Create a beautiful equine property

Fencing you’ll be proud of forever

You shouldn’t have to settle for a standard-looking property. You deserve something you and your family are proud of for generations to come.

Discover the beautiful


Our premium fencing options are designed with “you” in mind, to make your property beautiful, safe, functional, and low maintenance.

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Make your property different from the rest through easily mixing-and-matching from our 6 elegant fencing styles.

We only stock premium products so you don’t have to worry about non-functional, disenchanting, high-maintenance fencing.

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Enhance your ‘forever property’ with a ‘forever fence’ so your vision can be fulfilled completely and not have to be re-done.

Fencing first

Avoid compromising on your dream property

You only get one first impression – and it’s not your house. It’s your property fence. Here’s what we see when people compromise on their horse fences:

Don’t say a word…

Let your signature fencing speak for you

Your property makes a statement about who you are. This is your opportunity to let your pride shine, and let your choice express who you are and what’s important to you.

It’s amazing how your dream can build a beautiful reality for others. Here’s the opportunity to show your love and your care for your close ones, for your animals and for your planet. So choose a horse fence that does the talking for you.

Yes, you can make it beautiful

How to make your property one you’re proud of

Finding your fence doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply follow your vision and our process. We’ve helped horse property owners across Australia and New Zealand build beautiful horse properties they are truly proud of.

Step 1

Book a call with one of our fencing experts

Speak to our fencing experts and put your dream onto paper. Discuss what you want and learn about your options.

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Step 2

Find the horse fencing solution that’s perfect for you

Our fencing expert will help you define and design “your beautiful”. We will plan your property with you and make sure our experience and your vision bring out the best.

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Step 3

Get the equine property you’ve always wanted

Experience the joy and satisfaction of bringing your dream property to life. Unveil your vision to the world with the perfect first impression fence. Life is short. Find friends who will help you live the dream.


Hear what Stock & Noble clients are saying

I really wanted a fence that would make a statement and would last given that this is our forever property. 

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LET’s build your forever

Make the right fencing decision with Stock and Noble. Be confident your fencing provider knows how to make your dream property come alive.

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Others say ‘its just a fence’ but you know it’s so much more than just a fence. At Stock & Noble, we understand what it takes to bring that ‘so much more’ to life. We believe no one should have to settle for the second best. After all, the right decisions will leave the right legacy.

We know you want a property you’re proud of. After all, it’s a forever investment, not just a whim. Many property owners struggle to find the perfect fencing solution. To make your dream property come alive, you need a partner who believes in your vision and provides you a fencing that can make a statement.

Exclusive Download

Download your premium fencing guides

We’ve answered hundreds of your questions in our comprehensive guides. These 100% free and exclusive resources can save you a ton of research time. Horse Fencing Guide has all the best and up-to-date information on buying, planning, choosing, installing and maintaining your horse fences.

Premium Steel Fencing Guide has everything you need for the best buying experience – from product features to detailed schematics and from problems to pricing. Choose the eBook you want to download or get both for a wealth of information.

Learn more

Simplifying Horse Fences… One blog at a time

Find the answers to all your horse fence and equine property questions through the helpful resources in our free online Learning Centre.

Time to start building your dream property

Fencing you’ll be proud of for a lifetime

This is where you choose to stop compromising and get a fence that’s perfect for you and your property. Start by mapping your fence using our interactive tool and booking your personalised consultation.