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Sceneys Fence Black Vs. Forever Black Timber Fence Paint - An In-Depth Comparison

Timber fence paint comparison - oil based vs water based fence paint - Sceneys Fence Black vs Forever Black

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your outdoor space, choosing the right fence paint is a decision that holds significant weight. The market is flooded with options, each promising exceptional results. 


However, it’s imperative to delve into the finer details to make an informed choice. If you’ve already compared the top 10 timber fence paints available in Australia and want to dig deeper into the two final choices of Sceneys Fence Black and Forever Black, then you’re in the right place. 


At Stock & Noble, we specialize in offering top-tier fencing solutions to property owners across Australia and New Zealand. Our Master Blend Fence Paint stands as a proven line of products, meticulously crafted through extensive market research and feedback from consumers like you. While we firmly believe in the quality of our paints, we understand that they might not always align perfectly with your property, desired aesthetics and budget requirements. 


Drawing upon the knowledge gained from our clients’ experiences, insights from experts, and factual information about the paints themselves, we aim to present you with a thorough comparison of the two Timber Fence Paints. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the ideal Timber Fence Paint that matches your property’s needs and preferences. 


In this blog, we’ll discuss key differences between Sceneys Fence Black and Forever Black based on their specifications, quality, performance, usage, environmental considerations, cost, longevity, application, and ease. 


Fence Paint Product Specifications: Sceneys vs Forever Black 

Sceneys Fence Black is an oil-based fence paint while Forever Black is water-based. This basically makes the two paints incomparable as they each have unique properties, however, let’s compare their specific features.

Sceneys Fence Black stands out for its unique blend of weatherproof oil and bituminous black. This amalgamation yields an oil-based product with a distinct black hue, thanks to the bitumen concentrate. The key aspect of Sceneys lies in its oil’s ability to penetrate deep into the timber, ensuring protection from within. 

On the other side, Forever Black adopts a water-based approach, bonding with the wood to create a deep, lustrous black finish while providing a shield against the elements.

Delving deeper, it’s crucial to understand the contrasting mechanisms in action. Volume solids refer to the proportion of paint that stays once the solvent has vaporized, leaving behind solely the dry solids that form a continuous coating on your fence.  

In the case of oil-based paints such as Sceneys Fence Black, as it dries, it permeates the wood, creating a thin film on the timber’s surface. This layer acts as a shield, repelling water and other natural elements. Failure to maintain this protective barrier can result in wood deterioration, therefore necessitating more frequent reapplication of oil-based paint. 

Conversely, water-based paints like Forever Black create a thicker film on the wood’s surface, which takes longer to degrade thus extending its longevity. Just as oil-based fence paint seeps into the timber, allowing it to flex with the wood’s contractions and expansions, high-quality water-based paints like Forever Black also have flexible properties allowing it to move with the timber.  


Comparison Based on Quality 

In the realm of fence paint, quality encompasses both appearance and endurance. Sceneys Fence Black works similarly to a stain and gives the classic allure of timber’s grain while offering protection, allowing the wood’s natural beauty to shine through. A caveat, however, is the requisite more frequent repainting, typically every 12 months. 

Conversely, Forever Black Timber Fence Paint offers a robust protective coating that defends against the likes of cracking and warping. With a thicker coat, it boasts a longer life expectancy—often up to five years—retaining its vibrant colour and appeal.

The choice hinges on your priorities, with Sceneys Fence Paint appealing to those who seek the texture of timber and don’t mind the extra work of recoating every year. While Forever Black caters to individuals prioritising a rich black look, durability and minimal maintenance. 


Comparison Based on Performance 

Performance reigns supreme in the selection process. For those who want timber’s unique character and preservation, an oil-based fence paint such as Sceneys Fence Black is the likely choice. With its penetration prowess, it tackles drying, cracking, and warping head-on, ensuring your fence retains its integrity. 

Conversely, water-based alternatives like Forever Black offer a distinctive approach. Through bonding with the timber, it creates a strong defence against the harshest environmental elements. By avoiding moisture infiltration, it secures the timber’s longevity, giving your fences a lengthier lifespan.

Forever Black intensely adheres to wood, safeguarding it for years to come and therefore challenges the notion that water-based paints lack timber penetration. 


