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Which Steel Post and Rail fencing is best for me - Cattle Rail vs Blue Dog Fences vs Dunn and Farrugia vs Stock & Noble

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When searching for Steel Post and Rail fencing for your horse property, the first thing you notice is that there are quite a few options, and each of them claims to be different and unique.  

 At the end of the day, you’re looking to create a beautiful equine property and do it with a fence that’s different, is designed well and lasts forever.  

In this article, we have provided a detailed comparison of the 4 different types of Steel Post and Rail options available in Australia and New Zealand today – Cattle Rail, TopRail by Blue Dog Fences, Post and Rail by Dunn and Farrugia and Buckley Steel Post and Rail from Stock & Noble. They will all be judged on critical factors like design, dimensions, looks, longevity, cost, installation, horse safety, maintenance and availability. All these play an important role in making any Steel fence, the best. 

At Stock & Noble, we are the exclusive supplier of Buckley Steel Post and Rail fences across Australia and New Zealand. It’s obvious that we are biased towards our product and think it’s the best Steel Post and Rail fence our country has ever seen and will see for a long time to come. However, we also know that we might not be a good fit for every customer since our products charge a premium and differ from the traditional fencing options offered by our competitors. 

As a result – and because we believe that building trust is the foundation for any business – we will provide you with details of each Steel Post and Rail option so you can make the most informed decision. And get exactly what you’re looking for. 

It’s time to start digging and understand who the top Steel Post and Rail suppliers are, and the differences in the types of steel fencing they offer. We are sure at the end of this article; you will feel much more confident about choosing the Steel Post and Rail that’s right for you and your horse property. 

Company overview (Australia/NZ)
Design and Dimensions
Horse safety


Comparison Chart 

First of all, let’s look at this comparison chart and understand the pros and cons of each Steel Post and Rail option. As you can see, Buckley has the widest rails and the longest posts, with no penetration of steel and a maximum warranty of 15 years, but it’s an expensive option available in only two colours.  

best Steel fencing comparison chart


*Cost is calculated based on 100 metres, 3 rail system.  It includes GST but does not include the cost of installation.


Who are the top Steel Post and Rail suppliers in Australia?


Cattle Rail or Steel Pipe fence 

Cattle Rail is the most common type of Steel fencing that you will notice across Australia. Bluescope and AustubeMills are the two major steel companies that produce raw materials for Cattle Rail. Buying these fences is like buying Timber Post and Rail. There are thousands of resellers across the country with several different variations of the material. This product is basically a commodity. Its uniform in size and is of reasonable quality. A fencing contractor usually sources Cattle Rail from local steel suppliers and modifies it as per the requirement of your horse property. 


TopRail by Blue Dog Fences 

TopRail is Steel Post and Rail fencing manufactured by Blue Dog Fences. Based in Tamworth, New South Wales, it’s a family-owned business, operating for over 20 years now. They are wholly Australian-owned and operated business with the manufacturing base still in Tamworth. They supply a wide range of fencing all across Australia. Based on the information provided on their website, they seem to cater to larger commercial projects and clients like South Australia Power Network and are less focused on individual property owners. 

They have good quality fencing products, focused on functionality and need rather than luxury and premium experiences. 


Post and Rail Fencing by Dunn and Farrugia 

Dunn and Farrugia manufactures Steel Post and Rail fences for rural properties. Their head office and manufacturing unit both are based out of Penrith, New South Wales. They are a family-owned business and have been operating for over 50 years. With a total of 10 branches across rural NSW, they have a staff of over 160 people. They are a well-recognised and respected name in the fencing industry. 

Dunn and Farrugia supply fencing and gates mainly out of steel and glass and other non-timber products. They seem a bit different from Blue Dog Fencing as along with commercial projects, they also focus on domestic and private properties. For example, their product portfolio also includes Garden fencing, Pool fencing, Picket and Farm fencing. With a large range of fencing options, their products and prices seem to successfully fulfil the demands of the market. Based on the information provided on the website they don’t appear to provide expensive, indulgent or high-end fencing options, but good quality fencing for all needs.  

Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing from Stock & Noble 

Buckley Steel Post and Rail was designed and born in America. It has successfully captured the markets of North America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Stock & Noble is an exclusive supplier of Buckley Steel Post and Rail in Australia and New Zealand.  

