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What is the best horse fencing for day yards?     

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A day yard is usually a temporary short-term holding area for horses.  


These are smaller yards used for a variety of purposes, such as holding a horse while it is being transferred, recovering, or sheltering from the elements. There may be an additional protective shelter at one end of some yards which are stand-alone. 


Day yards are usually tied to the stables and are an integral part of horse property. It’s important to choose the right fencing for day yards since it’s a small area where horses constantly push and interact with the fence, so it is critical that the fence is strong and sturdy. At the same time, the fencing should align with the rest of your property aesthetically.  


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to high-end horse properties across Australia and New Zealand. We understand that equine properties have a completely different set of needs and requirements for different spaces, like front fences, stables, shelters and day yards. Our every product is thoughtfully chosen to meet these demands and prove its worth across the whole spectrum from design to functionality.  


If you are building a day yard or considering fencing for day yards, then this article is for you. We will discuss the must-have features of a perfect day yard horse fencing and compare different types of horse fencing options available for it. 


Whether you choose to go ahead with our fencing solutions or not, at the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to pick the horse fencing that’s best for your day yard. One that will ensure the safety of your horses and elevate the look of your property as well.  


It’s recommended to sync day yards with the aesthetics of the rest of your property’s fencing. So, if you are still trying to choose the right fencing for you and your property, take this quiz to gain clarity and find your dream fence. 


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The must-have features of horse fencing in a day yard. 

A day yard is a small, high-intensity work area, where horses are always moving. The fence is continuously pushed, leaned, rubbed, and occasionally chewed on.  

Here are some of the features that you should look for while choosing a horse fence for your day yards: 


  1. Fencing should be at least 1.5 metres high to prevent the horses from jumping or escaping.
  2. The horse fencing should be strong enough to bear all the weight of the horses as well as the constant contact.
  3. Your Day yard fencing should be 4 rails.  This provides a solid fence with smaller gaps between the rails which mostly means your horses don’t even try and push through.  3 rails on the other hand have much large spacings between the rails and some of the more creative breeds will constantly try and get through putting your fencing under much more strain, and horses are more likely to incur an injury.
  4. You may need to consider electrics or painting your fence with an anti-crib paint to help keep horses off the fence.
  5. Use a post and rail fence which creates a stronger barrier as compared to any mesh or wire fencing.
  6. Day yards are usually in a prominent spot on a property, so it’s a good idea to ensure the fencing is in tandem with the rest of the aesthetics and looks visually appealing.  


Comparing different horse fencing for day yards 


Timber Post and Rail Horse Fences 

This is the most popular fencing option today. Whether the day yard is round or rectangular Timber Post and Rail are strong and adaptable. You can choose any number of rails and design your day yard the way you want.  


If you are looking for strength and versatility, remember to choose a good quality Timber like Hardwood and not Pine. Hardwood is sturdy enough to take the constant contact of horses and also scores well in looks with the traditional and familiar post and rail appearance. 


However, you might need to paint Timber depending on the kind of style you desire and wood being a favourite for horses to chew may require an anti-cribbing paint as well. 


Buckley Steel Fencing System 

Buckley Steel Post and Rail Fences meet all the must-haves of an ideal day yard fencing. It’s a beautifully engineered fencing system that’s strong and sturdy with big wide rails. The posts are longer than average and go deep into the ground to provide extra stability.  


It’s modular so you can choose to have a day yard of any size you want, with any number of rails. Buckley Steel Fencing System is pre-powder coated, so you don’t have to paint or worry about ongoing maintenance.  


With a life expectancy of more than 30 years, Buckley proves its worth in looks, safety and longevity. 


PVC Post and Rail Fencing 

This might be used in some larger day yard scenarios, but as there is not a lot of core strength and with the constant contact of horses it can lead to damage and high maintenance. It is not a recommended type of fencing for small areas.  


 Cattle Rail 

Steel Pipe fences are commonly used in day yards and provide a strong and sturdy fencing option. However, if you have a high-end horse property the steel pipe fences need to be painted to elevate their looks from grey and dull steel fences.  



Flexible Plastic Rails are usually a good alternative to Timber or Steel Posts and Rail fences, but they don’t prove to be cost-effective in a smaller area like a day yard. Horserail should always be well tensioned and needs Steel or Timber end assembles to achieve that look and stability. In many cases, after the end assemblies are installed, the space in between them is small, so continuing with steel or timber rails becomes more economical. It is recommended to either use Timber or Steel Post and Rail fences for the entire project.  


Points to consider about using mesh:  

It’s important to note that Steel mesh could be used along with a Top Rail of Timber or Buckley Steel Fencing System. However, we don’t recommend this option since mesh can be damaged with constant kicking, pulling and pushing by horses in a day yard.  


Equirope can also be used in addition to the above fencing solutions as a means of keeping horses off the fence. A typical application would be to run one line around the top of the fence and in some cases halfway down the fence. 


If you want to use mesh, the best way is to have at least a couple of rails to reduce the gaps which provide additional support for the mesh. 


Which horse fencing should I choose for my day yard? 

While designing a horse property, every part of the project deserves attention. Be it the highly visual front fencing or the intense work areas. You want a horse fence that’s perfect for your day yards.  


Use the filters above to judge different horse fencing options and choose the one that scores the highest in safety, functionality and aesthetics. You can now make a more informed decision and understand why Timber Post and Rail, Cattle Rail and Buckley Steel Fencing System make for a long-term and smarter investment.  


It’s important to choose the right fencing and also critical to know what to do once your fencing is ordered and on its way from the fencing supplier. Take a deep dive into how you should get your horse fencing delivered, prepare for storage and connect with the Fencing Contractor for a smooth installation. 


If you have any more questions related to the cost or maintenance of horse fencing for your day yard, or if you need guidance to finalise an option that is perfect for your property, then book a free consultation with us. One of our fencing experts will contact you to understand your needs, and your vision and help you create a day yard just the way you imagined. 

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