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Cost of Legacy Rail – Buying and installing flexible horserail fencing.

Legacy rail
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If you’ve already learnt everything that you need to know about Legacy Rail and are convinced that this is the horserail you want for your property then congratulations on making a great decision. 


Manufactured in America, 5 inches wide, strong, straight and strikingly beautiful, this horse fencing is flexible, safe and designed to elevate a property into a signature property. 


The next obvious step is to find out how much it will cost to own the finest flexible plastic rail for your dream equine property. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end properties. Our products are carefully chosen based on their aesthetics, horse safety and proven success on a global scale. We stock the original Horserail and are the exclusive supplier of Legacy Rail in Australia and New Zealand.  


In this article, we aim to provide you with all the information needed to calculate an estimate for buying and installing Legacy Rail on your property. So that don’t have to find your answers through different documents, connect with various fencing contractors and spend your time, effort or compromise your peace of mind. 


For ease of calculation, we will take a sample of 100 metres of fencing with 3 rails and 4-metre post spacing.  


Factors affecting the cost of Legacy Rail 

The total cost of getting any Plastic Horse Fence installed on your property is a sum of different factors:  

  • Cost of preparation  
  • Cost of installation  
  • Cost of rails   
  • Cost of fencing material  
  • Cost of posts  
  • Cost of delivery  
  • Additional costs like gateways  

Let’s dive into the specifics of each of these factors and how they’ll impact your cost.  


Cost to buy and install Legacy Rail Bold – Flexible horserail fencing 


Total cost to fence 100 metre of Legacy Bold with 3 rails is $3242.25 / 100m  

Or $ 32.42 per meter including GST. 



Total cost to fence 100 metre of Legacy Bold including posts and end assemblies plus preparation and installation = $4899.45 

Or $48.99 per metre including GST 


Legacy rail - Horserail cost


Cost of preparing horse property for Legacy Rail – flexible horse rail fencing 

Preparation is the first step after you have finished planning and purchasing. To begin the process, your fencing contractor will visit your site.    


On average your cost will be $2.50 a meter to pull down or remove the existing fence. 


Or request your fencing contractor for a customised quote based on the specific requirements of your fencing project. 


Cost of installing Legacy Rail – flexible horserail fencing  

In most cases, a fencing contractor would come to your site, mark out your fence, install your posts, and assemble your strainer posts. After that’s done, the rail can be installed.  


Depending on the size of your property, the posts you choose, and the number of rails you install, the cost will vary. It’s simpler to install one rail, and it’ll take less time, so less money is spent. 3 or 4 rails will require extra time.   


One way you can save on this expenditure is to share the work. While a fencing contractor can install the posts, you can attach the rails yourself. 


Check to see if your Fencing Contractor is open to this idea. 


It’ll also be worth exploring the option of installing the horse fence yourself. 


Cost of installing only posts and rails:  $12 per meter.  

Each End assembly: $160 

Each Corner assembly: $250  

Triple assembly: $350 


Cost of Legacy Rails and Fencing Materials 

Legacy Rails are imported from America in a 200-metre roll and we provide it to high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand. 


It is a complete fencing system with its tensioner, end plates and line brackets. The fencing materials are all patented and we recommend using only the original parts for installation. 


The installation of Legacy Rail is pretty similar to the original Horserail. The only difference is while on Horserail you need two attaching buckles and you end up with an in-line tensioning spooler in the middle of rail, with Legacy Rail the end plate and tensioner are all combined into one. 


So this gives you a much cleaner and more beautiful rail finish without any in-line tensioner.  


The cost is based on 100-metre fencing with 3 rails and 4 metres of post spacing. All prices include GST. 


Cost of Legacy Rail Fencing

100-metre fencing with 3 rails needs 3 x 100-metre lengths. 

Cost of 300 metres of Legacy Rail = $2522.85 


Cost of fencing material 

Each end tensioner: $73.70 

For 100 metre fencing, you need 3 tensioners 

End tensioner x3 = $221.1 


Each end plate: $26.95 

For 100 metre fencing, you need 3 end plates 

End Plate x 3 = $80.85 


Each line bracket: $6.05  

For 100-metre fencing, you need 69 line brackets 

Line Brackets x69 = $417.45 


Cost of 100 meters of Legacy Bold fencing with 3 Rails = $3242.25 / 100 metre 

Or $32.42 per metre 


There’s also an option of adding electrics to your Legacy Rail. Our fencing experts would be able to tell you all about it in detail. 


Request A Call


Cost of posts for Legacy Rail fencing 

Post is an extremely important component of any horse fence and you should ideally choose one that’s strong, sustainable and long-lasting. The warranty of Legacy Rail is of 65 years and the expected lifetime is even longer than that. So it’s important to choose posts that will last as long as your rails. 


There are different types of fence posts available today and if you want you can dig deeper to learn how to choose a perfect fence post for your property.  


While you are free to explore and choose the post that you want, in this article we are choosing our best-selling plastic posts for intermediate posts and Steel end assemblies to calculate an approximate cost. 


Cost of each Hogan post: $38.50 

For 100-metre fencing, you need 21 posts at 4-metre spacing. 

Cost of 21 Hogan posts for 100 metres Legacy Rail fencing = $808.50 


Cost of each Steel assembly: $595.10 

For 100 metre fencing, you need 2 steel end assemblies 

Cost of Steel end assemblies x2 = $1190.20 


You can calculate an approximate cost based on the area of your property. 





Installing Legacy Rail: Variable Costs  

You will need to pay for these charges depending on where you are, what equipment you need for unloading your fencing materials, and what you choose to add to your fencing supplies.  


Cost of delivery  

Delivery charges cannot be applied to all at the same price. There are a few factors that affect it:  


  • Distance between your property and the warehouse or factory of your supplier. 
  • Is a truck or crane needed to unload?  
  • Crane unloading, for instance, usually costs $110 per hour. Some equipment providers charge minimum hours worked and also charge from their depot to your site and back to depot. Make sure you confirm what the true cost will be.


Cost of gateways  

The position of gates and how many you will need should also be included in your fencing plan or layout.   

Metal and wood are the most common materials used to make them.  


Cost of installing equine gates = $200 for installation.  

Cost of the 3.6-meter metal gate with galvanised finish = $683  


How much investment do you need to buy and install Legacy Rail on your property? 

You love the look and longevity of Legacy Rail Bold and wanted to know how much will it cost to own this beautiful flexible horserail. 


Now you know the approximate cost of purchasing and installing 100 metres of 3 Rails Legacy Rail is $7238.95. 


You can easily make an estimate based on the area of your property that you need to fence. 


Before you place your final order it’s a good idea to have clarity on how to plan for the materials to install the flexible plastic rails. Dive deeper into mapping out the layout of your property, calculating a rough meterage and determining the number of fittings needed. 


If you have more questions on the cost, availability, planning, and installation of Legacy Rail speak to one of our fencing experts. We are here to guide you in every possible way and help you find the finest fencing solution that’s right for you and your property.  

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