The original company started 23 years ago as Amacron Solutions. We then purchased, revamped and reimagined the whole business based on extensive market research. Stock & Noble was born 2 years ago, and we built on the learning of the earlier company and their rich experiences. We are an Australia-based, family-owned business, headquartered in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. With a new generation and progressive mindset, we looked at Australian fencing from a fresher perspective.  

As compared to our competitors we lack decades of experience and do not manufacture the products. Instead, we partner with the world-leading suppliers of fencing solutions like Buckley fencing and Redbrand to bring them to Australia. Our supply partners own a wealth of knowledge and experience in their specific fields which we harness and pass on to our Australian clients. We also work with paint manufacturers to design products that fulfil the need for premium paintsfrom our high-end customers. With a wide range of fencing options, Stock & Noble is focused on providing the most premium and finest fencing solutions to domestic property owners as well as some commercial horse studs. 


Differences based on the design and dimensions 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

All Steel Posts and Rails are designed differently, use different materials and are available in different sizes. It’s important to know the details so you can decide what is the quality of material you are getting and how your fences are made to face the challenges of weather, rust, horses and time.  

In this section, we will compare the Steel Posts and Rails on three factors: 

  1. The width of different steel rails and posts. Remember the broader, the better.  
  2. The length of the posts. Note that the longer the posts are the more part can be buried inside and keep your fence looking nice, stable and straight for decades. 
  3. The design elements which enhance the look, strength and safety of the fences.

Now let’s see what’s on offer by different Steel Post and Rail suppliers in Australia, 


Cattle Rail  

Cattle Rail is also called Steel Pipe or Tubular fence and as the name suggests it looks like a pipe or a tube and comes in the form of 6 metres or 8 metres, which can then be used as per your requirement.  

It is pre-galvanised steel rail, and the most common size is 115 mm, x 42 mm wide. It typically has a 2 mm wall thickness and comes in a standard 6.1m length. There is often a difference in the dimensions and thickness of the galvanising coating, which affects the strength and cost of the steel fences. 

You can buy Cattle Rail individually or in a sling or bundle. You or your fencing contractor would typically cut and weld these rails to steel posts as per your requirement. You can keep cutting and building as you like.  

Steel Pipe is only a pre-galvanised steel fence with no painting or powder coating on top. 

Blue Dog Fences 

Blue Dog Fences provide pre-powdered and pre-cut Cattle Rail called TopRail. 

This means just like Steel Pipe fencing, TopRail is also pre-galvanised steel rail. However, unlike Cattle Rail which has no coating, TopRail has a polyester powder coat that gives a tough and long-lasting coloured finish to the fence. 

Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 rail options, the dimensions of Top Rail Fencing are: 

  • Height of post above ground: 1200mm 
  • Standard rail length: 3010mm 
  • Rail: 115x42x2 oval pre-galvanised steel hollow tube 
  • Fence posts: 75x75x3mm pre-galvanised steel hollow tube 

TopRail comes in a 1.8m standard length, but you can request different sizing. 

As compared to Dunn and Farrugia,they’ve designed a smarter bracket, there is no welding required and the rail simply fits onto the bracket. However, the bracket can only accommodate a 10-degree change in angle, so will be challenging to install on undulating terrains.  

Unlike the Buckley Steel Fencing system, which has no screws at all, the bracket of TopRail is screwed on using Tek screws to the post, which results in steel meeting steel, and we all know once the steel is penetrated it becomes prone to corrosion. 


Dunn and Farrugia 

Similar to Blue Dog Fences, Dunn and Farrugia also uses standard Cattle Rail, applies powder coating on top and provides you with pre-cut rails and posts. However, they also have an option of oval or rectangular-shaped rails.  

Available in 2, 3 and 4 rail options, the dimensions of Dunn and Farrugia steel fencing are: 

  • Oval: 115 mm x 42 mm 
  • Rectangle rail: 100x50mm 
  • Posts: 100 x 100 mm square 
  • Standard panel heights and lengths 
  • Custom panels for tricky or uneven terrain 

There is no need for welding to put together the posts and rails. But unlike Blue Dog Fences or Buckley Steel Fencing System, Dunn and Furrugia’s Steel Posts and Rails have no bracket or locking system. The Steel posts and rails are all screwed together using Tek screws which makes the fencing susceptible to rust and are highly visible on the fences, bringing down the overall finish. 

