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How is Premium Steel Post & Rail the Most Cost-Effective Fence in the Long Run? 

You’ve finally built your forever home. Every detail is perfect, but now you face the next big decision: the fence. You want something that looks great, lasts long, and doesn’t eat into your weekends with endless maintenance.  


You come across our beautiful fencing, it ticks all your boxes and some more. But then you look at the price and ask, “Is it expensive?”  


Sound familiar? 


Yes, our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is expensive. But only if you’re considering an initial investment from a short-term perspective.  Keep reading to find out why and how Premium Steel fencing can prove to be the smartest decision when it comes to saving cost over the years. 


Many property owners fall into the trap of choosing cheaper fences, only to find themselves drowning in upkeep tasks, costing them both time and money. Weekends lost to painting, repairing, and replacing rotted posts. It’s frustrating, especially when you could be out enjoying your time doing what you love and spend on what you want.  


As fencing experts with years of experience, we’ve seen countless property owners regret not investing in a quality fence. We provide the finest fencing solutions to property owners across Australia and New Zealand and have helped many save not just dollars but precious time as well. For instance, Heidi Moller, who installed a Premium Steel Post & Rail fence can now spend her weekends hiking with her Shetland ponies instead of maintaining a wooden fence. Or Michael Harrison, whose wired fencing was getting unsafe for his horses has now created a safe equine property for the priciest horses in his area. 


In this article, you will learn why a Premium Steel Post & Rail fence is the most cost-effective option in the long run. We’ll break down the time and money savings, the emotional benefits, and how it can even boost your property value. 


We urge you to not give in to the lure of standard fencing that’s cheap but comes with its own set of problems. Rather check your neighbourhood for properties older than 5 years, do your research, speak to fencing experts and learn the real maintenance cost of maintaining different fencing options before making a decision.   


How Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing proves to be Cost-Effective. 

The upfront investment in Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is more than double that of some other post and rail fencing products available.  


Like all premium lifestyle products, our fencing also comes with a premium price tag. The higher investment initially, helps you break free from the hassles of standard fencing, saving you time, effort, and money for the next 50 years.  

Here’s the detailed cost of buying and installing Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing. 

Let’s break down all the savings and advantages over the years: 


Save on Painting 

Wooden fences require regular painting or staining to protect against the elements. This not only costs money but also takes up a significant amount of your time. With Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing, you eliminate these tasks. The galvanised steel is powder coated to prevent rust and wear, maintaining its appearance and durability without the need for repainting. 


Save on Maintenance 

Maintenance for cheaper fencing like Treated Pine or PVC post and rail fences can be a constant battle. Weather conditions can cause wood to warp, rot, or crack, needing frequent repairs. It’s good to be aware of the problems that come with your timber fencing. 

PVC tends to turn brittle under the harsh Australian sun and become yellow over time ruining the look of your entire property.  

If you’re building a forever property, you should read what some elite Australian property owners think about PVC Post and Rail Fencing. 

Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating. This means fewer repairs and less hassle, allowing you more time to enjoy your weekends. 

Time is precious. Unlike wooden fences, a Premium Steel Post & Rail fence requires zero maintenance. This means no more weekends spent scraping, painting, or replacing damaged sections. Instead, you can spend your time doing the things you love, just like Heidi does with her ponies. 


Save on Replacement 

Wooden fences, like Treated pine typically have a shorter lifespan compared to steel. They may need partial or complete replacement every few years. Steel fences, on the other hand, are incredibly durable and can last for decades without needing replacement. Think 50 years or even more! 

This long-term reliability translates into significant cost savings over time. It’s a one-time investment. 

Also, when it comes to premium steel post and rail fencing, replacing a fence is a 5-minute task. 

Watch how easily it can be done 


Save on Vet Bills 

If you own horses or other animals, we understand they are the most precious beings on the property. There’s nothing more important than getting a fence that’s safe for your animals and provides a reliable barrier to keep them secure.  

Wooden fences can splinter and break, posing a risk of injury to your animals. They are especially problematic if you have cribbers in the house. Chewing timber can prove to be harmful and Treated Pine with all the chemicals can also be harmful as suspected by one of our clients in NSW. 

PVC fencing when turns brittle, can break into shards if a horse runs into it with force. This can cause some serious injury to your beloved animal. 

Our Premium Steel fencing is designed to be horse safe with a bend buckle and release system. It provides a highly visible and flexible barrier that reduces the risk of injury, helping you save on unexpected vet bills. As one of our clients recently narrated an incident where the horse ran into the Premium Steel Gate and stayed unharmed. The gate just gave in and bent. He mentioned if it would’ve been any other gate the horse would’ve probably been seriously injured. 


Gain Higher Property Value 

An attractive, professionally installed fence can increase your property value by as much as 10%. Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing not only looks great but also signals to potential buyers that your property is well-maintained. This added value can make a significant difference when it comes time to sell your home. This fence is specially suitable for creating lifestyle properties, high-value equine spaces and forever homes 

Check out the properties that stand to gain the most out of our Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, and also the ones that might not be a perfect fit. 


Achieve Better Property Management 

Easy-to-use gates are a key feature of Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing. These gates are designed for smooth operation and durability, making it easier to manage your property. Whether you’re moving equipment, accessing different areas, or ensuring the safety of your animals, these gates provide convenience and reliability. 


Build Signature Property with Good-Looking, Strong, Slick Fencing 

The visual appeal of your property matters. Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing offers a sleek, modern look that enhances your property’s aesthetic. Its straight, strong lines create a beautiful and polished appearance, setting your property apart and adding to your sense of pride and satisfaction. 

Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing is a one-time investment in the aesthetics of your property, the safety of your animals, and peace of mind that lasts for a long time. 

Above all, the sense of pride this everlasting fencing brings to your heart is priceless. 

When you think about price, remember the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 


Ready for a long-term investment with Premium Steel Fencing? 

At first glance, a Premium Steel Post & Rail fence might seem like a big investment. However, when you factor in the hours and money spent on maintaining cheaper fencing options, Premium Steel turns out to be more cost-effective in the long run. Other fences, especially wood and PVC fences require regular upkeep, repairs, and eventual replacements, all of which add up over time. With steel, you install it once and it lasts for decades. 


Safety is another key benefit. Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing is designed to be safe and secure, reducing the risk of injury to your animals and saving you from potential vet bills. 


Also, a superior quality good-looking fence adds value to your property. While the initial cost might be high, the return on investment is significant. Potential buyers see the value in a durable, low-maintenance fence and are willing to pay more for it. Plus, a beautiful enhances the overall aesthetics of your property, making it more appealing.  


In summary, choosing Premium Steel Post & Rail fencing means: 

  • No maintenance cost and worries 
  • No painting, sagging, warping, rot or splinters 
  • Long-lasting durability for over 50 years 
  • Beautiful, straight fencing 
  • Increased safety for your animals 
  • Higher property value 


Overall, investing in a Premium Steel Post & Rail fence is not just about immediate costs. It’s about the long-term benefits. You save time, reduce stress, and add value to your property. So, if you’re considering buying a fence, do your research and choose a solution that will serve you best in the long run.


Investing in a Premium Steel Post & Rail fence may seem expensive at first, but there are reasons why it’s a smart choice for long-term savings and peace of mind.  


If you have more questions on the cost, availability, installation or suitability of Premium Steel post and Rail Fencing on your property, speak to our fencing experts. They will help and guide you at every step to create a beautiful property, based on your budget and vision. 


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