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EZ Gate Latch: Features, Specifications and Applications

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The importance of a fence gate latch cannot be overstated when it comes to the security and convenience of your property. A reliable latch system ensures that your gate remains securely closed, preventing unauthorised access and safeguarding your belongings. 


When you have a horse property, a well-functioning gate latch becomes even more critical. Before you choose a fence gate latch, it’s important to know the detailed features and specifications of the latch system to create a safer environment for your horses, enhance security measures, and promote efficient management of your equestrian facilities. 


If you too are looking for a premium quality, versatile, safe and well-designed gate latch then keep reading. 


Over the years, the EZ Fence gate latch system has been loved by equine property owners. At Stock & Noble, we are the exclusive suppliers of Buckley Steel Fencing System and EZ Latch across Australia and New Zealand. This versatile and innovative gate latch system has been adapted by several of our customers not just on steel gates but also on and is designed to wood, and pipe-style farm gates. 


In this blog, we will explore the features, specifications, and application of the EZ Gate Latch. So, you have all the information you need to evaluate this fencing gate latch for your farm gates, pedestrian gates or equine property. 


What is EZ Gate Latch? 

EZ Latch is a versatile fence gate latch designed to accommodate various types of gates, such as Buckley Steel Gates, as well as metal, wood, or pipe-style farm gates. With this innovative latch, securing your gate is a breeze. 


One of the key features of the EZ Gate Latch is its ability to provide reliable gate security. Equipped with a standard padlock, the latch offers a high level of protection for your gate. The convenient loop on the latch provides a handy spot to hang the lock when not in use, ensuring that it is always within reach. 


The most important product feature is the gate security. 


Not only does this latch guarantee the safety of your property, but it also has a “horse-proof” mechanism. Even the most inquisitive horse will find it nearly impossible to open the gate, granting you peace of mind. Plus, you can effortlessly open and close the gate, even while riding. 


What is EZ Gate Latch made of? 

The EZ Gate Latch boasts a combination of high-quality materials and advanced engineering to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The latch plates are crafted from heat-treated chrome-moly steel, providing exceptional strength and resilience. 


The housing of the latch is constructed with extreme-duty heat-treated and powder-coated aluminium, adding an extra layer of durability and protection against the elements. 


Furthermore, the architectural grade powder coat, combined with an epoxy primer, enhances the latch’s resistance to corrosion, ensuring it remains in top condition even in harsh outdoor environments. With these features, the EZ  Gate Latch is built to withstand the test of time and provide reliable security for your gates. 


Product Specifications of EZ Gate Latch 

EZ latch - gate latch - gate fencing system


The EZ Gate Latch comes with a latch pin assembly, an internal mounting plate, and all the necessary hardware for installation. 


It is available in textured black and gloss white powder-coat finishes, allowing you to choose the colour that best matches your gate and aesthetic preferences. It will not fade under the sun for decades maintaining a premium look. 


  • Fits any gate with a 2.6-inch gate-to-post clearance 
  • Opens in either direction with ease and releases on both sides 
  • Throwback automatic latch action for secure closure in both directions 
  • Stainless steel fasteners and latch pins provided 
  • Hardware included for mounting on solid or hollow posts and gates 
  • Two axes of adjustment for easy setup and alignment 
  • Can be opened while riding on your horse 
  • Dimensions: 16x5x3 inches 
  • Special feature: Expandable design 


Compatibility and Mounting Convenience 

The EZ Gate Latch is designed for versatility and ease of use. 


It can be mounted on both flat and round surfaces, providing installation flexibility. The latch features a V groove on the back, allowing easy mounting on round gate posts. 

Installation typically involves drilling through the post and using a longer mounting bolt for added stability. 


Designed to handle almost any farm gate. 

  • Most wood gates 
  • Post and rail fence systems 
  • Round-pipe posts 
  • Steel post and rail fence system 


Available in both short and long latch pins: 

  • Long pins are standard for gates with a width of 5.1″. 
  • Shorter latch pins are suitable for narrower gate ends.  


Universal Mount Kits 

  • Universal mount kits are available, covering all gate styles. 
  • Sold in the United States on Amazon. 
  • Popular for scenarios similar to yours, with hundreds of kits sold annually. 


Here is a link to the standard mounting: https://www.buckleyfence.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/EZLatch_Steel_Board1.pdf 


Here is a link to a wood post:     https://www.buckleyfence.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/EZLatch-on-wood-post-installation.pdf           


Price: $317.90 including GST 

Life expectancy: Over 15 years 


Adjustability and Expandability of the Gate Latch System 

The EZ Gate Latch offers two axes of adjustment, ensuring easy setup and proper alignment with your gate. This feature allows you to fine-tune the latch position to achieve optimal performance. 


The gate latch system also includes short and long latch pins, providing options to match the width of your gate. Additionally, the EZ Latch is expandable, allowing for future modifications or gate replacements without the need to purchase a new latch system. 


Ready to order EZ Gate Latch for your fence gates? 

The EZ Gate Latch is an essential component for any property that values security, convenience, and the well-being of horses. Its well-engineered design, high-quality architectural grade coating and compatibility with various gate types make it a reliable choice for farm gates, pedestrian gates, and equine properties. 


With its standard padlock and “horse-proof” mechanism, the EZ Latch guarantees the safety of your horses and property. The convenient loop on the latch allows for easy hanging of the lock when not in use, providing convenient access while maintaining security. 


The product specifications of the EZ Gate Latch highlight its versatility and ease of use. It is compatible with most gate types, including wood gates, post and rail fence systems, round-pipe posts, and steel post and rail fence systems. 


The latch’s compatibility is further enhanced by the availability of both short and long latch pins, catering to different gate widths. Universal mount kits are also available, covering all gate styles, making installation convenient and accessible. 


In summary, the EZ Gate Latch is a reliable, versatile, and horse-friendly solution for securing your gates. Its exceptional durability, adjustable design, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for any property. However, like any other latch, this also has its drawbacks. So, before you make a decision, dig deeper into the pros and cons of EZ Latch. It’ll prepare you for any challenges ahead and also help you feel confident about your decision. 


If you wish to know more about how to upgrade your gate security with the EZ Gate Latch system, reach out to our fencing experts. They will answer all your questions and guide you to make the right choice for your peace of mind, your property and your horses.  


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