The dimensions offered by Blue Dog Fences and Dunn and Farrugia are similar to the standard Cattle Rail. They are pre-powdered and pre-cut which makes the installation easier, however overall, more expensive than Cattle Rail. 


Stock & Noble 

Buckley fencing company’s vision is to be the best supplier of Steel Posts and Rail globally. As a result, they invested time, effort, and money in creating the system that allows them to actually claim to be the best.  

That’s the reason why Buckley Steel Fencing is not made from standard Cattle Rail but is an engineered system. It is made with 2-side pre-galvanised steel, treated with a phosphate conversion coating for added protection and finished with an architectural grade polyester powder coat.  

The dimensions of Buckley Steel Post and Rail are larger than all three competitors. It is closer to traditional Timber Posts and Rails. The Steel Horse Fence is pre-cut and highly visible with rounded smooth edges and no nails, screws or fasteners. The length of the rails allows them to flex for improved horse safety. 

Available in 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 rail options, the dimensions of Buckley rail are: 

  • Height of post above ground:  1450-1500mm 
  • Standard rail length: 2900 mm
  • Rail: 135mm x 35 x 1.2mm rectangular 
  • Fence posts: 89mm x 130 x 1.4mm rectangular with radiused corners 

The rails are 2.9m in length and have a 23° articulation allowance in any direction within each post-opening to readily accommodate a hilly terrain or installation of a round corral.  

The Posts are 2.54 metres long means they are buried deeper than what others offer. The additional epoxy coating on Buckley posts protects pre-galvanised steel against lime and concrete.  

Also, while the posts of Cattle Rail, Blue Dog Fences and Dunn and Farrugia are hollow and attached using Tek screws, the Buckley Steel Posts have a lock spacing system that is inserted in each post and serves to lock the rails in place, eliminating the need for welding, nails or screws or special tools for removal. 

The posts have pre-punched rail openings lined with rubber grommets, and at no point, steel is penetrated with nails or screws thus reducing the likelihood of any rusting or corrosion.  

TopRail Steel Post and Rail Fencing by Blue Dog Fences

TopRail Blue Dog Fences 


TopRail Steel Post and Rail fencing bracket with screws

TopRail Bracket with screws


Steel Post and Rail by Dunn and Farrugia 

Steel Post and Rail by Dunn and Farrugia


Buckley Steel Post and Rail fencing system

Buckley Steel post and Rail fencing

Buckley Steel Post and Rail no screws at front or back 

Buckley steel fencing


Buckley lock spacer to fix rails to the post 

Buckley Steel post and rail installation



Differences based on the looks 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

Steel fences look beautiful if they are dead straight, lined across your property creating a seamless line, painted in a way that doesn’t chip or peel and also has matching gates. 

The amazing fact is that all Steel Post and Rail fences except Cattle Rail do not need regular painting and only have minimum chipping and peeling after decades. So, you can walk along your stunning fences for years without any worry. But there’s more to the looks than meets the eye. 


Cattle Rail 

Steel Pipe fencing is steel grey in colour and tubular in shape. 

It can be cut in any size of 1, 2 3 and 4 rail options 

It doesn’t come with any powder coating and needs to be painted to elevate the looks of the Post and Rail and the horse property.  Pre-galvanised Cattle Rail fences tend to ‘calcify’ over time, releasing white rust that ruins the appearance of your fencing, but generally doesn’t affect the long-term corrosion performance. 

 Cattle Rail farm gates can be made by fencing contractors as per your requirements. They are typical gates with hinges and screws, which aren’t considered safe for horses. 


Blue Dog Fences 

TopRail is oval in shape and is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 Rail options. 

These Posts and Rails come with Polyester powder coating and are readily available in black, however, they can be supplied in Pearl White or other standard Colourbond colours. The coating has a 10-year warranty but is expected to last longer. 

Blue Dog Fences has recommended the use of a steel picket side gate with Top Rail but does not have any specific horse gates. 


