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Comparison between Forever Black and Classic Black timber fence paints.

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Painting timber fences is a great way to enhance their appearance, protect them from the elements, and extend their lifespan. When you plan your project, it is important to choose a paint that is specifically designed for use on wood. 

This type of paint will provide the best adhesion and protection for your fence. There are a variety of paint finishes to choose from. 

If you’ve already deep-dived into a comparison between the top fence paints in Australia and chosen to go ahead with the high-quality timber fence paints from Stock & Noble, then keep reading. 

At Stock & Noble, we have developed the finest fence paints after years of research and development. Forever Black and Classic Black are our two highest-selling timber fence paints.

In this article, you will get a detailed comparison between the two fence paints based on their origin, composition, cost, quality and longevity. 

In the end, you will be confident to choose the timber fence paint which is perfect for your fences, your property and your budget. 



What are Stock & Noble Timber Fence Paints? 

Among the many products and services we offer at Stock & Noble, our paint is no exception to providing unparalleled quality, protection and durability. 

  • These paints are specially formulated to provide long-lasting colour and protection for wood fences. 
  • The paints are based on a water-based formula, which means they have low VOC emissions and a low odour, making them safer for both the environment and the user. 
  • They are also easy to clean up with water.  
  • The paints are resistant to mildew and UV rays, which means they will not only provide a rich black colour but also protect the wood from discolouration, fading, and cracking caused by the sun. 


Difference between the timber fence paints based on their origin. 


Master Blend Fence Paint Forever Black Timber Design - Stock and Noble

Forever Black was designed to exceed industry standards. It is a high-quality premium paint that is UV stable, contains maximum paint solids, and also contains additives such as anti-crib, ensuring long-term durability, rich appearance, and smooth finish. 

The timber fences once painted with Forever Black are easy to maintain with no mould growth, chalking, or painting required for years.  



Master Blend Fence Paint Classic Black Design - Stock and Noble

The Classic Black paint was developed to meet industry standards, and contains most of the goodness of Forever Black, but not as much solid paint.  

There is no doubt that Classic Black will provide a beautiful appearance but won’t last as long as Forever Black. 



Comparison Chart of Forever Black Vs. Classic Black Timber Fence Paint.


timber fence paint comparison



Difference between the timber fence paints based on quality. 

Paint solids, also known as paint pigments or paint fillers, are substances that are added to paint to increase its hiding power and opacity. They are used to make the paint more opaque and to increase its coverage power. They also help to give the paint a more consistent and uniform colour. 

 High solid content paints have a higher concentration of pigments and fillers and are more opaque, this type of paint will cover the surface better and will require fewer coats to achieve the desired coverage, it also dries harder and has a better resistance to wear and tear.

On the other hand, low-solid-content paints are more transparent and require more coats to achieve the same level of coverage. 

Forever Black has 6X more paint solids than Classic Black, thus making it a higher and better quality paint.  



Difference between the timber fence paints based on longevity. 

In general, the longevity of timber fence paint can range from 2-5 years, depending on the quality of the paint, the surface preparation, and the maintenance of the painted fence. However, with proper preparation, high-quality paint, and regular maintenance, the lifespan of timber fence paint can be extended to several years. 

In our experience, Forever Black is known to last for 6 years, while Classic Black lasts for approximately 2 years. 



Difference between the timber fence paints based on property. 

Forever Black is a premium paint that offers a long-lasting, rich black colour and high-quality protection for fences, stables, and shelters. Its low-maintenance formula makes it an ideal choice for those looking for paint that will not require frequent reapplication. 

Compared to our standard paint, Forever Black offers 6 times better quality. This paint is often chosen by those looking to make a lasting impression, such as on properties used for breeding and showing horses. 

On the other hand, Classic Black is our standard paint that offers the same initial appearance as Forever Black. It is a great option for those looking for high-quality black paint but at a more budget-friendly price. Classic Black is often used on properties that are being prepared for resale or on those who want a beautiful black fence but are restricted by budget. 



Difference between the timber fence paints based on cost.

When you are planning your fence painting project and are on the lookout for an ideal paint, cost plays an important role. 

The logic is simple. The more paints solids, additives and life a paint offers, the higher it will cost. 

Forever Black with its high-quality formulation and impressive longevity comes at a premium and is almost $100 more expensive than Classic Black. 

For 20 litre drum, the cost of Forever Black is $251.90, while Classic Black costs $140.80 


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Which timber fence paint is right for my property? 

You wanted to know whether to choose Forever Black or Classic Black timber fence paint for your fences. Now you know all the similarities and differences between the two. 

OverallForever Black is our most popular choice. Once clients have used this product and understand the difference between high-quality paint and standard paint. One client even described it as like painting on ink.  

If you’re looking for the best timber fence paint that lasts for 6 years and maintains its rich colour and smooth finish without much work then Forever Black is right for you.  

If you want your fences to be painted on a budget and are looking for a standard paint with 2 years of life and a decent finish then choose Classic Black. 

Once you’ve picked the colour, the next step is to learn the best practices to prepare and apply the fence paint for effective results. 

If you have more questions on the fence paints, both timber and steel, connect with our experts. They will guide you through the process of buying, choosing and applying the fence paints that are perfect for your vision and budget. Thus creating a beautiful property, with freshly painted fences. 


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