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How to Create Beautiful Horse Arenas - Fencing Designs to Inspire  

Are you planning to build a horse arena and looking for some ideas to kickstart the process? Then, you’re exactly where you should be!  


Horse arenas have different uses, from training horses on big farms to learning how to ride on smaller properties. There are various types of fences available for arenas, just like those used on horse properties. Some options include Timber Post and Rail, Mesh fencing, Horserail, PVC Post and Rail, Buckley Steel Fencing System, and Cattle Rail. You can learn all about them in our resource on finding the perfect fence for your arena. 


Overall, when it comes to fencing a horse arena, safety is the most important thing to think about. It’s not just about how the fence looks; it’s about keeping both the rider and the horse safe.  The premium Steel post and rail fencing (Buckley) from Stock & Noble is designed to be horse-safe, looks stunning and has a bend, buckle and release system for the safety of the rider as well as the horse.  


In this blog, we will take you through a picturesque journey of different horse arenas built using our Premium steel fencing. We will also discuss important factors to be considered while building a horse arena and share some insights to help you turn your dream arena into a reality. 


Choose Aesthetically Impressive Fencing for an Arena 

Arenas are meant to be a showcase of your beautiful animals and riders and can act as a central point on your property. So, the fencing shouldn’t take anything away from its grandeur but rather add to it. 

Equine properties tailor their arenas to specific purposes dictated by property type.  

In commercial settings such as Equestrian Centres and Equine Schools, the arena serves dual roles—showcasing horses and meeting training needs. As a result, the fencing for these arenas must strike a balance, being highly functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.  

On domestic properties, where the arena’s purpose is more straightforward, simple and safe fencing like Horserail may suffice.  

However, for those envisioning a forever property with the arena as a central focus, the fencing demands a different approach. Here, the emphasis shifts towards bold, beautiful designs that not only ensure safety but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the arena. For example, our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing (Buckley).  

Here are some of the images of horse arenas built using this beautiful fencing. If you are building a signature property and like the way it looks, it’ll be worth finding out why Buckley is one of the most expensive post and rail fencing in Australia. 


Buckley horse arena fencing


horse arena fencing - Stock And Noble - Premium steel post and rail fencing


Horse property with Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, White, 4 Rail, Wide view-4


Fencing Material Should be Strong Yet Safe 

In a horse arena, safety is the most important aspect – for both the rider as well as the horse. It is a bit like walking a tightrope with arena fencing, finding something strong enough to contain a horse yet has the safety features to allow for scenarios where either horse or rider comes into contact with the fence. 

Our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is designed to be horse-safe with a bend, buckle and release system. It’s an engineered fencing system featuring smooth, round edges and a fastener-free design. The robust rails are crafted to effectively contain spirited horses while maintaining flexibility for their safety. In the event of a significant impact, they buckle out without shattering or splintering, ensuring heightened safety for both horses and riders compared to welded or fixed rail options. 


Tip: Consider adding padding or protective elements to reduce the impact force in certain areas. 


horse arena fencing - Stock And Noble - Premium steel post and rail fencing  

Arena Fencing Should Give You a Great View  

Choose fencing style and materials that provide clear visibility for spectators and participants. Less rails can be used particularly for domestic arenas where viewing is not likely to be on tiered seating.  

However, in our experience, most arenas are built with 3 or 4 rails. 


Consider Fencing Height and Dimensions 

We’ve noticed the majority of arenas like to have their top rail around 1400mm high however, it all depends on the experience of the rider, what they’re intending to use the arena for and the nature of the horses they’re working with. Roping and reigning arenas are likely to be much higher whereas some dressage arenas may only have a low single rail. 


Think about Gates and Access Points 

Plan the placement of gates to facilitate easy access for participants, emergency personnel, and equipment. Buckley offers matching gates that are easy to operate and enhance the security of your arena. You can dig deeper and learn everything about the Buckley Gates in a review complete with its pros and cons.  


  • Ensure there are designated emergency exits and plan for quick evacuation if necessary. 
  • Ensure the gates are large enough to allow larger machinery in and out for future maintenance. Consider practical traffic flow in and out of the arena. 

horse arena fencing


Include Secure Locking Systems in Your Fencing Design 

Implement secure locking mechanisms to control access during events and non-event periods. Something like an EZ Latch which is horse-proof and can be easily opened by riders on a horseback is a great and convenient locking system.  

Learn more about the key differences between EZ Latch and a traditional gate latch. It’ll further help you make the right design decision for your horse arena. 


Stock and Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, White, Ezy Latch-1


Include Signage and Branding 

Use clear signage indicating rules, emergency exits, and safety guidelines, if you are a commercial premises.  

Incorporate spaces for branding and sponsor signage if you have brand partners who you’d like to promote. 


Choose Sustainable Options While Designing Arenas 

As an equine property owner, it’s becoming more and more imperative to care for the planet. While designing your arena, consider eco-friendly materials and practices to minimise environmental impact. 

Using recycled and recyclable steel or plastic is recommended. 

Round Yard Fencing Series 

Consider White or Black Fencing for Your Horse Arena 

Both white and black stand out as classic, stunning and ever-lasting colours ideal to be used on forever properties. So, while building an arena it’s a good idea to stay with either of these hues. While it depends on your personal choice, other factors might impact your decision between choosing white or black fencing colour. 

Here are some images from a recent project in Western Australia, where the property owner chose white fencing for their Horse arena. Take a look and you might get inspired to do the same. 


Arena fencing - Horse Arena Fencing -Premium Steel post and Rail from Stock And Noble - White Fencing


Arena fencing - Premium Steel post and Rail from Stock And Noble - White Fencing


Arena fencing - Premium Steel post and Rail from Stock And Noble - White Fencing 

Round or Rectangular Horse Arena 

Match your round yard fencing in for maximum aesthetics. 

If you intend to build a round yard as well, it may pay to think about choosing a material that can be used on both the arena and round yard for good looks and a cohesive feel. 

horse arena fencing - Stock And Noble - Premium steel post and rail fencing

Ready to Design Your Beautiful Horse Arena? 

Building the perfect horse arena involves thoughtful choices, especially when it comes to fencing. Our exploration of different arenas showcases the importance of finding a good balance between aesthetics and functionality. 


Safety takes the spotlight in this journey — from clear visibility to the impact of potential falls. These considerations are crucial for establishing a secure environment for both riders and horses. 


Thinking about height, dimensions, gates, locking systems, and sustainability adds depth to your arena planning. The decision between a round or rectangular design mostly depends on your specific needs, space availability, and personal preferences. 


As you start the exciting process of planning and designing your dream arena, keep in mind the seamless integration of safety, aesthetics, and functionality. Another crucial aspect is the budget. As a next step, it’ll be valuable to learn how much fencing an outdoor arena will cost you. So, you can evaluate all the factors from aesthetics to cost and make the right decision.  


If you have any more questions on the installation, durability or suitability of a particular fencing for your arena, speak to a professional. Book a free consultation with our fencing experts, who will help you every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful property. 


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