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Choosing the Best Post and Rail Fencing in Queensland 

Are you looking to create your forever property in beautiful Queensland and want to know which fencing would match your vision and challenges of this state? Then you’re in the right place. 


Queensland, also called the “sunshine state” is a gorgeous place where natural beauty is in abundance. However, it’s not without its challenges. This part of Australia is exposed to high UV rays along with heavy rainfall and challenges like storms, cyclones, and floods. Cyclones happen more in the north, but the south Queensland feels their effects too. The topography is characterised by undulating land, featuring steep and rugged mountain ranges, often accompanied by hinterland areas, especially near the Gold Coast. 


While the constant sunlight helps keep mould away, the environment in Queensland has the problem of termites. The weather is usually warm and sunny, not very cold. So thankfully the properties don’t have to face fencing issues related to winters. 


The question is which fencing could tackle the challenges posed by this state and help you create a long-lasting beautiful property, just the way you imagined. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties across Australia and New Zealand. Over the years we’ve helped numerous clients build beautiful properties in Queensland. Based on the learnings and insights gained from these projects, we would evaluate different types of fencing. 


Through this blog, we’ll explore the unique fencing challenges in Queensland and discuss which post and rail solution would be ideal for your property. In the end, you will have all the information you need to create a safe and beautiful property. 


Overview of Fencing in Queensland 

In Queensland, common fencing methods include traditional farm fencing with posts and five wires.  

Timber post and rail fencing is also preferred across the state for its traditional look and availability. 

Steel fencing is fast gaining traction in this state. Particularly cattle rail fencing or a combination of steel posts and wire can be often seen across properties. Lifestyle property owners who know the value of long-lasting and good-looking fencing are gravitating towards premium steel fencing options. 

Flexible fencing options like Horserail are favoured for their adaptability and reliable performance. PVC post and rail fencing is also available as an option. Yet, its exposure to intense sunlight and UV radiation in the Queensland environment limits its durability, as PVC tends to degrade over time under such conditions. 


Timber Fencing in Queensland: Sourcing and Challenges 

Queensland boasts abundant access to timber due to the presence of numerous Australian hardwood timber mills in the region. This accessibility ensures a well-sourced supply for your property needs. However, do consider potential lead times when seeking specific types of hardwood. 

Comparing the varieties of hardwood available for post and rail fencing will help you make informed choices during the selection process. 


Challenges for Timber Fencing: Termites and Rotting 

One of the primary challenges associated with timber fencing in Queensland is the susceptibility to termites and rotting, particularly when using softwoods. 


Timber fencing on Undulating ground

Timber accommodates well to undulating ground specially if its front facing post and rail. It can be easily customised to account for any complexities.  

Morticed post and rail isn’t as forgiving but can be used. The level of undulation has to be considered before purchasing so the manufacturer can evaluate the specifications. 

Timber Fencing Under the Sun

Timber performs well in the sun if it is protected correctly like through painting or oiling. Otherwise, it twists, cracks and is susceptible to rotting, not giving you a long-lasting fence. 


Pro-Tip:Select Hardwood over Softwood 

For long-lasting durability, opting for termite-resistant hardwood is recommended over treated pine, especially for those considering a permanent property. While this hardwood comes with a higher price tag, its extended lifespan makes it a more cost-effective choice in the long run. 


Flexible Fencing in Queensland: Suitability and Considerations 

When it comes to flexible fencing, Horserail and Legacy Rail stand out as viable choices due to their inherent qualities. Horserail has proved its worth under the tough Aussie conditions for over 30 years. It’s a well-performing fencing solution, especially trusted by equine property owners for its safety. Longevity and minimal maintenance. 

However, the overall longevity of your flexible fencing hinges significantly on the materials used for posts—specifically, the choice between plastic, steel and timber. 

A detailed comparison of Plastic Vs timber fence posts could be key to ensuring the durability and longevity of your flexible fencing. 


Flexible Fencing on Undulating Ground

Flexible Fence works well, dependent on how steep the property is. if the gradient changes on a fence line it is recommended to put in a strainer assembly and restart the fence line. This way you can get a good, tensioned fence line. 

Flexible Fencing Under the Sun

Flexible Fencing is known to perform well under harsh UV rays. For instance,  Horserail has been proven in Australian conditions for over 30 years. 

Potential Drawbacks of Timber Posts

Opting for timber posts introduces two potential challenges: the risk of rot and expansion and contraction under extreme heat conditions. Timber posts, when exposed to the elements, may undergo decay over time, compromising the integrity of the entire fencing structure. They may not last as long as the warranty period of your Horserail fencing. 


Pro-Tip:The Ideal Combination: Flexible Rail and Plastic Posts/Steel Posts 

To maximise the lifespan of your flexible fencing, the recommended combination involves pairing the Horserail with plastic or steel posts. As the plastic posts also tend to react to heat and might bend, steel can also be considered for the end assemblies and posts. 


Steel Post and Rail Fencing in Queensland: Strength and Aesthetic Considerations 

Steel post and rail fencing is inherently robust, offering a sturdy and durable solution for property owners. The innate strength of steel ensures longevity and resilience against external factors. It can bear the harsh sun as well as other weather challenges like floods and storms. Steel is anti-termite, anti-mould, and anti-rot and can last for decades.   


Aesthetic Challenges and Solutions

While steel is a strong material, challenges arise in the aesthetic domain. If you’re using Cattle Rail, painting becomes a crucial aspect, demanding precision to enhance the visual appeal and seamlessly integrate with the property’s overall look. 

Also, the longevity and performance of a steel post and rail fence rely heavily on the quality of workmanship. Proper welding of joints is important, ensuring structural integrity. When done correctly, a steel fence has the potential to endure for decades, offering a lasting and reliable solution. 