Dunn and Farrugia 

They provide rectangular and oval-shaped steel fencing. 

The powder coating is available in over 30 designer colours. The coating doesn’t have a specific warranty but there is a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on the complete product. 

Dunn and Farrugia also offer the option of creating custom welded gates to match your fencing.  


Stock & Noble 

Buckley is a rectangular-shaped steel board fence with larger posts and rails than any competitor and is similar in looks to traditional Timber fencing. Buckley Posts and Rails are thermally independent, accommodating any slight expansions or contractions that may occur due to the physical properties of metal. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, the rails remain straight, and the posts are perfectly aligned.  

The downside of Buckley Steel Post and Rail is that they only offer black and white. So, no other colour choice is there. Buckley black has a matt finish and white has a gloss finish. Buckley finish is an architectural grade powder coat, it follows the same painting process as your car is painted. It is also combined with zinc phosphate conversion coating.  

The upside of Buckley is dimensions of posts and rails is that they are larger and closer to traditional timber.  

We also have matching Buckley gates with a specifically designed latching system which is horse safe and easy to operate. It is a standalone system. The gates are hinge-less, swing both ways safe and never sag.   


Differences based on longevity 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

All steel fences are known to last for decades, in fact, if you search on google for the most durable horse rail, your screen will be populated with Steel Post and Rail as the most obvious answer. 


Cattle Rail 

If you purchase from reliable suppliers, Cattle Rail is manufactured as per Australian Standards, however, no defined warranty period is given. 


Blue Dog Fences 

They offer a 10-year warranty on their painted powder-coated system – TopRail. 


Dunn and Farrugia 

Steel Posts and Rails from Dunn and Farrugia have a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years.  


Stock & Noble 

The Buckley Steel Fencing System has a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years, which applies to the fencing system as well as coating. 


Differences based on maintenance 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

Steel Posts and Rail are one of the easiest to maintain fences. Their only enemy is rust. For longevity and protection against corrosion, ideally, Steel fences should be engineered in a way that there’s no penetration, no screws and no contact of steel with steel.  


Cattle Rail 

Steel Pipe fences are typically welded and in moist weather, especially around Northen Australia rust starts to erode everything that’s made of steel. That’s why maintaining Raw Steel Pipe fences needs time, effort and money. They need to be regularly checked and once the corrosion starts it becomes extremely hard to contain. You can help prevent rust by coating the fences with high-quality Steel paints. 

Blue Dog Fences 

TopRail is easier to maintain. There’s no welding required. The rails are strong and sturdy. They are also powder coated and thus have an added protection of paint against the development of rust. 

However, the rails and posts are attached through brackets that have Tek screws. It is not a closed system like Buckley Post and Rail. 

While the guarantee for coating on TopRail is 10 years the expectation is that it will last much longer. Beyond that 10-year period, only minor touch-ups of paint and addressing of rust need to be done so it’s unlikely that you have to recoat the whole fence.  


Dunn and Farrugia  

Unlike Buckley Fencing System, which is closed and has no screws the Posts and Rails from Dunn and Farrugia are attached using Tek screws which again are prone to rust.  

However other than this difference, these posts and rails need almost zero maintenance. 

They are powder coated and have a 3-year warranty post which paint needs to be touched up to maintain the look of the fences and any place that has developed rust should be tackled. 

If you want, you can learn more about the easiest horse fence to maintain in Australia. 


Stock & Noble

TopRail and Dunn and Farrugia need some additional maintenance where Steel touches Steel and Tek screws are used for attaching the rails and the posts.  

Buckley Posts and Rails have no screws, the use of rubber grommets and lock spacer makes sure steel is away from steel and this method offers maximum protection against rust. Buckley Post and Rails are also treated with a phosphate conversion coating for added protection and finished with an architectural grade polyester powder coat.  

Blue Dog Fences and Dunn and Farrugia both produce good quality Steel Posts and Rails that are easy to maintain. But when it comes to replacement, because Buckley is an engineered fencing system, if any of the rails ever get damaged following a storm or falling of trees, Buckley Rail is quick and easy to replace.

