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Pro-Design Tips For Using Multiple Fencing on Your Property 

Are you considering multiple fencing for your property and are confused whether it’s the right move?  Or are you exploring design ideas to use different combination of fencing and are looking for some inspiration? For either of the above choices, this blog is the right next step. 


Designing your horse property and choosing the perfect fence can be thrilling, but budget constraints and concerns about using a single type of fencing may pose challenges.  


If the cost of your preferred horse fencing exceeds your budget or you’re unsure about its overall look, combining different fence types could be the solution. It’s important to know whether it’s the right move for you, and before you go any further, we recommend finding out whether you can use multiple fencing on your property?   


If you’re in the design phase and are looking for some inspiration and ideas on using different combination of fencing, then keep reading. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide a wide range of fencing solutions to high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand. We often help create beautiful properties using a variety of horse fencing combinations and have an in-depth understanding of what works well together.  


In this article, we’ll share real-life projects created with multiple fencing. You’ll get a visual guide and insights on how to mix and match horse fences to achieve the aesthetic you desire while staying within your budget. Get ready to design your property without compromising on your dream look.  


Multiple Fencing on Equine Properties 

Discovering the potential of multiple fencing styles opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re aiming for aesthetic harmony across the property, bringing down the cost, adding functionality, or complementing the view, using different fences strategically can turn your space into something beautiful and practical.  

Join us on this journey as we explore how different fencing styles can be combined to create a property that is both practical and visually stunning. 


Keep It Simple: Uniform Top Rail 

When setting up multiple fences on your horse property, keeping things looking coordinated can be tough. One straightforward trick is to stick with a uniform Top Rail throughout your property. If you’re using Post and Rail horse fencing, just make sure the top part looks the same everywhere and mix up the types of fencing underneath for variety without messing up the overall look. 

The image below is of Horserail HotTop Plus used as a top rail across the property along with Black EquiRope. 

Horserail hottop plus with black EquiRope - horse fencing - electric fence - toprail


Colour Coordination for an Elegant Look 

If you’re using different fences, it’s a good idea to keep the colours the same. For instance, if you chose black Buckley Steel Post and Rail, keep everything black throughout. Pay attention to little colour differences to keep everything looking smooth and put together. 

Brown Legacy Rail is used with the same-coloured Legacy line electric. 

Brown fence - legacy rail - legacy line electric - horse fencing

Black Premium Steel Post and RailFencing used with black mesh. 

horse mesh fencing


Black EquiRope used with Black Legacy Rail Bold. 



Make Multiple Fencing Look Good with Similar Sizes 

For a nice-looking horse property, it’s smart to pick fences that have similar sizes. If the rails have the same height and width, it looks neat and all put together. For example, if you use Buckley Steel Fencing System and Legacy Rail Bold together, they’ll match up well and make your property look nice and tidy. 


Premium Steel fencing used with Horserail. They both have a post and rail appearance with similar widths. 


Choose the Alternate Fence Wisely 

When you’re trying out different fences, make sure the cost-effective ones in less visible areas don’t impact the whole look of your property. Start with your main fencing and experiment with others that fit your vision and budget. Whether you’re combining top rail with hot cote, V-mesh, or no climb mesh in the back paddocks using Horserail, the goal is to make everything look good within your budget. 


The image below is of an entranceway and front fence of a property, where the owner wanted to do something different but also be cost-effective and incorporate the existing gate. By combining stone, timber posts and rails and a white Border line they achieved a sharp, attractive-looking fence. 

multiple fencing - timber post and rail - borderline - entranceway


Ready to design Your Dream Property with Multiple Fencing? 

In conclusion, designing your property with multiple fences is a journey full of creative possibilities.  


By keeping the top rail uniform, selecting a consistent colour theme, ensuring similar dimensions, and balancing aesthetics with your budget, you can achieve a harmonious and visually appealing space.  


The key is to experiment wisely, starting with your preferred fencing option and exploring different combinations until you find the perfect match for your vision. Whether it’s creating a cohesive look, enhancing functionality, or maximizing your property’s views, the simple yet effective strategies discussed in this blog along with the images will help turn your horse property into a dream one. 


When designing with multiple fences, it’s wise to opt for a supplier offering a variety of options rather than one that specialises in just one product. Choosing a supplier with a diverse range makes the process more convenient, cost-effective and manageable compared to ordering from multiple manufacturers and combining them yourself. Find out more about such insights and tips on how to get the best products and pricing for your fencing project. 


So, go ahead, mix it up, and let your property reflect both your unique style and the comfort you and your animals deserve. For any further questions on choosing the right fencing solutions or combinations for your property, speak to our fencing experts. They will help you every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful property, just the way you imagined. 

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