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Best Post and Rail Fencing for Tasmania: Comparing Different Options for Lifestyle Properties 

Imagine living in Tasmania, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and lush greenery. It’s a dream for many, indulging in the splendour and peace of the countryside. However, along with the beauty of Tasmania comes unique challenges, especially when it comes to fencing your property. 


If you’re planning to build your forever property in this gorgeous island state and want the best fencing solution, then this article is for you. 


At Stock and Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Based on knowledge gained from helping our clients create safe and beautiful properties, we would share some key insights into the fencing challenges and trends in Tasmania. 


In this blog, we’ll explore the best fencing options to suit Tasmania’s cool, wet climate and rural lifestyle. You’ll be able to evaluate different fencing materials and see which would help you realise the dream of a signature property set on this lovely island. 


Understanding Tasmania’s Climate 

Tasmania, known for its cool climate and distinct seasons, experiences colder winters compared to other Australian states. Situated closer to Antarctica, its climate has been likened to that of New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Tasmania holds the title of being the wettest state in Australia, receiving the highest amount of rainfall annually. 


Tasmania’s Rural Landscape 

Tasmania, with its small population and vast green rural acreage, is characterised by its serene countryside ambience. Unlike bustling urban areas, Tasmania’s population density is lower, contributing to its charming rural feel. 


Fencing Overview in Tasmania 

As you travel through Tasmania’s countryside, you’ll often come across typical farm fencing consisting of timber and wire. This classic fencing style is prevalent across the region, serving the needs of agricultural properties and farms.  

Overall, Timber post and rail fencing is preferred due to its easy availability and good quality. Steel can be seen in a few properties, however, the need for low-maintenance options is growing and so is the demand for premium steel fencing. PVC isn’t a popular option since it’s not available locally and has to be shipped from ‘mainland’ Australia which makes it expensive for properties on a budget. Also, because of its looks, PVC is not the first love of lifestyle property owners either. 


Timber Post and Rail Fencing in Tasmania 

The unique climate of Tasmania has significant implications for fencing practices in the region. Timber post and rail fencing, a popular choice due to the abundance of naturally grown timber and the presence of numerous sawmills, is widespread throughout the state. 

Timber is easily available and good quality hardwood as well as Treated Pine is used across the state. It looks beautiful and adds to the natural charm of Tasmania. 


Challenges with Timber Fencing: 

At present, Timber post and rail fencing dominate the landscape in Tasmania, primarily due to its cost-effectiveness. With timber being readily available and affordable, it’s the go-to choice for many property owners in the region.  

However, the damp environment, especially during the winter months, poses challenges for timber fencing. These conditions create a breeding ground for mould and accelerate the process of rotting, compromising the longevity of timber fences. 

So, while timber remains a good option due to its availability, it may not be the best long-term solution considering the risk of mould and rot. Additionally, Tasmania’s occasional hot months can lead to timber cracking and rails warping, further highlighting the harshness of the climate. 

You can learn more about the problems of timber post and rail fencing and the solutions to tackle those in the best possible ways. 


Steel Fencing as an Alternative in Tasmania 

Despite the prevalence of timber fencing, some property owners opt for steel fences to add a touch of uniqueness and combat issues like mould. While less common than timber, steel fencing offers durability and a distinctive aesthetic appeal, making it an attractive alternative for those seeking something different. 


Investing in Premium Fencing Solutions: 

While Tasmania’s population may be smaller compared to other states, there’s a growing appetite for property ownership, especially among Australians seeking to build their forever homes. This demand has kept property prices high, motivating property owners to invest in premium fencing solutions as a long-term investment with potential returns in the years ahead. 

That’s where the option of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing comes in. It’s beautiful, horse-safe, durable, lasts for decades, needs zero maintenance and can elevate the overall value of the property. 


Benefits of Powder-Coated Steel Post and Rail for Tasmania 

Timber Post and Rail Fencing are the most popular options. However, considering the climate challenges discussed earlier, an alternative like powder-coated steel posts and rail fencing is an excellent option for Tasmania. Unlike timber, steel doesn’t succumb to mould easily, especially if installed in shady and damp areas. Moreover, the powder-coated finish eliminates the need for painting and ongoing maintenance, offering convenience and long-term durability. 

Furthermore, steel posts, like Buckley fencing, are designed to penetrate deep into the ground, providing extra strength and stability. This feature is particularly advantageous in areas where horses or other livestock may exert pressure on the fence. The deep-set posts ensure that the fence remains robust and intact for years to come, even in challenging ground conditions. 

Also, in places where there’s a lot of snow during winter in Tasmania, steel fencing is the top choice. It’s strong enough to handle the frozen ground conditions, ensuring your fence stays in place. 


Creating Signature Properties in Tasmania 

Tasmania is incredibly beautiful, with scenic landscapes that take your breath away. That’s why Stock & Noble, is looking to provide more property owners Premium fencing solutions to create beautiful forever properties. 

We recently completed a lifestyle project in Tasmania using Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing and black mesh. This helped keep the dogs safely inside the property while also enhancing its appearance. 


Ready to Build Your Lifestyle Property in Tasmania? 

Tasmania is a stunning state with natural beauty and gorgeous landscapes. Being an island state with a high rainfall, it also has its challenges. While the wet weather brings in mould, the distance from Australia leads to higher shipping costs for a lot of fencing products. 


In summary, timber post and rail fencing is widely used because it’s easily accessible. The widespread availability and affordability make it a practical choice for those on a budget. As well as good quality hardwood fencing works well for building signature properties. 


PVC fencing isn’t the most suitable option for properties aiming for a high-end, timeless appearance, especially if they’re surrounded by natural landscapes. It may not blend well with the surroundings and might not offer the desired longevity. Also, PVC isn’t available in Tasmania.  


For properties seeking a premium look and long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance, Premium steel posts and rail fencing could be a great choice. Its robust construction ensures longevity and adds a touch of elegance to any property. This fencing helps make a statement and it’ll be worth learning what makes it the most desired and expensive post and rail fencing solution in the rest of Australia. 


However, for most properties in Tasmania, timber fencing still serves as a reliable and cost-effective solution. Whether opting for native hardwood or treated pine, timber offers versatility and a wide range of options to suit various needs and preferences.  


If you have any questions or need help in choosing the right fencing solution for your property, speak to a professional. Our fencing experts will help you every step of the way to create a safe and beautiful property that matches your vision. 

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