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How to Choose the Best Gate for Your Round Yards?

Round Yard Fencing Series

Ever found yourself looking at your round yard gate, thinking, “Is this the best choice for my horses?” You’re not alone. Choosing the perfect gate can be tough – aesthetics, safety, practicality, and ease are all on your mind.  


The gates in a round yard see frequent use, often multiple times a day. They need to be user-friendly, allowing for easy one-handed operation, especially when you’re bringing horses in and out frequently. Their design should prioritise practical functionality, making daily property and horse management smooth and efficient. 


A wrong choice that fails to match these requirements can make the management difficult, negatively impact the looks of your property and most importantly pose a risk of injury for your four-legged friends. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to equine properties across Australia and New Zealand. The products in our portfolio are carefully chosen based on proven performance globally and high horse safety standards. The LeGrande Series and The Buckley Series are the two unique round-yard options that we feature. They are both crafted from steel and are built to make you and the horse feel safe and confident as you train, learn and evolve.


We’ve helped numerous clients build beautiful and safe properties and understand how important it is to make the right choice when it comes to gates of round yards. 


In this blog, we will list out the factors that you should consider while choosing a gate for your round yards and discuss the different types of gates available for equine properties. You’ll be able to evaluate and make the right decision that matches your vision, your budget and the needs of your animals. 


Features to be Considered for a Round Yard Gate 


Sturdy Construction: 

The gate needs to be tough and made from materials that can handle the strength of horses and withstand potential impacts. 


Smooth Edges: 

Rounded or smooth edges are a must. This design choice helps prevent injuries to horses, reducing the risk of cuts or scrapes. 


Latch Mechanism: 

Choose a secure latch mechanism that’s easy for us humans to use but a bit of a puzzle for our equine friends. This ensures safety and convenience. 


Find out about the EZ Latch system and how it compares to a traditional latch. 


Height Considerations: 

The gate should be tall enough to discourage any ambitious jumping but low enough for handlers to have easy visibility. 


Weather Resistance: 

Choose materials that can stand up to the elements. Rust-resistant materials are especially important if your gate will be exposed to different weather conditions. 

This is especially relevant if you’re choosing a steel gate. Dig deeper into the performance of different steel fencing against rust. 


Swinging Direction: 

Make life easy with a gate that swings both ways. This allows for smooth entry and exit from the round yard without any fuss. 


Locking Capability: 

If security is a concern, look for a gate with a reliable locking mechanism. This ensures unauthorised access is a no-go. 

Again, EZ Latch provides a secure locking system, find out if it’s right for your gate. 


Ground Clearance: 

Ensure the gate has enough ground clearance to avoid dragging on uneven surfaces. Smooth operation is the goal! 


Types of Gates for Round Yards 


Sliding Gates: 

Perfect for larger round yards, sliding gates open horizontally, requiring less space compared to swinging gates. 


Swinging Gates: 

These are the classic door-like gates that open and close with a swing. Ideal for smaller round yards and is available in single or double configurations. 

Buckley Steel gates offer swinging gates and can be opened from both sides. 


Mesh or Solid Construction: 

Choose between gates with mesh for better visibility or solid gates for added privacy and containment. 


Customisable Panels: 

Some gates are made of modular panels that you can configure to create your ideal gate. Flexibility in design is the name of the game. 


Automatic Gates: 

For a touch of modern convenience, consider automatic gates that you can operate remotely. Less manual handling, more ease! 


Wooden Gates: 

If you’re after a more traditional and natural look, wooden gates are a great aesthetic choice. Keep in mind they might need a bit more maintenance and wood is susceptible to cribbing. 

Learn more about the most common problems that arise with Timber Fencing. 


Pipe or Tubular Gates: 

These gates, often seen in equine settings, are made from durable materials like steel or aluminium, ensuring both strength and longevity. 

If steel gates are what you’re looking for, learn about one of the finest solutions – Buckley Steel Gates and why are they the most expensive steel gates in Australia.  


Ready to Choose the Perfect Gate for Your Round Yard? 

You are looking to find an ideal gate for your round yard and want to have a checklist ready for your research. Now you know choosing the ideal gate for your round yard involves more than just aesthetics. It’s about ensuring the safety, functionality, and efficiency of your equine space. Each feature and gate type plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure and accessible environment for your horses. 


Throughout this blog, you learn the important things to be considered when choosing a gate for your round yards. From being tough and weather-resistant to how it opens and closes, we’ve looked at the details that make a gate more than just a barrier. Whether it’s using the EZ Latch system for a safe close or checking out sliding gates and wooden gates, each feature has a part to play in making your round yard safer and better. 


Ultimately, the “best” gate for your round yard is the one that aligns perfectly with your requirements, budget, and vision for your equine space. Explore your options, weigh the features, and make an informed decision that ensures the safety and happiness of your favourite animals. 


While you’re in the process of making decisions for your round yard, it’s the perfect time to dig into the different options for round-yard fencing as well. You’ll gain useful insights on various fencing materials and choose the one that’s right for your property. 


If you have any more questions, our fencing experts are here to assist you in choosing the fencing that suits your unique requirements. Feel free to reach out for a personalised consultation—it’s completely free, with no obligations to buy, and no unnecessary follow-ups. They will help you every step of the way to build a safe and beautiful equine property.  


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