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Which Border Line™ Horse Sighter Wire is best for my property? 

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With Border Line™, horse owners can create a secure, affordable, and practical fence system for their properties. Made entirely of nylon, this Horse Sighter Wire measures 4mm in diameter and is designed specifically to fence around horses.  

There are four types of Border Line Horse Sighter Wires –  

Border Line™ Round, Border Line™ Star, Border Line™ Narrow and Border Line™ Glow. 

Once you’ve reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of Border™ Line and chosen it for your property, this article will help you answer the next question. Which Border Line Horse Sighter Wire is the perfect fit for my property? 

At Stock & Noble, we are the exclusive global supplier of Border Line™. It has been a successful product for horse properties in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe for 20 years. We will discuss the four variants of Border Line™ in detail, complete with their features, and ideal application. 

In the end, you will be well informed to make a decision and choose the variant of Border Line™ Horse Sighter Wire that fits your property and your vision. 


Comparison between different types of Border Line™ Horse Sighter Wires 

In this chart, we have compared the 4 types of Border Line™ Horse Sighter Wires based on specific features like width, colours, price and more. It will help you gain insight into their capabilities and choose the best variant that works for you. 

Border Line Horse Sighter Wire Comparison



 TYPE 1: Border Line™ Round Horse Sighter Wire 


Round end line - Stock and Noble



Border Line™ Round is the most popular and classic Border Line™ Horse Sighter Wire.  

Perfectly suited for all ‘sighter wire applications, it’s forgiving and flexible, making it horse-safe and a breeze to install.  

All Border Line™ products including Border Line Round are pre-stretched and the brightest sighter wires in their category. Knowledge is always valuable. You can dig deeper and learn all about the pros and cons of Border Line Horse Sighter Wire. 



TYPE 2: Borderline Star Horse Sighter Wire 


End of white line- Stock and Noble



This variant has all the features of the standard Border Line™ plus it can span longer distances than Border Line Round and proves to be cost-effective.   

Border Line™ Star Horse Sighter Wire has ribs on the surface, that serve the objective of increasing visibility as the light reflects off them.  

Border Line™ Star’s unique ribbed design also makes it stronger and more durable. 

It is more rigid than Border Line Round and is mostly used in coastal applications, due to its strength. 



TYPE 3: Border Line™ Narrow Horse Sighter Wire 


White Line Rope - Stock and Noble



This is the thinnest and the lightest member in the family of Border Line™ Horse Sighter Wires but still offers the same benefits. 

Border Line™ Narrow is perfect for tight spots and corners. 

It’s 2.6mm in width and is priced closer to a steel wire. However, it’s likely to be much safer for your horses than the regular steel wire. 

Another exception with this thin variant is that while all other Border Line™ products come in 600-metre rolls, Border Line™ Narrow is available in a 1300-metre. 

This horse sighter wire is high in strength but low in cost. Also, being more visible than steel wire it’s a good option if you intend to replace your wires and make them safer than steel. 



TYPE 4: Border Line Glow Horse Sighter Wire 


Green Border Line Glow - Stock and Noble



As the name suggests this horse sighter wire glows in the dark.  

According to the amount of exposure to the sun during the day, Border Line™ Glow will be radiant for 8 to 12 hours in the dark. Initially, after exposure, the glowing is quite noticeable but this fades quite quickly. After several hours there is a slight glow that is hardly noticeable with the naked eye but stands out to an animal with eyes already adjusted to the darkness around. 

This horse sighter wire is specially designed for horses with night blindness. The fence emits a subtle glow that keeps horses from running into it in the dark or pulling up when spooked.  

Border Line™ Glow Horse Sighter Wire is the most expensive product in the Border Line range. 


Found the perfect Border Line Horse Sighter Wire for your property? 

You love the range of Border Line™ Sighter Wires and wanted to choose the variant that matches the need of your animals, and your vision for the property.  

Now you know all about the 4 different types of Border Line Horse Sighter Wires. You can base your decision on a factual and feature-based evaluation of the different variants.  

Border Line™ Round is our highest-selling variant which works well for almost all horse properties and other sighter-wire applications. 

Border Line™ Star will cover long distances effectively and is best suited if your property is in coastal areas.  

Border Line™ Narrow is the thinnest variant and works well if you are looking for an alternative to steel wire fencing and want a similarly priced product. 

Border Line™ Glow is ideal in case you have a horse suffering from night blindness. It’s also useful in keeping your horses safely inside at night by creating a more visible boundary. 

Once you’ve decided which variant you want for your property, the next step is to know the cost of buying and installing Border Line Horse Sighter Wire. There are different factors at play and the knowledge will help you get an approximate estimate before you begin your fencing project. 

If you have any more questions related to Horse Sighter Wires or need help in finding the right fencing solution for your horse property, we’d love to assist you. After you request for a personalised consultation, our fencing experts will connect with you and guide you at every step to create a safe and beautiful equine property.   

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