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Horse Fencing Comparison: Horserail vs Legacy Rail 

horse fencing comparison - horserail vs legacy rail

If you are an equine property owner, you must already be aware of the different types of flexible rails available in Australia and New Zealand. Once you’ve done your research and narrowed down your future fencing to two options – Horserail and Legacy Rail, this article will be the perfect next step. 


In the world of horse fencing, safety is of the utmost importance, and that’s where both Horserail and Legacy Rail score pretty well. They both offer durability and horse safety. Both have their unique features and benefits. So to decide which is a better horse fence for your property – Horserail or Legacy Rail? 


At Stock & Noble, we offer the highest quality fencing solutions across Australia and New Zealand. The Horserail® and Legacy Rail are two globally acclaimed Flexible Plastic Horse Fences that we have carefully chosen for our portfolio. We have years of experience in selling both of them and expertise in helping our clients build their beautiful properties using them. 


Based on our experience, in this article, we will share the key similarities and differences between Horserail and Legacy Rail. Our goal is to help clarify your decision-making process and point you towards the horse fencing ideal for your property. 


The comparison will be based on their quality, usage, suitability, performance, longevity, warranty, special features, cost, and installation. 


In the end, you will have enough information to choose the fencing that’s most suitable for your property. 


Legacy Rail: Bold Board Fencing, Superior Horse Safety 

Legacy Rail is a premium, flexible and highly sought-after plastic rail that closely resembles traditional board fences. One standout feature of Legacy Rail is its impressive width of 135 mm, which contributes to elevating the aesthetics of a property. 


Along with a big bold look, Legacy Rail also has Limited Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty, which is transferable once. This benefit is not offered by any other fencing product in the market today. 


It’s worth digging deeper and learning the advantages and disadvantages of Legacy Rail Bold. 


Features & Benefits of Legacy Rail Horse Fencing 



Legacy Rail’s flexibility absorbs impact, reducing the risk of serious horse injuries. 


High Quality 

The material of Legacy Fence is a blend of impact modifiers, UV stabilisers, and anti-fungicides, providing added durability, stain resistance, and mildew resistance. 


Low Maintenance 

Legacy Rail does not splinter, rot, rust, or crack. Minimal upkeep is required throughout the fence’s lifespan, and tension adjustment is simple when needed. 



Each rail has a break strength of up to 1900kg, providing solid perimeter protection against potential damage from fallen trees and roadside incidents. 


Climate Resilience 

Legacy Rail can withstand temperature conditions ranging from -40°C to 93°C without becoming brittle or experiencing a breakdown. 


Fast Installation 

Legacy Rail installs in a continuous length and does not require painting. It can be easily unrolled, attached, and tension adjusted. 


Horserail: Proven, Practical, Original Horserail® 

Horserail® is a 108 mm wide flexible plastic rail that has earned a reputation as the most trusted rail in the world. Designed to look like traditional timber rail fencing, it’s composed of Long-Life UV Stabilised Non-Conductive Medium Density Polyethylene, with three high tensile wires running through the centre. 


Its performance over the years has made Horserail® a generic name for the entire category of flexible plastic rails. However, there is only one original trademarked Horserail and it’s recommended to confirm with your supplier about the registered trademark on your actual product. 


Features and Benefits of Horserail® horse fencing 



Horserail is highly flexible, providing protection to horses and riders from injuries caused by conventional railings. 



With over 30 years of success in adverse Australian weather conditions, Horserail has proven to be a long-lasting and low-maintenance fencing solution. 



Horserail is designed for easy installation using a patented procedure that eliminates the need for stripping, crimping, or notching. The result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires. 


Wire Strength 

Horserail features three high-tensile wires running through the rail’s middle, providing added strength. 



Horserail is made of long-life UV-stabilised non-conductive medium-density polyethylene (MDPE). 



Horserail has ample stock, ensuring quick availability for your fencing needs. 


Key Differences between Horse Fencing: Horserail vs. Legacy Rail 



Horserail offers a 30-year warranty, while Legacy Rail provides an impressive 65-year limited lifetime warranty that can be transferred to a new owner. 



Horserail is priced at $1275 AUD for a 200-meter length, while Legacy Rail Bold costs slightly more at $1681.90 AUD. Prices are inclusive of GST.



Legacy Rail is wider at 135mm, resembling the width of traditional wooden fence rails. Horserail, on the other hand, measures 108mm in width. 



Legacy Rail includes a tensioner in the end bracket, resulting in a more streamlined and sleek appearance. 



Horserail boasts ample stock, ensuring quick supply, while Legacy Rail has limited stock and may involve waiting times for supply. 



Horserail is well-suited for arena-style fencing and boundary fencing where electric properties are not necessary. Legacy Rail, in addition to these applications, is also installed in non-equine properties for clients seeking maintenance-free, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing fences. 


Ready to Choose the Perfect Horse Fence for Your Property? 

You are building an equine property and wanted to know which is a better fence for you between Legacy Rail and Horserail. Now you know choosing between Horserail and Legacy Rail depends on your specific needs and preferences. 


Horserail is a proven solution in the equine community with 30 years of success and offers excellent flexibility, durability, and ease of installation. While Horserail also offers an electric option, for this article we have referred to the non-electric option.  


Legacy Rail, with its limited lifetime warranty and wider width resembling traditional wooden rails, provides a premium and high-quality option. Its end tensioning bracket provides a refined finish to the overall appearance. Legacy is well trusted in the USA and has been in Australia and NZ for the past 5 years. It doesn’t have the option of electric.  


Consider factors such as warranty, cost, width, fittings, availability, and suitability for your specific fencing requirements to make an informed decision. 


Remember, whether you choose Horserail or Legacy Rail, both options prioritise horse safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It’ll be worth learning about the installation of these flexible rails so you can plan more efficiently and create a safe and beautiful property. 


If you need additional information or further guidance on selecting the most suitable flexible plastic rail for your property, as well as determining whether you need a fencing contractor or can undertake the installation yourself, we are readily available to assist you. Simply schedule a consultation with our fencing expert. Have all your inquiries addressed over a detailed conversation, before deciding on the horse fence.  

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