Comparison Based on Horse Safety 

If you have an equine property, you’d already know that being a horse owner you have a unique set of considerations. Sceneys Fence Black, owing to its bitumen foundation acts as a cribbing deterrent that may affect Horse health.   

In contrast, the anti-cribbing deterrent used in Forever Black has undergone rigorous lab testing and is safe to use with horses including in the thoroughbred racing environment.  


Comparison Based on Environmental Concerns 

The planet, our animals and we all need environmentally conscious choices for a healthier future. 

Water-based options, like Forever Black, boast minimal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ensuring a greener footprint and safeguarding human health. In contrast, oil-based fence paints such as Sceneys Fence Black are contributing to elevated VOC levels, making them less environmentally friendly. Solvent-based products release fumes that are toxic to the applicator, animals and the environment. 

Applying oil-based paints mandates proper ventilation during indoor usage and protective gear and meticulous clean-up for outdoor applications. Water-based counterparts streamline the process, with simple water serving as the clean-up agent. This ease, coupled with lower VOC emissions, positions water-based options as the eco-conscious preference. 

If you’re keen on choosing eco-friendly products, it’ll be worth digging deeper into a comparison between water-based and oil-based fence paints. It will help you make the right choice for the future. 


Comparison Based on Application and Clean-Up 

The application process and subsequent clean-up are important considerations, especially for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The oil-based nature of Sceneys Fence Black might lead to prolonged drying periods, as the timber absorbs the oil before achieving a dry touch. 

As suggested on the packaging the second coat can be applied after 24 hours and a specific chemical solution like Ezyclean or mineral turpentine is needed for the clean-up. 

In contrast, Forever Black typically dries within a couple of hours, which allows for a quicker re-coat. The clean-up doesn’t require any special chemicals and can be simply done with water. 

Both paints are great for DIY projects, but for expansive areas, professional help might prove beneficial.  


Comparison Based on Cost 

Most of the decision-making eventually comes down to budget. 

Sceneys Fence Black and Forever Black vary in terms of pricing. 

Price of Sceneys Fence Black: $227 

Price of Forever Black Fence Paint: $251.90 

Cost includes GST and is for 20 Litres of fence paint 


Looking at the bigger picture, a holistic approach takes into account both the initial cost and the ongoing maintenance expenses. 

At first, Sceneys Fence Paint might seem like a cheaper option, but when you factor in the clean-up solution required and the fact that it needs to be recoated more regularly it is no longer the more cost-effective choice.  

On the other hand, Forever Black’s water-based formulation, longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs balance out its higher initial price. 


Comparison Based on Additives or Extra Features 

Sceneys Fence Black’s distinct composition with Bitumen grants it termite deterrence capabilities and also doubles as an anti-cribbing deterrent.  

In contrast, Forever Black arrives specifically infused with UV stabilisers, anti-mould, and anti-crib additives.  


Which Fence Paint is Best for My Property? Sceneys Fence Black or Forever Black  

You are looking to refresh your timber fences and wanted to know whether an oil-based paint – Sceneys Fence Black or water-based fence paint – Forever Black will be ideal for your property. 


So, in the end, what’s the verdict? If you’re all about the natural look of timber, and don’t mind regular touch-ups, Sceneys could be your pick. But if you want something that lasts, requires less maintenance, and is kinder to the environment, Forever Black might just be the right choice for you. 


Remember, a good fence paint isn’t just about colour – it’s about protection and how long it can keep your fence looking its best. If you want a balance between looks, durability, and easy maintenance, Forever Black is a great fit. Its water-based formula, proven horse safety, and added protective features make it appealing to both homeowners and professionals. 


While Sceneys Fence Black emphasizes preserving wood’s natural beauty, the need for frequent maintenance and environmental concerns makes Forever Black a more practical and cost-effective choice in the long run. However, like any timber fence paint, this one also has a few aspects to consider. Therefore, taking a look at an honest review of Forever Black before making your decision could be valuable. 


Think about what matters most to you and choose the timber fence paint that will transform your outdoor space according to your vision. If you have more questions on how to start your painting project, cost, application, clean up or suitability of fence paints, feel free to speak to our experts. They will help you at every step to create a beautiful property. 

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