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We all know it’s high time. Our deadline for saving the environment has passed a long time ago. Today, every product we choose should check the box of sustainability. This includes our choice of horse fencing as well.  

If you’re considering a Steel Post and Rail fencing for your horse property, you are already headed in the right direction. Steel is the most recycled product on earth and Steel fencing is the best option when it comes to sustainability. So good choice! However, amongst all the Steel Post and Rail options available today – Cattle Rail, Pre-Powdered Cattle Rail and Buckley Fencing System do you know which Steel Post and Rail fencing is the best for our planet? 

At Stock & Noble, we provide our clients with the finest fencing solutions and Buckley Steel Fencing System is our flagship product. Of course, we are biased towards our product and think it’s the best and the most eco-friendly Steel Post and Rail option available in Australia today. However, we have strong reasons to believe in the positive environmental impact of our product. But don’t believe us till you’ve read this article. 

In this article, we will judge different Steel Posts and Rail options on the scale of sustainability. You will see a comparison between raw Cattle Rail sourced from local steel suppliers, Post and Rail from Dunn and Farrugia, TopRail from Blue Dog Fences and the Buckley Steel Fencing System from Stock & Noble.  

If safety of the environment, your animals and your loved ones from environmental hazards is paramount to you, keep reading to find out what is the most sustainable fencing option today.  


How do Steel Post and Rail fences compare based on sustainability? 

No matter which Steel Post and Rail fencing you choose, the good news is that all the options are 100% recyclable, they can continue to be reused and recycled even at the end of their lives and therefore are the best fencing solution for our planet.  

However, there are two critical factors you must consider when assessing the environmental impact of different Steel Posts and Rail fencing. 


1. Production of Steel Post and Rail fence 

To rank higher on eco-friendliness Steel fencing should be ideally made from recycled materials. And no toxins, harmful chemicals or renewable resources should be used while producing it. 


2. Maintenance of Steel Post and Rail fence 

To be considered the most sustainable option, Steel Post and Rail should emit no or minimum Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) over its lifetime. In certain fencing options, paint is necessary to extend the life of the fence. The oil-based coating typically has harmful chemicals which may potentially leach into the soil. 

Let’s analyse how different Steel Post and Rail options perform on these two factors. 


Cattle Rail 

Cattle Rail also called Steel Pipe or Tubular fence is a pre-galvanised steel fence with no painting or powder coating on top.  You or your fencing contractor would typically source it from local steel suppliers, and cut and weld these rails to steel posts as per your requirement.  


Production of Cattle Rail is not eco-friendly 

Cattle Rail is made with raw steel. Producing Steel consumes 12% more energy, emits 18% more greenhouse gases and releases 10% more pollutants into the air – compared to wood. However new technologies promise that zero-carbon or green steel will be normal in the future. 

Maintenance of Cattle Rail is not eco-friendly 

To elevate the look of Cattle Rail on a horse property, it needs to be painted. However, if the Steel Fence Paint is oil-based, it’s typically high in VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. The fumes emitted during, and post application are harmful for the planet as well the painter. 

Also, the installation of Cattle Rail involves welding which leads to both noise and air pollution.  


Top Rail from Blue Dog Fences 

TopRail is a Cattle Rail that is pre-powdered and pre-cut by Blue Dog Fences.  

Like Steel Pipe fencing, TopRail is also galvanised steel rail. However, in contrast to Cattle Rail, TopRail has a polyester powder coat that provides it with a tough and long-lasting colour finish. TopRail doesn’t require any welding. 


Production of TopRail is not eco-friendly 

TopRail is not made of recycled materials, but raw steel sourced from suppliers. In the production of steel valuable energy is needed, greenhouse gases are emitted, and harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

Maintenance of TopRail is eco-friendly 

TopRail comes with a 10-year warranty on its powder coating. It doesn’t need to be painted or welded and therefore no toxins are released over its guaranteed lifetime of 10 years.  


Post and Rail from Dunn and Farrugia 

Like Blue Dog Fences, Dunn and Farrugia uses standard pre-galvanised Cattle Rail. It applies powder coating on top and provides pre-cut rails and posts. There is no need of welding to put together the posts and rails.  


Production of Post and Rail is eco-friendly 

Dunn and Farrugia uses steel from recycled materials and sustainable sources. There is no environmental pollution caused by its production. 

Maintenance of Post and Rail is comparatively less eco-friendly 

Post and Rail has a highly durable powder coating and doesn’t need to be painted. However, it comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty only. Any maintenance of the posts and rails thereafter might involve extra coating and thus the use of chemicals. 


Buckley Fencing System from Stock & Noble 

Buckley Steel Fencing is not made from standard Cattle Rail but is an engineered system. It is made with 2-side pre-galvanised steel, treated with a phosphate conversion coating for added protection and finished with an architectural grade polyester powder coat. There is no requirement for welding during its installation. 


Production of the Buckley Steel Fencing System is eco-friendly 

Buckley Post and Rail is made from 100% recycled materials and involve no harmful chemicals in its production during or after. Compared to primary steel production, using recycled steel saves energy and natural resources, and reduces CO2 emissions, and pollution. 

Maintenance of the Buckley Steel Post and Rail is eco-friendly 

Buckley comes with a 15-year warranty on the whole product, including the powder coating.  The coat is free of VOCs and doesn’t cause any pollution. There is no need for painting or welding Buckley Post and Rail and therefore no fear of fumes. 


Choosing environmentally friendly Steel Post and Rail fencing 

Kudos to you! For thinking about our planet and considering Steel Post and Rail fencing for your horse property. In this article, all the steel fencing options we shared are 100% recyclable, good and safe for the environment.  

You learnt the two factors to base your judgement on and compare the environmental impact of different steel fencing solutions. Now you know how to find the most sustainable Steel Post and Rail fencing that’s right for you and your horse property.  

If you want, you can dig deeper and learn more about the differences between Steel Post and Rail options in Australia. You will get to read a detailed comparison based on design, dimensions, safety, warranty, availability and cost, which will further help you in choosing the perfect Post and Rail fencing. 

Earth is our home and therefore it’s our responsibility to protect it from pollution, and toxins and use its resources judiciously. If you have any more questions or still want to know how and why we think Buckley Steel Fencing System can save the planet, reach out to one of our fencing consultants. 

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