However, the biggest area where you can avoid maintenance other than fencing is the gate. Buckley latching gate system is a hinge-less, highly engineered gate, easy to use and it’s so well designed that there is nothing that can go wrong with it. Too much of a claim, but we know it’s true. To date at least. 

Differences based on installation 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  


Good news! All of them can be installed by any good fencing contractor. 

That’s true. All the Steel fencing options, including Cattle Rail, are safe in the hands of experienced fencing contractors we have in Australia and installers who follow instructions.  


Cattle Rail 

Fencing contractors across Australia are efficient and experienced in installing Steel Pipe Fences.  

Since it’s uncoated it’s very easy to handle while delivery and installation. The installers don’t have to worry about scratches and cracks. 

However, with all the cutting and welding involved it could be a difficult project to take up as a DIY. 


Blue Dog Fences  

Steel Posts and Rails from Blue Dog Fences are relatively easier to install than Cattle Rail. There is no welding or cutting involved. The fences are pre-cut and pre-powdered. They also provide an installation guide on request, it’s best to check with them if they recommend the installation as DIY. 

TopRail is a painted product, so the installer needs to be extremely careful while unloading, handling and installing the rails to avoid any damage or scratches. 


Dunn and Farrugia  

Dunn and Farrugia have qualified fencing installers who have handled their products before confidently and done a great job at it. 

Similar to Top Rail, the installation doesn’t involve any welding or cutting. The rails and posts are pre-cut and pre-powdered and need to be handled with extreme care. 


Stock & Noble  

Like all steel fences, Buckley Post and Rail can also be installed by any experienced fencing contractor in your area. In fact, we pride ourselves on easy installation. 

For DIY or new fencing contractor, Buckley Steel Post and Rail has detailed installation videos and documents to follow and which you must follow or else the warranty will go invalid. That’s right. The reason is Buckley Steel Fencing is an engineered system and every part has been carefully designed with a fixed place.  

In our experience, property owners have followed the instructions and installed the fencing themselves. So, you can give it a try too with the right equipment by your side. To know more, you can get in touch with our fencing expert. 

Buckley Steel Posts and Rails are also powder coated, but the good thing is that every rail and post comes with its own protective plastic sleeve. They are delivered in strong steel crates which minimise the chance of damage during shipping and delivery and even while moving the goods around on-site during installation. 


Differences based on horse safety 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

When you buy Steel Fences, do check what safety measures have been included in the design of the fencing system. Is there any cushioning or movement in case a panicked horse runs into the Steel Rails? It’s important to see how flexible and horse safe your rails are designed to be. Would they make way for your four-legged friend, or would they stand absolutely straight and end up injuring your horse.   


Cattle Rail 

Typically, when Steel Fences are welded or screwed together, they become rigid and don’t give way, even when hit forcefully. Cattle Rail cannot be chewed by the horse and won’t break or splinter but if a panicked horse runs into it, it will result in injuring the horse seriously. 


Blue Dog Fences & Dunn and Farrugia 

Both TopRail and Post and Rails by Dunn and Farrugia are identical to Cattle Rail, however, they may be more visible than dull grey Cattle Rail fences, reducing the chance of injury. 


Stock & Noble 

Buckley Steel Horse Fence is highly visible with rounded smooth edges and no nails, screws or fasteners. The length of the rails allows them to flex for improved horse safety and the steel rod reinforcements enhance strength. When the rails are pushed or impacted, they will cushion the horse and spring back to a perfectly straight line. 

In the case of a panicked horse, its energy is sufficient to cause the rails to bend, buckle, and release from the posts with no breakage or splinters. This prevents serious injury to the horse, unlike with welded steel fence rails or masonry-style systems. 


Differences based on cost 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

Finally, the biggest factor that drives your decision is the price of the fences. We have taken 100 metres, 3 rail fences as a base to make the comparison easier for you. All prices include GST, but do not include the cost of installation. 


Cattle Rail 

The average cost of Steel Pipe Post and Rail fence is $89 to $97 per metre . 

