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Creating South East Queensland Horse Property with Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing 

Last year a request for the finest fencing came from the scenic landscapes of Mount Cotton, nestled in beautiful South East Queensland. 


Now we have a showcase property created with the recently installed Stock & Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. If you’re looking to elevate your equine living, this blog might help you learn from the experiences of lifestyle property owners, Kelly and Adrian Prevost. 


In this blog, we’ll dive into their journey of discovering the perfect fencing solution, exploring the unique features of an engineered steel fencing system, and understanding the remarkable benefits that make it a standout choice for building signature properties. 


Watch Video: The Wow Moment of Discovery 

Before we embark on the details, let’s hear firsthand from our clients about their experience. Watch the video below to witness the wow moment when they discovered Stock & Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing and how it became the game-changer for their property. 


Premium steel post and rail fencing - Queensland - horse property


Kelly’s Discovery and Excitement 

Kelly took the lead in the search for the ideal fencing solution. Faced with the challenge of finding a reliable and visually appealing fencing system during extensive research, she stumbled upon Stock & Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. 

The encounter was nothing short of a wow moment, sparking excitement that she couldn’t wait to share with her husband. Let’s explore the journey from discovery to contacting the fencing professional from Stock & Noble. 


Sample Sent and Instant Approval 

With enthusiasm in the air, Kelly swiftly initiated contact with Joe from Stock & Noble. A key moment in the decision-making process was the arrival of a sample, and it turned out to be everything she had hoped for The sample spoke volumes, immediately convincing both Kelly and her husband that they had found the fencing solution they had been searching for. 


Adrian Prevost’s Experience 

As you’ll watch in the video Adrian Prevost, shares his experience with our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. He highlights the exhaustive search undertaken to find the right fencing system for their property. After meeting the fencing expert and understanding the system’s benefits, Adrian emphasises three key aspects: aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and durability. 


Aesthetically Pleasing 

The primary allure of Stock & Noble’s fencing system lies in its visual appeal. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to the property, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. For lifestyle property owners like Adrian and Kelly, the look of the fence was a critical factor in their decision-making process. 


Easy Installation 

Adrian stresses the simplicity of installing the Premium Steel fence. The system is user-friendly, allowing for easy repairs. He humorously describes the repair process, emphasising the convenience of fixing any issues with a beer in one hand and the ability to complete the repair effortlessly. 


Durable and Long-Lasting 

Durability is a cornerstone of Stock & Noble’s fencing solution. Adrian and his wife, like many others planning to retire on their property, sought a low-maintenance fence that would withstand the test of time. The Steel fencing system excels in this aspect, offering longevity without the need for constant upkeep. 


Low Maintenance and Durability 

Adrian further describes the low maintenance required for the Stock & Noble Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. The ability to repair the system with ease, paired with its exceptional durability, makes it an investment well worth considering for those planning for retirement and seeking a fence that stands the test of time. 

The relief of having a fence that requires no painting for over 20 years is a significant advantage, especially when compared to the labour-intensive task of maintaining traditional timber fences. 


Kelly’s Affirmation on the Choice of Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing 

Kelly echoes Adrian’s sentiments, stating that the Buckley fence ticks all the boxes. It not only boasts durability and a visually pleasing design but also ensures the safety of horses and demands minimal maintenance. 


Is Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing Perfect for Your Dream Property? 

In conclusion, our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing has not only met but exceeded the expectations of our clients in Mount Cotton. The aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, durability, and low maintenance of this steel fence have collectively contributed to a beautiful property. The investment made by our clients promises great value for their property down the track, reinforcing Stock & Noble as a trusted partner in enhancing the living experience in Southeast Queensland and all over Australia and New Zealand. 


We believe planning is probably the most critical aspect of achieving your vision of a signature property. Here are 3 interactive tools that can help you get started with your fence planning. 


The fencing solution you choose should not only elevate the aesthetics of your property but also provide peace of mind, knowing that you’ve invested in a durable, reliable, and visually stunning fencing system. If you are envisioning a dream equine property, reach out to our fencing expert to understand the logistics further and get all your questions answered. We will help you every step of the way to create a beautiful and safe equine property. 


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