Cattle Rail on Undulating Ground

If Cattle rail is custom-built, the fencing can be made to accommodate the undulations. However, if it’s prefabricated this could potentially cause some issues when installing, especially if the installation is not planned correctly. 

Cattle Rail Under the Sun 

Like all metals, Cattle Rail made of steel tolerates the sun well. There will be some expansion and contraction, but it won’t twist or crack if installed correctly. 


At Stock & Noble, we conduct a site visit, where we check the undulation of the ground and suitability of our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing on your ground. You can further learn how to calculate the gradient of the slope while installing a fence on your property. 


Pro-Tip: Consider Premium Steel Post and Rail Fence for Signature Properties 

If you’re seeking the finest fencing solution in metal, our Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing system stands out. Powder-coated for a polished finish, this zero-maintenance fence not only guarantees durability but also elevates the visual appeal of signature properties. 

Each piece of Premium Steel fencing is thermally independent with allowance for the slight thermal expansion and contraction that occurs in metal. The rails remain straight, and the posts are perfectly aligned no matter what the temperature. Unlike wood or vinyl, the rails will not warp or sag over time. 

It’ll be worth finding out why Premium Steel Fencing from Stock & Noble is one of the most expensive post and rail options in the country. 

Check out the journey of equine property owners Adrian and Kelly Prevost, as they created their dream property in Southern Queensland. 

Horse property in Queensland


PVC Post and Rail Fencing in Queensland: Sun Exposure Challenges 

Queensland experiences significantly higher sunlight exposure compared to other states. This constant exposure to intense UV rays poses unique challenges for materials like PVC used in post and rail fencing. 


Initial Appeal vs. Long-Term Durability

While PVC initially presents an attractive appearance, its prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight can lead to adverse effects. The material tends to become brittle over time, developing cracks that compromise the safety of the entire property, especially concerning horses. This deterioration not only impacts functionality but also ruins the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Moreover, under the relentless Queensland sun, PVC posts and rail fencing undergo continuous wear and tear, resulting in a gradual yellowing of the material. The once-fresh white appearance fades, diminishing the beauty of the fencing and the property as a whole. 

PVC on Undulating Ground 

PVC fencing like any prefabricated fencing is suitable for gentle and rolling undulations. However, it becomes an issue if the gradient is very steep. It is recommended to consult your supplier and find out what the maximum degrees you can achieve with the specific PVC post and rail fencing. 


Pro-Tip: Look For an Australian PVC Post and Rail Supplier 

When opting for PVC post and rail fencing, conducting thorough research is important. Choose a reputable Australian supplier well-versed in the local conditions, ensuring that the fencing has undergone rigorous testing to meet the specific standards of the region. If you’re creating a signature property, PVC Post and Rail Fencing is usually not the preferred choice. 


Composite Post and Rail Fencing in Queensland: A Fusion of Timber and Plastic 

Composite post and rail fencing, a blend of timber and plastic components, has found its place in Queensland. This unique combination provides the desired wood grain aesthetics along with the strength associated with plastic. The result is a fencing solution that combines durability, longevity, and reduced maintenance. 


Enhanced Durability and Longevity

The integration of plastic and timber in composite fencing enhances its overall durability. The plastic component adds strength, making the fencing more resilient against wear and tear. This results in a longer-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance, addressing key concerns for property owners. 

Eco-Friendly Characteristics

A noteworthy aspect of composite post and rail fencing is its eco-friendly nature. Crafted from recycled plastic and timber, this fencing option aligns with sustainable practices, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. 

Heat Expansion and Contraction Considerations

Similar to other plastic-based materials, composite fencing may experience contraction and expansion in response to heat. However, the inclusion of timber in the composite helps offset some of these movements. Understanding these dynamics is key for ensuring the long-term stability of the fencing in Queensland’s climatic conditions. 

Composite fencing on Undulated Ground

Much like PVC fencing, Composite fencing works well on mild and rolling terrain. However, it may present challenges on very steep slopes. It’s best to consult with your supplier before you make a final decision. 


Pro-Tip: Choose Wisely: Composite Fencing is Relatively New in the Market  

It’s important to note that composite post and rail fencing is a new product in the market. While it holds promise with its innovative blend of materials, it may not have undergone the extensive testing and validation seen in more established fencing types, such as Timber, Horserail and Premium Steel. 


Ready to Build Your Dream Property in Queensland? 

In conclusion, the perfect post and rail fencing for your Queensland property should be thermally independent, withstand extreme heat, resist termites, and work well on undulating ground. To tackle the challenges of Queensland’s climate, prioritising these features ensures a beautiful, durable and low-maintenance fencing solution for your property. 


  • Timber fencing, though visually appealing, faces challenges like termite susceptibility. 
  • Flexible options like Horserail are adaptable but choosing the right material for posts (plastic or steel) is required for durability. 
  • Steel post and rail fencing is strong and durable, especially premium options like Stock & Noble’s Engineered steel fencing system. 
  • PVC fencing may look good initially but faces issues like brittleness and discolouration under Queensland’s sunlight. 
  • Composite fencing, a mix of timber and plastic, offers a balance of aesthetics and durability. However, being relatively new, it requires careful consideration and may lack extensive testing compared to traditional options. 


In your search, understanding your property’s needs, environmental conditions, and the characteristics of each fencing type is essential. To further bring clarity to your vision, take this fencing quiz. It’ll help you make the right decision for your property. 

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If you have any more questions on the cost, installation, or suitability or need personalised guidance in choosing a fencing solution for your property, our experts are there to help. They will make sure the fencing not only withstands Queensland’s challenges but also enhances the beauty of your property for years to come. 


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