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Premium Steel Fence Gates Design Ideas for Your Equine Property 

When you’re designing your dream property, gates are an integral part of your fencing plan. The right choice can elevate the look of your entire property with its beautiful aesthetics and make management easy with its well-engineered functionality. The problem is if you choose the wrong gates as an afterthought, they will have the complete opposite effect on the beauty and management of your property. 


So it’s important to include the gates right at the beginning of your fencing plan. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from standard metal gates to ornamental steel ones, from customisable timber to mesh fence gates. If you’ve done your research and want to know more about designing your property with Stock & Noble Premium Steel Gates, you’re in the right place. 


At Stock & Noble, we understand how important it is to have the right gate designs for a signature equine property. We provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Over the years we’ve helped numerous clients build stunning equine properties that match their vision.   


In this blog, we’ll show you some beautiful horse properties designed with our Premium Steel fencing gates. As you look at the pictures, you’ll gain insights into how to include steel gates in the fencing plan of your forever property.   


Matching Steel Gates for a Seamless Look 

Buckley Steel Gates are ideal for properties that want to have a seamless look and want their gates to be in harmony with the rest of the fencing. 

Known for their exceptional quality, durability, and innovative design, Premium Steel gates are made from galvanised steel and finished with an architectural-grade powder coat to ensure long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. They are the same as Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. 

The gates share matching dimensions and spacing with the horse fencing rails. This consistency extends to the rail count, ensuring harmony with your 3 or 4-rail horse fences. 

Stock and Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, Black, 3 Rail, 12 foot wide - steel gate 

Thus bearing the same look and features, Premium Steel Gates make the fencing flow consistently across large properties, multiple paddocks and day yards. 

Premium Steel post and Rail Fencing - paddock fencing - horse fencing - black fencing - Stock & Noble

Important to note: Stock & Noble steel gates seamlessly integrate with Buckley fencing as well as many other fencing systems. As seen in the image below the gates are installed with black Horserail® and lend a premium look to the entire property. 

Buckley gates


Consider Hingeless Design for Equine Properties 

If you have horses on your property, you know how tedious it is to get down and then open the gates. Imagine if you could simply swing the gate open while riding your horse. 

What truly sets these gates apart is their hingeless design. Unlike traditional gates that rely on hinges, Stock & Noble Gates utilise a sophisticated bearing system. This innovation combines the robustness of solid steel gates with the smooth, effortless swinging motion of a bearing system. While this design feature increases the cost, its unparalleled performance and longevity make it an investment worth every penny. 

Overall, these steel gates are uniquely designed; they have no hinges, ensuring safety around horses. You can open them single-handedly from either side. They remain stable, without twisting, sagging, or warping. They offer all the strength of steel without the rust problems typical of most steel gates. 

giddy horse- Premium Steel Post and rail fencing - Stock and Noble


Choose an Appropriate Size of the Gate 

The Premium Steel Gates come in three different sizes: 1.2 meters, 2.4 meters, and 3.6 meters. 

When we talk about the length of these steel gates, like 3.6 meters, it’s important to know that this measurement refers to the gap the gate covers. In reality, the gate itself is wider than what people might think just from the length. 

If you look at the three images below, you’ll get an idea of the different sizes, from smallest to widest respectively. 

Premium Steel Gate - white - 4 rail

 1.2 meter 4 Rail Premium Steel Gate 


Premium steel gate - 4 rail - white

2.4 meter 4 Rail Premium Steel Gate 


Premium Steel post and Rail Fencing - black fencing - day yard fence - horse fence - Stock & Noble

3.6metre 4 rail Premium Steel Gate 


Decide Single or Double Steel Gate 

Buckley Steel Gates come in various sizes and rail configurations, making them suitable for different fencing applications. 

Single Gate is designed for easy navigation, offering simplicity and straightforward access. Ideal for pathways or driveways with limited width, it suits smaller areas, with fewer animals, limited entry/exits and smaller vehicle use. 

On the other hand, a Double Gate is crafted for wider vehicle access, accommodating cars, trucks, or trailers. It’s ideal for driveways requiring a more expansive entry point, enhancing accessibility for larger vehicles, multiple entries and a higher number of animals. 

