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How to Replace a Premium Steel Rail: Guide for a Hassle-Free Process

If you’ve invested in a Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing system, you’re already enjoying the benefits of a modular design that eliminates the need for cutting, welding, or unsightly screwing.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple and efficient process of replacing a premium steel fence rail within this well-designed system. 


This fencing from Stock & Noble is the world’s only engineered steel post and rail fencing system. Its design stands out for its ease of installation and maintenance. Unlike Cattle Rail, this fencing system eliminates the need for welding, there’s no penetration of steel and the easy maintenance makes it a preferred choice for those who value both functionality and aesthetics. 


One of the clients once commented in a video that replacing the Stock & Noble fence rail is so easy, it can be done with a beer in one hand. 


Watch the Rail Replacement in Action! 

Curious to see how easy it is to replace a premium steel fence rail with the Lock Spacer System? Watch the video below for a step-by-step demonstration: 

How to replace premium steel rail


Quick and Easy Replacement with the Lock Spacer System 

The standout feature of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is its innovative lock spacer system, designed for quick and easy rail replacement. These lock spacers are designed to limit the movement of rails, ensuring the stability and longevity of your fence. 


Steps to Replace a Premium Steel Fence Rail 


Step 1: Remove the Lock Spacer 

Begin by removing the lock spacer adjacent to the rail you wish to replace and the next one down the line. This step provides the necessary clearance to shuffle out the damaged rail from the pre-morticed post holes.  


Step 2: Install the New Rail 

Slide the new rail into the pre-punched slots on the post. The pre-set dimensions and distances of the rails ensure a seamless installation process without the need for welding or tek screws.  You’ll experience that the rail is a snug, tight fit for little to no rail movement once installed. 


Step 3: Ensure Sturdiness 

Test the stability of the newly installed rails. Make sure it is securely in place. 


Step 4: Final Touch with Lock Spacer 

After replacing the rails, place the lock spacer back into the post. This critical component locks the rails into position, providing the finishing touch to your fence replacement. 


Step 5: Seal With the Cap 

Seal it with a cap and use a rubber mallet to ensure a secure fit. 


Confident to Replace Your Premium Steel Fencing Rail? 

In conclusion, replacing a premium steel fence rail with an innovative lock spacer system is a breeze. The modular design, pre-set dimensions, and rust-resistant features make it a property owner’s dream.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just looking for a hassle-free fencing solution, the Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing system delivers on its promise of simplicity and durability. 


If you have more questions on the installation this resource can prove to be helpful Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing Installation – FAQ. 


One of the key advantages of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is its commitment to durability. With no welding, tek screws, and the inclusion of rubber grommets preventing steel-to-steel contact, this system offers maximum protection against rust. Say goodbye to corrosion worries and enjoy a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing fence. 


In case you have a specific question regarding installing this fence or rail replacement, our fencing experts are always there to help. They will answer all your questions in detail and guide you to make the best of this beautiful fence. 

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