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If you are out looking for different fencing options for your horse property, you will definitely come across Steel Mesh Fencing. It’s one of the most popular options for fencing on both rural and domestic properties especially if you have smaller animals along with horses.  


Steel mesh is typically made of high-tensile steel wires woven together to create a safe barrier for the containment of both smaller and larger animals. While Steel mesh fencing is widely used, the question is how safe it is for horses and what makes it the right choice for your horse property.  


At Stock & Noble, we provide high-end customers across Australia and New Zealand with the finest fencing solutions. The most important factor for us is horse safety. Whether it’s the premium Buckley Steel Fencing System, the original Horserail or Equine Mesh to feature in our product portfolio, the fencing needs to be globally successful and extremely safe.  


Based on our years of experience and expertise in sourcing and selling Steel Mesh Fencing we will share insights that will help you create a beautiful equine property that matches your budget and vision. 


In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Steel Mesh Fencing. You’ll learn where it’s used, the advantages, and disadvantages, the problems and solutions related to mesh fencing and all the different options available in the market today. 


With this information, you will be able to confidently decide whether Steel Mesh is best suited for your property, and which one should you choose. 


Answering a few questions might add some more clarity to your decision-making process. 

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What is Steel Mesh Fencing? 

Steel Mesh Fencing is high or medium tensile galvanised steel wires that look like a net with hole spacing in between. The density of the top and bottom wire can vary between 2.5 mm to 3.1 mm. 

The hole spacing is called an aperture and is the key to horse safety. An ideal Steel Mesh Fencing used on horse properties, should have an aperture that’s not bigger than 5cm x 10 cm. 

Steel Mesh Fencing is typically a cheaper alternative to Post and Rail fencing and is used in conjunction with a top rail of Timber post and rail, Cattle Rail or Buckley Steel Fencing System.  


Where is Steel Mesh Fencing used? 


Foaling yards

Foals are normally very playful and love poking their hooves through the fences. A strong steel mesh with the right aperture can safely keep them in and can help prevent any injuries.  


Smaller yards

Steel Mesh Fencing is useful in areas where you need an unobstructed view of what’s going on inside. With mesh, you get high visibility. 


Properties with smaller animals

Steel Mesh Fencing works well on properties where you want to keep the smaller pet animals like dogs and rabbits inside, while other feral animals on the outside. It creates an effective boundary. 


Properties on a budget

If you are designing a horse property and 3 or 4 rails come out to be beyond your budget at the moment, Steel Mesh fencing is a long-lasting and horse-safe option.  


Advantages of Steel Mesh Fencing 


1. Strong and effective fencing solution 

Steel Mesh Fencing is a good and safe fencing option for horses as well as other animals such as dogs, sheep and cattle. The galvanised steel wires give it enough strength to bear the pushing and poking of different animals. 


2. Cost-effective 

The overall cost of mesh is comparatively lower than other options like Buckley Steel Fencing System or Timber Post and Rail. However, it isn’t cheaper than options like EquiRope or Border Line fencing.  


3. High on horse safety 

Some of the Steel Mesh Fencing options like Diamond Mesh are regarded as the safest and the best solution for foaling yards.  


4. Versatile

Some Steel Mesh Fencing Options can also be used in conjunction with a top rail of Timber or even Cattle Rail, Buckley and PVC Post and Rail fencing. 


5. Long-lasting 

A superior quality Steel mesh fencing solution has a life expectancy of at least 20 to 30 years. However, it’s best to check with the warranty document and confirm with the fencing supplier or manufacturer. 


6. Knowledgeable Fencing Contractors 

Typically, Steel Mesh fencing is easily available and fencing suppliers will have enough stock of it. Also, Fencing contractors are knowledgeable and familiar with the installation of this type of fence. 


Connect with our fencing experts to check the availability of Steel Mesh Fencing. 

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 Disadvantages of Steel Mesh Fencing 


1. Lacks a premium look 

Steel Mesh Fencing doesn’t have the aesthetics of traditional Post and Rail Fencing. Keeping it well-tensioned and using it with a couple of rails is a good way to elevate its looks. 

The fence line will lose its appearance if you don’t maintain it by cutting the grass short and removing debris and rubbish caught in it. 


2. Cannot be electrified 

That’s right. Steel Mesh fencing has no option of adding electric current through it.  

If you want a barrier Equirope or Horserail solutions can be used to run a separate off-set electric line to keep animals away.  


3. Need of tighter tension 

Steel Mesh Fencing needs to be tightly tensioned to maintain its look and functionality. That’s why it’s more effective when used in conjunction with Timber.  

When used with Buckley or PVC, you cannot tension the mesh to the desired tension so in this situation, we recommend using a PVC-coated chain link mesh. 


4. Tough to install and repair 

This type of fencing is best installed by an experienced Fencing Contractor. Being one of the most difficult fencing solutions to install yourself, Steel Mesh Fencing is also tough to repair or join in case of any breaking. 


5. Requires Regular Maintenance  

If the Steel Mesh buckles under continuous horse kicks, the wires can break and might end up injuring the horses or other animals. It needs to be regularly checked for any breaks in the mesh. The chances of this happening are low, but if there is one, it is a health and safety hazard. Especially if the wires turn rusty when ends become exposed. 


Is Steel Mesh Fencing right for my property? 

Steel mesh fencing could be the right option for you. However, it totally depends on your vision and budget. The main benefit of steel mesh fencing is that it is strong, “horse safe” and effective for a wide range of other animals.  


The most important factor to ensure horse safety while choosing Steel Mesh Fencing is the aperture. It should never be bigger than 10 x 5 centimetres or else the horses could poke their hooves through the holes resulting in extensive injury and damage to the fence. 


If you want to choose Steel mesh fencing to balance your budget, spend some time choosing the finish wisely. Different manufacturers offer different finishes like bright silver, matt or black. You can choose the colour to sync with your top rail and make sure the aesthetics don’t get compromised. Also, it’s good to remember that although steel mesh is relatively affordable, it tends to have an ‘agricultural’ feel instead of a ‘premium’ one. 


If the reason to pick Steel mesh is based on its functionality and ability to keep the smaller animals safe, then consider using post and rail in high visual areas and Steel Mesh fencing in areas that are not so visual. This would give you both safety as well as great looks. 


Now you have all the information to confidently decide whether Steel Mesh fencing is the right fencing solution for you and your property. The next step is to find a horse fencing supplier, who has Steel Mesh fencing that meets all your requirements. This 10-point checklist will surely come to your rescue and help you reach the right supplier. 


If you have any more questions on Steel Mesh Fencing or are interested to know the alternative fencing options gaining popularity across Australia and New Zealand, speak to our fencing experts. They would love to guide you and help create the most beautiful equine property just the way you imagined. Also, there is no obligation to purchase or any unnecessary onslaught of emails to be expected, just a good conversation on fencing.  

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