The cost of 100 metres 3 Rail Steel Pipe fence is: $9700  


Blue Dog Fences  

  • $74 per metre – 1 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $109 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $145 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $178 per metre – 4 Rail system (no gates) 

The cost of 100 metre 3 Rail TopRail fence is: $14,500  

(Only Black Powder Coated. Colorbond fences are priced separately) 


Dunn and Farrugia 

  • $130 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $166 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates )

The cost of  100 metres 3 Rail Steel Post and Rail fence is: $16,600 


Stock & Noble

  • $87 per metre – 1 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $118 per metre – 2 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $150 per metre – 3 Rail system (no gates) 
  • $182 per metre – 4 Rail system (no gates) 

 The cost of 100 metres 3 Rail Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fencing System is: $15,100 


Differences based on availability 

Cattle Rail Vs. Blue Dog Fences Vs. Dunn and Farrugia Vs Stock & Noble  

Cattle Rail

It is widely and readily available all across Australia. However, we did experience some shortages over Covid.


Blue Dog Fences  

As per their website, Black TopRail is available “off the shelf”, while all other colours have a lead time. It’s best to check with their sales representative. 

Dunn and Farrugia  

They will have a lead time depending on how busy they are and how much time will it take to deliver. 


Stock & Noble 

With Buckley Post and Rail the most common combination of 2,3  and 4 rails are usually in stock and readily available, typically delivered in a week. For products that aren’t in stock like white 4 rail fences, it can take up to 3 to 6 months lead time.  

That’s why it’s best to plan for your fences well in advance and make sure you are able to get the right product at the right time and achieve the look you’ve imagined for your property. 


Decide what you want from your Steel Post and Rail fence.

Cattle Rail by steel suppliers, TopRail by Blue Dog Fences, Posts and Rails by Dunn and Farrugia, and Buckley Steel Post and Rail from Stock & Noble, can all work for you. The real answer is “it depends”. 

You are the one who has to decide the three most important things you want from a fence and choose the best fence from the options we have listed here. You can also learn more about how to choose the best steel fence for your horse property. 

They are all made of steel, going to last for a long time, are easy to maintain and look great. 

What makes the big difference is finer details. The Buckley fencing is a globally proven product, has a more premium look, smooth surface, and no penetration of steel which gives an added benefit of less maintenance and looking nicer overall and for longer as well. But the luxury of Buckley comes at a price.  

TopRail and Posts and Rail by Dunn and Farrugia are great options too. They are pre-powdered and have the convenience of pre-cut rails, so are easier to install. They definitely look much better than the standard Cattle Rail. 

A great way to choose the best fence for your horse property is, to ask all the suppliers for a free sample of the Steel Post and Rail. You can get them delivered to your home, which will make both comparing and taking a decision so much easier. In case, the supplier cannot provide a sample of the fence, then the next best thing to do is to check out a project where the fence has been used. 


Which Steel Post and Rail Fencing is the best fit for me? 

It largely depends on what your budget and vision are. If you are building a dream property and want a fence, you’re proud of and can invest more for horse safety, additional features and benefits then Buckley Steel Post and Rail might be a good fit. 

If you want good aesthetics, easy maintenance and long-lasting Steel fences, but are on a fixed budget, then Blue Dog Fences and Dunn and Farrugia are ideal options to consider. 

If you are setting up a commercial space and are looking for something durable with looks being a secondary consideration, then go for Cattle Rail. You can always paint Steel Pipe fences later. Check out how to paint your steel fences. 

Another point to consider is the gates, if you are planning to buy fences and gates together and want matching gates that are modern, hinge-less and horse safe then explore gate systems from all the suppliers. If you want, you can read more on how to choose a horse gate for your property. It will surely help you in picking the right supplier for fences as well. 


Are you prepared to buy the best Steel Post and Rail fence for your horse property? 

In this article, you learnt about the options of Steel Post and Rail fences available in Australia and the key differences based on design, dimensions, looks, longevity, cost, installation, horse safety, maintenance and availability. 

Now you are well equipped to choose the best Steel Post and Rail fence for your horse property. The one that aligns perfectly with your wants and expectations. To start the process, you can go ahead and use our free interactive tool to map your fence 

If you’d like to know more about Steel Post and Rail fences, speak to our fencing expert. We are always there to guide you with no obligation of purchase, or unnecessary follow-up. You can also choose to chat about our wide range of fencing solutions. All we hope is for you to find the fence of your dreams.  

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