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Electric braids are a popular product in the world of horse fencing. They are usually safe for horses, practical to use and are an effective way to add electrics to your horse property. 


Amongst all the different kinds of electric ropes or braids available today, EquiRope is one of the finest solutions. It’s the only electric braid in the world that can be properly tensioned, is highly flexible, easy to install and horse-safe. 


However, like every product ever it has its share of drawbacks. If you’re considering EquiRope for your horse property, this article will make you aware of the biggest problems with this product and also their solutions. 


At Stock & Noble, we are the exclusive supplier of EquiRope in the world. It’s a successful product used across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. There is an obvious bias because it is our product. Although we think it’s great, we also realize it may not be the electric fence for horses you’re looking for or appropriate for your horse property. 


Based on our expertise in selling EquiRope, and on the experiences of our clients who’re using it, we will highlight the most common issues with this electric braid. 


In the end, you’ll be able to judge whether EquiRope is the right electric fencing for your horse property or not. 


Problem #1: This electric fence for horses has low visibility as compared to Flexible rail  

EquiRope is an electric braid. It comes in 6mm and 8mm diameters, with 6mm being the more popular option. As far as braids are concerned it offers the finest quality and visibility. However, it’s also true that if you compare it with flexible plastic rail fencing like Horserail HotTop Plus, EquiRope surely is less visible. 

It is important to note that there is also a huge difference in the price of Horserail products as compared to EquiRope which is inclined towards sufficing the need to build a safe and functional equine property in a cost-effective fashion. 


Solution: Choose an 8mm EquiRope or Post and Rail fence 

If you are looking for slightly higher visibility then EquiRope with an 8mm diameter is a good option. The difference of 2mm doesn’t appear much on paper but is almost double the presence of the 6mm. 

However, the 8 mm option is available only on demand and it’s recommended to check the availability with your supplier.

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If you want a post and rail look and feel then EquiRope isn’t the electric horse fence for you. We recommend investing in a higher priced option like Horserail or any other flexible plastic rail with electrics included. 


Problem #2: The copper conductive wire of this electric horse fence can break down when used with Gal 

EquiRope uses copper wires which give it extra flexibility and high conductivity. However, copper is a softer metal than steel. If you use it in conjunction with galvanised steel wire or commonly known as gal to electrify your fence it will break down the copper in the EquiRope. 


Solution: Use the connectors compatible with EquiRope 

EquiRope is a complete fencing system and it’s best to use only the recommended Gold Striker connectors with it.  

While installing EquiRope, try and stick to the guidelines provided by the supplier. If you need more information on how to install this electric fence for horses, speak to one of our fencing experts. 


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Problem #3: EquiRope can become loose in adverse weather 

At the end of the day, this electric horse fence is a rope. Under extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall or storm, the rope can become loose. This can prove to be unsafe for the horses who might get tangled and also bring down the aesthetics of your property. 


Solution: All you need to do is tighten the electric horse fence again.  

The good news is that EquiRope is the only braid in the world that can be properly tensioned. So, once the weather gets better step out and re-tension the EquiRope to specifications and you are done. Nice, straight and smooth EquiRope will be once again a safe electric fence for horses. 


Problem #4: This electric fence for horses isn’t ideal around coastal areas 

Due to its soft metal construction, this electric braid usually doesn’t last the full duration of its warranty around coastal areas. We don’t recommend using EquiRope if you’re within 5 km of the coast. 


Solution: Use stainless steel wires 

If you are specifically looking for electric braids for your coastal property, EquiRope isn’t right for you. you should select stainless steel wires, as they will last longer than copper.  

In case you haven’t yet decided on the fencing for your horse property, it’ll be worth answering a few questions to gain clarity on the best fencing solution for you. 

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Problem #5: EquiRope is the most expensive braid in its category  

EquiRope is more expensive than other options of electric braids available in the market. If you are looking to save on your horse property and safety isn’t a priority, then EquiRope might not be the best choice. 


Solution: This electric horse fence helps you save in the long run 

EquiRope is a smooth, flexible and highly visible rope that is more likely to prevent injury to the horses, cuts and abrasion. Thus, helps you save on your vet bills.  

Also, unlike other electric braids which might last for 1 or 2 years, EquiRope comes with probably the longest warranty of 5 years and is known to be still operating successfully after 10 years. 

So, while the price may be higher in the beginning, the overall benefits and long life make it a worthwhile investment.  


Is EquiRope the right electric fence for horses on your property? 

You desire a safe and functional horse property and wanted to be fully aware of the problems related to EquiRope. 


You are now well-informed about the challenges of this electric braid and also the best ways to overcome them. You are better prepared to decide whether EquiRope is the appropriate choice for your horse property or not. 


  • If you are looking for a post and rail look then a fencing solution like Horserail Hottop Plus is more suitable. 


  • If the safety of your horses, low maintenance and aesthetics of a well-tensioned fence are your goals then EquiRope is THE electric fence for horses on your property. 


  • If you are building a temporary fence and want the cheapest electric braid available, then it’s advisable to look for other options. 


Before you make your final decision, it’ll be worth learning about all the product and design specifications in an honest review of EquiRope.  


For any more questions on the cost, availability and installation of EquiRope,  book a free personalised consultation. One of our fencing experts will get in touch with you to help you with all the information related to this product and ensure you have the smoothest buying experience. 

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