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Buckley Steel Fence is Stock & Noble’s premium fencing range.

As close to the ‘perfect’ solution as you will get. A classic Stock & Noble product that reflects deep understanding and a commitment to excellence — unrivalled quality, protection and good looks.

Buckley Fence answers every question the industry has asked… and then some. If you’re thinking of building your last fence, build Buckley. For other Stock & Noble products that are leaders in the field, look for our Masterbrand Insignia, that reflects the premium nature of the product.

good lookin’ fences that last

Beautiful for generations

The lifetime expectancy of the Steel Board Fence is decades and the lifetime maintenance costs are virtually zero. The protective powder coating will not chip, peel or crack and has superior long-term resistance to rusting, fading or chalking.

Each piece of horse fencing is thermally independent with allowance for the slight thermal expansion and contraction that occurs in metal. The rails remain straight and the posts perfectly aligned no matter what the temperature. Unlike wood or vinyl, the rails will not warp or sag over time. Nor will they be destroyed from cribbing. Fire proof, flood proof, horse proof… your insurance company won’t be able to thank you enough.

Unrivalled equine protection

Horse safety, guaranteed

The Steel Board Horse Fence is highly visible with rounded smooth edges and no nails, screws or fasteners. The length of the rails allows them to flex for improved horse safety . When the rails are pushed or impacted, they will cushion the horse and spring back to a perfectly straight line.

In the case of a stampeding and panicked horse, its energy is sufficient to cause the rails to bend, crease, and release from the posts with no breakage or splinters. This prevents serious injury to the horse, unlike with welded steel fence or masonry style systems.

Easy to install & easy on the planet

Cleverly designed

Our recycled steel products are incredibly easy to install. The powder coat finish is non-toxic and free of chemical based solvents. Our steel shipping crates are returnable and reusable.

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Buckley Fence offers the highest quality, American-designed equine fencing products on the market. From the actual fence boards themselves, to a uniquely designed gating and latch system, makes it a complete fencing solution.


Black / White









Steel board gates


EZ Latch


Design Features and Accessories



Premium steel specialised horse fencing

It’s the only post and rail board fence made of steel. The aesthetic appeal of wood fencing but much stronger and more durable.

Available in textured black or gloss white

Choose between brilliant white gloss or textured black. The protective powder coating will not chip, peel or crack.

1 rail to 5 rail options

The closest you’ll get to a traditional board fence with this level of flexibility and safety

Lifetime expectancy

The lifetime expectancy of the Steel Board Fence is decades and the lifetime maintenance costs are virtually zero.



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