indicative costs for hiring the necessary equipment are as follows: 


Cost of hand help post rammer for  

star pickets and smaller posts: $108 + per day 

Cost to hire a full set up of tractor +  

post rammer + accessories for solid posts: $1850 + GST per week 


Factor #5: Cost of delivery 

This factor is highly variable and it’s tough to assign a specific cost to it. 


EquiRope fencing is easily delivered in small rolls along with all the fittings which are shipped along in small packets. You can either order online or buy it from one of our stockists across the country. 


Delivery charges for posts will depend on a few factors: 

  • Where your location is. 
  • Are you sourcing the posts from your local store or nearby fencing supplier.   
  • Are you picking them up yourself or getting them delivered. 


Know the cost of buying and installing an electric horse fence on your property? 

The EquiRope electric braid is perfect if you own horses and are looking for a cost-effective, safe, and flexible fencing solution. Most often, horse fence costs are the most influential factor in your decision.  


Now that you know what the price for 200 metres of EquiRope will be, you can estimate the cost of fencing your property. Among the most crucial elements that contribute to this cost are fencing material, posts, gates, and installation.  


The next step is to prepare for things to do post-ordering your horse fence. Learn about the delivery, storage and conversation you should have with your fencing contractor. These few tips will ensure you achieve safe and beautiful fencing just the way you imagined.  


If you have any more questions related to the cost, installation, order or delivery of EquiRope for your property, feel free to request a call. One of our fencing advisors would be glad to answer your questions and help you build your dream property.  


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