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Horse cribbing solution - An honest review of Never Crib

horse cribbing solution
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Horse cribbing, also known as crib-biting or wind-sucking, is a behaviour in which a horse grasps a solid object, such as a fence rail, with its incisors, arches its neck and sucks in air.


This behaviour is not only destructive to fences but it can also be detrimental to the horse’s health. Cribbing can cause dental problems, colic, and weight loss. 


This habit is often seen as a behavioural problem, but research has shown that it can also have a physiological component. Cribbing is a habit that can be difficult to break, but with the right management and training, it can be managed. 


Some ways to prevent cribbing include providing plenty of hay and forage, providing opportunities for the horse to graze, and providing a varied and stimulating environment. Additionally, the use of anti-cribbing collars, bad-taste sprays and other deterrents can also be effective. This is where Never Crib comes in.  


Never Crib is a product from Stock and Noble that is designed to prevent horses from cribbing or gnawing on wood fences, barns, and other structures.  


It is a specially formulated paint that contains a bitter taste that horses find unappealing, which discourages them from cribbing.  


Till now, many claims and promises have been made to prevent and stop the horse from cribbing for good. However, at Stock & Noble, we believe in sharing the most honest review of our products and Never Crib is no exception. We know this might or might not be the perfect anti-cribbing solution for your property. 


In this article, we will find out how effective Never Crib is in protecting your horses’ health and if can it stop them from cribbing and save you all the stress and money. 


  • What is the Never-Crib solution for horse cribbing? 
  • What are the product specifications of Never Crib, a horse-cribbing solution? 
  • What are the advantages of  Never-Crib, a horse cribbing solution? 
  • What are the disadvantages of  Never-Crib, a horse cribbing solution? 
  • Is Never Crib the right solution to stop horse cribbing at your property? 


In the end, you will be well equipped with all the information to decide whether to apply Never Crib on timber fences for your horse cribbers or not. 


What is the Never-Crib solution for horse cribbing? 

Never Crib is specially designed by experts after gaining insights from horse property owners and conducting years of research in animal behaviour, horse-safe formulations and their interaction with horse fences. 


Never Crib is an anti-cribbing solution in a concentrated level much stronger than the master blend paints. It dries to a clear finish. 


When applied to timber surfaces, it has a repulsive taste that deters horses, birds (cockatoos) and dogs from chewing or cribbing. 


What are the product specifications of Never Crib – an anti-cribbing solution? 


The active ingredient in Never Crib formulation: 

It is the same ingredient that goes into the anti-chew nail product for kids. It is non-toxic and does not create a false positive drug test.  

Colour: Clear 


  • Water/weather resistant.   
  • Will last up to 24+ months outside before needing another application 
  • Doesn’t rub or wash off 


  • Animals and people safe  
  • Nontoxic


  • Environmentally friendly  
  • Water-based  
  • Non-hazardous 


  • Rapid drying 
  • Easy clean up 


Up to 14 square metres per litre depending on surface porosity and application method 


  • 4 Litre of Never Crib solution in New Zealand is for $70.15  
  • 4 Litre of Never Crib solution in Australia is for $59.40 and  
  • 20 litre costs $240.90  


How to apply Never Crib – anti-cribbing solution on your timber fences 

Never Crib is supplied ready for spraying or brush application.   

  • Ensure the surface is as clean and dry as possible.   
  • Never crib is supplied ready for spraying or brush application. So you can start coating your timber surface.
  • It penetrates the timber for a long-lasting finish. Protecting and revitalising your timber fences. 
  • You can consider recoating after 2 hours in normal conditions. Under cooler or humid conditions allow longer times.   
  • Do not use it in temperatures under 10 degrees 


Make sure you follow the proper application method to achieve the best results. For complete details speak to an expert or refer to the documents available with the product on order. 


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What are the advantages of the Never-Crib, a horse cribbing solution? 


1. Never Crib’s intense bitter taste could help stop cribbing

Never Crib has been designed to have a really strong and bitter taste that could effectively discourage your horses from chewing the fence.  

We have found for the best result is to let your animal taste this product while you are applying this to the fence. They then realise where the taste is coming from. A little training can go a long way in making this anti-cribbing solution work for your horses. 


2. Never Crib will not create a false-positive test 

The issue with some of the horse-cribbing deterrents is that once ingested they might reflect in the drug test of your horse and could result in disbarring of your horse from the race.  

The good news is that the Never Crib solution has been proven safe to be used on racehorses and is certified to not impact the drug test.   

We even have a laboratory certificate to prove this and if you need to confirm before you apply this product, get in touch with a consultant to view a copy. 


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3. Never Crib is a long-lasting horse cribbing deterrent

Never Crib is water resistant and doesn’t wash off in the rain. It is known to last up to 2 years before the requirement of reapplication. 


4. Never Crib has a versatile application

Our anti-cribbing solution can be successfully applied over most timber surfaces.  

Including pre-painted surfaces or areas like gates where cribbing might be a problem. 

It can also be painted on trees, power poles, stables and anything else wooden the horses love to chew. 


What are the disadvantages of the Never-Crib, a horse cribbing solution? 


1. There’s no guarantee Never Crib will work for your horses

Just like most other cribbing deterrents available in the market, there’s no surety your horses will stop cribbing after the application of Never Crib. 

In some cases, horses detested it and the product was successful in breaking the habit.  

However, we have also had situations where they have continued to chew as though there was nothing bitter tasting about the product. 


2. Never Crib can’t be applied to steel gates or steel fences

While the application of Never Crib is widespread on timber surfaces, it’s limited in case you have steel fences or steel gates. 

However, in our experience cribbers don’t prefer steel, since metal is really strong and it doesn’t give them the satisfaction of biting or chewing off chunks like wood. 


 3. Never Crib might need reapplication

Typically, you need to reapply Never Crib after almost two years, but if your horses do chew off the coating you will need to reapply until they figure out where the disgusting taste is coming from and stay away from the fences. 


Is Never Crib the right solution to stop horse cribbing at your property? 

You are tired of trying different anti-cribbing methods and want to stop your horses from cribbing. You wanted to know if Never Crib is the right solution to achieve that.  


Now you know Never Crib is an Eco-friendly, horse-safe, cost-effective, easy-to-apply, and long-lasting solution that can save you time and money. You are also aware of the disadvantages associated with its use and can be better prepared before you order this solution. 


In conclusion, cribbing is a harmful habit that can cause serious damage to wood structures, and it can be difficult to break this habit. It’s important to understand Never Crib is not a permanent solution, but a deterrent that could help prevent your horses from cribbing. Just like other methods, this might or might not work depending on your horse.   


According to our experience, most solutions work by reducing cribbing time and the resulting negative effects. As of yet, we haven’t seen a horse that has given up cribbing altogether. 


With the right management and training, cribbing can be controlled and minimized. It will be worth learning about different solutions to stop horse cribbing on your property. 


You can speak to our fencing experts if you have questions on the safety and application of anti-crib solutions, suggestions on how to educate your horses, or information regarding different preventive methods. It is our pleasure to guide you in every way possible and build an equine property that is healthy and safe for you and your animals.  

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