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How does EquiRope Electric Fence Compliments other Horse Fencing Systems?  

Equirope electric fence - fence for horses

Choosing the right fencing system for your horses is essential to ensure their safety, containment, and overall well-being. If you’ve already compared different electric fences for horses available in Australia and are looking to add EquiRope to your existing or new fencing system, then this article will help you in your next step. 


You might already be aware that EquiRope is a unique electric fence designed exclusively for horses. It’s the only electric rope in the world, that can be properly tensioned without compromising its electric quality. EquiRope consists of a polyester rope woven with eight annealed copper wires that carry electricity along the rope, delivering a respectful shock to horses upon contact. If you want, you can explore the advantages and disadvantages of EquiRope, in detail. 


While we believe EquiRope is a good fence to be installed on its own, many horse owners often wonder if they can combine EquiRope with other popular fencing options such as Horserail, Premium Steel Post and Rail (Buckley), Timber Post and Rail, Border Line sighter wire, and more. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide a range of fencing solutions to equine properties and are the exclusive supplier for EquiRope across the globe. This product has gained widespread recognition and is extensively utilised throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. 


As the creators of EquiRope and the supplier of Horserail, Buckley and Border Line, we have comprehensive knowledge regarding the design, manufacturing, and installation processes, of various fencing systems. Leveraging our expertise in developing EquiRope and our experience supplying it worldwide, we are well-equipped to address the most frequently asked questions about its suitability with other types of fences. 


In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the compatibility of EquiRope with different fencing systems, explore the benefits it brings when installed together, and discuss any potential issues that may arise.  


By understanding how EquiRope complements other types of fencing, you can make informed decisions to create a secure and efficient enclosure for your horses. 


Is EquiRope Electric Fence Compatible with Other Horse Fencing Systems? 

Yes, EquiRope is compatible with other fencing systems, allowing you to customise your horse enclosure to meet your specific needs. However, it is crucial to consider a few factors when combining EquiRope with different fencing options. 


Let’s explore the compatibility of EquiRope with some popular systems. 


Compatibility of EquiRope Electric Fence with Horserail  

While it is possible to use EquiRope and Horserail together, it is not the recommended combination. 


The reason lies in the significant difference in flexibility between the two systems. When a horse runs into Horserail, the amount of flex it experiences differs greatly from that of EquiRope. 


In the worst-case scenario, assuming Horserail is installed with three strands of Equirope, the varying degrees of flexibility may lead to horses getting tangled. For optimal results, it is advisable to pair Horserail with Hotcote. It belongs to the same brand and shares a similar level of flexibility throughout, with the same high-tensile wire running through it, like Horserail. 


Compatibility of EquiRope Electric Fence with Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing and Timber Post and Rail Fencing  

EquiRope is an excellent choice for electrifying Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing like Buckley and Timber fencing systems. 


Both Buckley and EquiRope are available in black or white, making them visually compatible. 


So while Buckley makes your property beautiful and safe for horses, EquiRope adds electricity to suit your needs while maintaining the overall aesthetics. 


Similarly, if you have a timber fence coated in black or white, integrating EquiRope seamlessly complements the look. 


If you are still in the process of finalising your primary fencing system, a comparison between Timber and Steel Post and Rail Fencing can prove to be helpful. Learn about the pros and cons of each type of fencing and gain all the information needed to take the right decision. 


Compatibility of EquiRope Electric Fence with Border Line Sighter Wire 

Equirope is compatible with Border Line Sighter Wire, as they exhibit similar behaviour when horses run into them. They have a similar level of flex and this compatibility reduces the risk of tangling and minimises potential injuries to the horses. 


If you are on a budget, combining EquiRope with Border Line offers a cost-effective solution for building a secure fence. However, if budget is not a constraint, it is recommended to choose Premium Steel Post and Rail and incorporate electric fencing only when necessary. It’ll be worth learning whether electric fences make your fences safer for horses or not. 


5 Benefits of Installing EquiRope Electric Fence with Other Horse Fencing Systems 


Enhanced Aesthetics 

Whether you choose white or black colour for your horse fence, the inclusion of EquiRope maintains its visual appeal since EquiRope is available in both black and white. This versatility allows you to maintain a cohesive and attractive appearance while ensuring horse safety. 


Improved Tension 

Some temporary or electric fences often suffer from being loose or floppy, which can create an untidy or unsafe look. However, EquiRope can be tightly tensioned, providing a neat and secure appearance along with your other fencing systems like flexible plastic fencing, post and rail or sighter wires. The ability to achieve proper tension sets EquiRope apart from products that cannot be tensioned, ensuring a safe and well-maintained fence line. 


Increased Horse Respect 

Equirope contains copper conductors that deliver the highest level of shock possible, encouraging horses to respect the fence boundaries. By electrifying your fence lines with EquiRope, you can effectively train your horses to understand and respect their boundaries, thereby enhancing safety and containment. 


Compatibility with Various Materials 

EquiRope can be seamlessly installed alongside timber or steel fencing without significant issues. Unlike Horserail, which flexes at a different rate, timber and steel have limited flexibility. This compatibility ensures a smooth integration of EquiRope with these fencing materials, providing a cohesive and reliable enclosure for your horses. 


Potential Issues When Installing EquiRope with Other Horse Fencing Systems 

While EquiRope offers compatibility with various fencing systems, there are a few potential issues to be aware of: 


Difference in Flexibility 

The main concern arises from the difference in flexibility between EquiRope and certain fencing systems. For example, Horserail has a less flexible design compared to EquiRope, which could lead to the tangling of a horse or other complications. It is essential to consider the varying flex characteristics of your chosen fencing system and evaluate how well they align with EquiRope. 


Warranty Considerations 

EquiRope offers a 5-year warranty, which may have been shorter as compared to other fencing options. For instance, if you combine EquiRope with a long-lasting system like our Premium Steel Post and Rail that can endure for decades, the EquiRope may need to be replaced multiple times during the fence’s lifetime. Therefore, it is important to consider the longevity and maintenance requirements of the entire fencing system when choosing EquiRope. 


Is EquiRope Compatible with the Horse Fencing on my Property? 

You are planning to install EquiRope along with your existing or new horse fencing and wanted to know if this electric fence will be suitable for your property. 


Now you know that EquiRope offers compatibility with various fencing systems, providing several benefits such as enhanced aesthetics, improved tension, increased horse respect and seamless integration with different materials. While some potential issues may arise due to differences in flexibility or warranty considerations. 


In conclusion, by combining EquiRope with your horse fencing, you can create a secure, visually appealing, and efficient enclosure that prioritises the safety and well-being of your horses.   


If you are considering adding EquiRope to an existing fence line, we understand that you may be seeking an immediate solution. Learning the cost of buying and installing EquiRope would further help you in gaining clarity and achieve your vision of a safe and well-functioning property. 


However, for those planning to build a new fence, it is highly recommended to consult with an expert fencing team. By having a detailed discussion, you can assess your priorities, share your vision, and determine if EquiRope aligns with your specific requirements. This expert guidance ensures a successful integration of EquiRope from the initial stages of fence construction, helping you create a beautiful property, just the way you imagined. 

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