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What is the cost of fencing an outdoor arena? 

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An arena is built to train, ride or work on riding skills. Since riders and horse property owners are often testing and trying new things it’s important to conduct these activities in a safe enclosed area. A fence helps create a controlled environment for training the horse and discourages it to run and escape during the training period. 

At Stock & Noble, we provide our clients with the finest fencing solutions and help them build the most beautiful equine properties across Australia and Zealand. The objective of this article is to provide you with approximate costs for different fencing options around an arena. So, if you too are planning to build an arena or are upgrading the fencing of your existing arena, keep reading. 

We will discuss three things that will help you make the right decision about fencing your arena: 

  1. Why it’s important to fence an arena 
  2. The cost of fencing an arena using different kinds of material  
  3. The factors which affect the cost of fencing your arena


Why should I fence my arena? 

Arenas are a common sight at both commercial and personal horse properties. The need for fencing an arena is largely driven by the type of activities being performed inside the space. For example, if it’s an experienced rider and a well-trained horse going through basic procedures, you might not need a fence.  

However, in our experience, most outdoor arenas do require fencing. Here are some of the reasons why:  


Fencing your arena helps keep the rider and the horse safe 

As you train your horse inside the dressage arena, fencing creates a visual barrier for the horse and keeps the room for experimentation limited to the safely defined space.  

For example, you can close a gate so that if you fall off, the horse is more contained. 

Also, an arena may not lessen the chance of ‘spooking’, but it can provide a sense of safety, especially for new or developing riders.


Fencing your arena helps replicate the show conditions 

If you’re preparing your horse for a competition, it is important to train it in a exact-sized area and under similar conditions. The typical size of most arenas is 60×20 metres. With regular training inside the fenced area, the horse gets used to the number of steps, activities and fencing. 


Fencing your arena is required by law 

If you’re building an arena for a commercial purpose, you must follow the Australian Standard of fencing. In some commercial arenas, it is required by law that you create an arena with safe access and ensure the protection of both animals and humans inside. 


What is the cost of fencing an outdoor arena? 

The average cost of fencing an arena in Australia is between $16,000 to $38,000. 

This huge gap is dependent on a lot of factors, most importantly the cost of fencing material. There are a lot of fencing options available today – from Pine to PVC and from Flexible Plastic to Steel. The better, safer, and easier to maintain you want your arena to be, the more it is going to cost. 

In the end, it all depends on you, your choice, your vision, and your budget. Whether you’re investing in a forever dream property or building an arena for a shorter period of time, it’s your call. 


Cost of fencing an arena



Factors that affect the cost of fencing your arena 

When it’s about calculating the cost of fencing your arena, different factors come into play.  

Please note that in our cost comparison chart provided above, we have considered the 4 major factors which are fencing material, gates, sandboard and installation.  

However, there are 2 other factors that will have an impact on the final cost of fencing your arena. It’s best to keep them in mind to arrive at the final cost. 


Cost of material 

When you start your search for fencing materials, you will notice the most common ones are Timber, PVC, Steel, Flexible Plastic fencing and Borderline fencing. 

All these options are tried and tested, with their own pros and cons. The cost of material depends majorly on the overall quality of fencing, the aesthetics, warranty, longevity, safety and strength. The final decision is driven by the looks you’re after and what you need to build a high-end premium property that should last for years. 


Cost of gates 

To reach a definite cost of fencing your arena, you need to choose how many gates you want, what size of machinery do you need to bring in the arena or if you need PA (Personal Access) gates? The quality, material, and safety of the gates you choose will also affect the overall cost. The better you want your arena to be, the higher it will cost.  


Cost of sandboard 

This is a critical factor when choosing the kind of fencing you want for your arena. It is the sandboard that usually comes under a lot of pressure and needs to contain the sand, so it doesn’t wash or blow away. 

If the sandboard is made of softwood it tends to bow along the sides, impacting the aesthetics of your entire fencing arena. 

With Timber Pine fencing, typically Pine sandboards are used. If you plan to use PVC or Horserail fencing, the usual practice is to use a heavily treated strong piece of Timber.  

As compared to Pine fencing, Buckley Fencing System uses 70% stronger reinforced rails with a Steel sand board. It is strong and safe enough to bear any impact and pressure from the rails and portrays a uniform look under all circumstances. 


Cost of installation 

If you’re planning to install your fencing arena as a DIY project, you can save on this cost. However, the cost of installation naturally increases if you hire a fencing contractor to do the job. 


Size of the arena 

The overall cost will depend on how large or small your fencing arena is. The larger the arena, the higher will be your cost. 


Cost of Rails 

If you choose more rails, the cost will be higher. The most frequent practice is to use 2 rails in a fencing arena, to give it a minimalistic look and enable viewing from outside. It’s easier for people on the outside to look at the horse and rider if there are lesser rails blocking their view.  


Are you ready to fence your arena? 

You learnt about why fencing an arena is important for your horse property, how much it will cost and the factors that play a role in moving the cost up or down. 

Now you know that fencing your arena can cost you anywhere between $16,000 to $38,000. And the most crucial elements that make up this cost are fencing material, installation, gates and the sandboard. 

In case you have more questions on how to plan and choose the right fencing for your arena or would like to learn further about the cost of fencing your arena using our Buckley Steel fencing system please reach out to our fencing expert.  

We would do our best to help you find the right fencing solution for your horse property. Also, to experience the quality and finesse of our premium steel fencing system, you can request a free sample. We would get it delivered right to your doorstep. All we want is to help you build the most beautiful equine property like our other partners across Australia and New Zealand. 


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