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Our world has dramatically changed in the last few years. The unprecedented times have forced us to look at everything with a fresh perspective. There are new ideas, new thoughts and new trends witnessed in every aspect of our lives.  


Horse fencing is no exception. There has been a noticeable shift in the outlook of property owners with new trends emerging and showing the way for a future that looks quite different from the past.  


If you are building a signature horse property, revamping your existing one or simply want to stay updated with the latest in the world of horse fencing then keep reading. 


At Stock & Noble, we connect with hundreds of customers, listen to their needs and provide them with the finest fencing solutions. On our journey to help horse property owners build their dream properties, we’ve gained valuable insights into the new and upcoming trends. 


Based on our learnings over the last couple of years, we will share the top 5 horse fencing trends to watch out for!  


You will get to know the exciting changes, led by horse owners across Australia and New Zealand. The knowledge will enable you to keep up with rest of the industry and gain the confidence to make right decisions for your dream property.  


Horse Fencing Trend 1:

More receptiveness to new fencing solutions 

In our experience, horse property owners are now approaching their fencing decisions with open minds. They are not stuck to the traditional Timber post and rail but are ready for conversations on alternate fencing. They are keen to know more about the better, newer and more advanced horse fencing solutions that can meet their needs and are also not detrimental to the environment.  


Horse Fencing Trend 2:  

Higher inclination towards sustainability 

Typically, in the past, Timber was the preferred fencing material for almost all horse properties. It was easily sourced and readily available. There was not much thought given to the environmental impact and other drawbacks of Timber Post and Rail. However, over time it has become harder to source wood and customers are becoming more conscious of using sustainable products. 


Recycling and eco-friendly products are the need and demand of the hour. In our recent conversations, we are often asked about the recyclability of our products. Especially the premium post and rail fencing, made of steel, which is 100% recyclable.  


If you’re keen to know how sustainable our other products are, feel free to ask our fencing experts. 


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Horse Fencing Trend 3:

Increased focus on design 

We’ve noticed that customers are now willing to invest time, effort and money into designing their horse properties extremely well. They are also conscious of the little details, like including curves on the property instead of typical squares. 


Another major reason for this trend is that Australia didn’t have the option of premium post and rail fencing like Buckley. This horse fence has been introduced only a few years ago and is increasingly being adopted by high-end properties today. 


People are ready to spend until their vision is getting realised and they can create stunning signature properties. Like never before. That’s why our CAD service has been widely appreciated and used by both fencing contractors and property owners. It helps them get their thoughts on paper and achieve the look they desire. 


Horse Fencing Trend 4: 

High-quality fencing sought for high ROI 

As you might have already noticed, the price of properties in Australia are on the rise for quite some time. This has a direct correlation with people choosing the finest horse fence for their expensive property. 


With high property prices, consumers are seeking premium quality products and feel much more confident to invest. An increase in investment will give increased ROI on the property quickly and effectively. This is also reflected in our high sales of premium post and rail fencing.


Horse Fencing Trend 5: 

Preference for black fencing in premium fencing solutions 

One trend that’s timeless and continues to gain strength is the popularity and preference of black horse fencing in the premium category.  

In regards to our Master Blend fence paints and premium post and rail fencing products, 90 to 95% of projects have chosen black.   


However, in our cost-effective range of horse fencing solutions like EquiRope® and Border Line® more than 50% of projects have chosen white. The reason is, as post and rail fences provide a strong visual barrier, colour is primarily needed to enhance the appearance. While, in cheaper fencing solutions, white colour gives the much needed higher visibility. 


Horse Fencing Trend 6: 

Plastic Posts are chosen over Timber 

Along with a new perspective towards horse fencing rails, a major shift can also be noticed in the fence posts. Traditionally, Timber was the favourite option, but now horse owners are leaning towards Plastic Posts. 


In the past, Timber was easily available and was coated with a lot of chemicals for added protection against mould and termites. 


However, with the new hazard restrictions in place, fewer chemicals are able to be used, by Timber manufacturers, thus making the wood less effective against natural decay. 


In contrast, plastic posts not only offer strength and durability but are also better for the planet. So they are gaining traction.  

Updated with all the horse fencing trends? 

You wanted to know the new and the latest in the world of horse fencing. Now you are well-run with the top 7 trends that are spearheading the change. 

The learnings can prove extremely useful if you are building a forever property. 


Based on the trends,  

  • Great design and sustainability of your horse fencing solution might be the topmost priority as you create your safe and beautiful equine property.  
  • Black is the safe and the most popular choice as always.  
  • Your investment is going to give you a high ROI in the future, so a high-quality fence could be the way to go. 


The final word is that more and more horse owners want their property to look beautiful. If you are ready to start your horse fencing project, a detailed fence plan will bring clarity to your vision and achieve the design you want. It might sound overwhelming, but there are just 7 simple steps you can follow to create your horse fencing layout.  


If you want to know more about the best practices being adopted by signature properties or wish to discuss your fencing ideas and plans further, feel free to connect with us. We’d love to have a conversation on all things fencing that can help you create a beautiful equine property. 

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