Ultimately, your decision should align with the intended use and requirements of your property. If ease of navigation is the priority, a single gate is suitable. For properties with broader vehicle access needs, a double gate is the preferred choice. 

Premium Steel Gate - Black


Premium steel gate - fence gate from Stock & Noble

Installing Buckley Steel Gates on Sloping Fence Line 

Setting up Buckley Steel Gates on sloping fence lines presents a challenge. The pre-welded steel gates are designed to swing on bearings attached to vertically installed mounting posts. When placed on a sloping fence line, they may appear unusual as they don’t align with the gradient of the fencing. 

For an aesthetically pleasing look, it’s advised to install these gates on even ground rather than sloping areas. However, with careful fence planning, this challenge can be successfully tackled. Our fencing consultants are available to provide valuable guidance and solutions to address this particular issue. 

Below is an example of gates installed on the slopes of an olive farm in Selah Valley. 

Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing - Stock And Noble - Selah Valley


This is a picture of Stock & Noble Premium steel gates installed at a beautiful equine property in Mt Macedon. 

Stock and Noble premium steel gates


Add EZ Latch to Enhance Aesthetics and Ease 

Our Stock & Noble Premium Steel Gates team up seamlessly with the EZ Latch, a top-notch security option. 

Built from heat-treated chrome-moly steel, the EZ Latch ensures reliable gate security. It works with a regular padlock and has a “horse-proof” feature for extra peace of mind. Plus, it’s designed for easy one-handed use, even while riding. 

Additionally, these powder-coated latches are colour-matched to the fencing, contributing to a visually cohesive appearance. 

If you’re curious, you can explore more details about the EZ Latch’s specifications and features. 

Stock and Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, Black, Ezy Latch-3


Premium steel post and rail fencing- Stock and Noble - Black


Steel Gates with Brick Entranceway 

If you want, you can add steel gates to your brick entranceway. The sturdy steel gates offer security and a touch of elegance. Paired with a well-crafted brick entrance, this combination adds a classic charm. 

It’s best to consult with our fencing experts and your fencing contractor to know further how you can achieve this look. 


Premium steel post and rail gates - Stock And Noble


Brick pillar entry design horse fenceing 

Attaching Mesh to Steel Gates 

While the standard design of Buckley may not naturally support traditional horse-safe mesh, solutions can still be found. Depending on our client’s vision, we’ve successfully combined Buckley with mesh fencing in various properties. 

For those confident to add mesh to their Premium Steel Post and Rail fence, we recommend PVC-Coated chain link mesh. It’s easier to attach, requires less tension, and blends seamlessly with Buckley’s aesthetic in black. This choice ensures the mesh doesn’t disrupt your fence’s overall visual harmony while offering durability through a powder-coated finish. 

You can learn more about how to attach mesh to Premium Steel Fencing. 

Stock and Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, Black, 3 Rail, 4 foot wide gate


Mesh attached to premium steel post and rail fencing 

No colour or design customisation 

Our Premium steel Gates are available in only two classic colours – Black or White. 

If you’re looking to create an entryway or gate different from your entire fencing line, it would be tough to execute this design using Buckley gates. They cannot be customised and are designed to fit into the Buckley rail system to create a synchronised look for the property. 


Ready to Design Your Forever Property with Stock & Noble Premium Steel Gates? 

Well-designed gates aren’t just about looks; they make managing your property easier and enhance its overall beauty. 


This blog has given you a peek into the design possibilities with Stock & Noble Premium Steel Gates. These gates seamlessly fit into your property plan, offering options like matching steel gates, hingeless design, and practical mesh integration with PVC-Coated chain link. 


We’ve covered considerations like gate size, choosing between single and double gates, and handling sloping fence lines. The EZ Latch addition and option of combining steel gates with a brick entrance add more classic charm and functionality to your property. 


Just remember, while these gates come in classic Black or White, customisation options are limited. So, if you’re thinking of a grand entrance and huge gates that stand out in the fencing plan then the engineered Buckley gates aren’t the right fit for you. 


If you want the beautiful seamless look of Premium Steel Gates, the next step is to learn how much would they cost along with the installation details. It’ll help you make the right decision for your property. 


For any further information and guidance, feel free to reach out to our fencing experts. They will help you every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful property. 

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