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Fence Paint Comparison: Classic Black vs. Stud X 

Fence Paint Comparison - Stud X Vs Classic Black

If you’re searching for affordable fence paint to spruce up your fences, then you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to low-cost, low-performance fence paints, Classic Black and Stud X are two popular options.  


Almost similar in a lot of ways, they serve the purpose of quick and easy coating for your timber fencing. However, there are important differences to consider before making your decision. 


The problem is how to know which of these fence paints is a better fit for your fences or will give you more value for your time, effort and money. 


At Stock & Noble, we provide high-end property owners across Australia and New Zealand with the finest fencing solutions. Master Blend Fence Paint is one of our most loved range of products, developed after in-depth market research and consumer feedback. It’s obvious that we think our fence paints are the best in the market, but we also know that they might not be right for your property and budget. 


Therefore, we aim to provide you with an unbiased analysis based on our client’s experiences, expert insights, and our extensive knowledge of the paint industry. 


In this blog, we will lay out a detailed comparison between Stud X and Classic Black fence paints, by examining various aspects including quality, longevity, application, and additional features like anti-mould, UV protection, and cost.  


In the end, you will gain valuable insights that will help you choose the most suitable fence paint for your specific needs. 


Understanding Classic Black Fence Paint 

Classic Black Fence Paint is specifically designed to be a cost-effective solution for consumers looking for a quick and affordable fence finish. 


It not only provides a fresh appearance but also contains a cribbing deterrent and an anti-mould additive. The anti-mould properties are particularly useful in damp parts of Australia where mould growth is a common issue. 


Classic Black is a water-based product, making it environmentally friendly and easy to handle. 


It is available in 20 and 200-litre drums, catering to both small touch-ups and larger fencing projects. When applied correctly, Classic Black is designed to last for 1 to 3 years on the fence. 


Understanding Stud X Fence Paint 

Stud X shares many similarities with Classic Black in terms of its low-cost and low-performance nature. However, Stud X does not include the anti-mould additive found in Classic Black. 


It is marketed as a one-coat system designed to provide a fresh look to your fence for 9 to 12 months. However, it is important to note that the manufacturer recommends regular recoating after the initial application to maintain the desired appearance. 


Like Classic Black, Stud X is water-based and provides a similar black matte finish when applied to the fence. However, due to the absence of anti-mould properties and a lower volume of paint solids, Stud X tends to have a shorter lifespan compared to Classic Black. 


Fence Paint Comparison: Quality of Stud X Vs. Classic Black 

To assess the quality of both paints, a third-party UV testing facility in Townsville, Australia, conducted an extensive evaluation. The testing focused on key aspects such as paint adhesion to timber after 3 years, colour retention, cracking, splitting, and the presence of chalking (white colour emerging through the paint). 


In the most recent report, Classic Black scored twice as well as Stud X in terms of appearance after 3 years. This suggests that Classic Black maintains its visual appeal for a longer period. Additionally, Classic Black contains higher-volume solids and includes anti-mould properties, making it a higher-quality option overall. 


Fence Paint Comparison: Looks and Longevity of Stud X Vs. Classic Black 

While both paints initially provide a black matte finish to your fence, Stud X tends to lose its appearance more quickly compared to Classic Black. This observation is backed by third-party testing results and customer experiences. 


When it comes to longevity, Stud X offers an initial lifespan of 9 to 12 months with its first coat, followed by the recommendation of a recoat to extend its durability for an additional 2 to 3 years, as claimed by the manufacturer. Although marketed as a one-coat system, the inclusion of a second coat after 12 months is promoted, which can be somewhat misleading. 


On the other hand, Classic Black provides the option of applying one coat, but we highly recommend applying two coats for optimal results. Depending on the quality of the timber fence, you can expect Classic Black to last anywhere from one to three year, before recoating is required. 


It is important to note that the lifespan of both paints can be affected if the fence is not adequately prepared or if the timber contains tannins that hinder proper bonding. For the most effective results, it’ll be worth learning about the best practices to paint your timber fences. 


Moreover, if you reside in areas prone to mould growth such as Queensland, the Southern Highlands, or the Mornington Peninsula, Classic Black will outperform Stud X due to its added anti-mould additive, ensuring better protection against mould-related issues. 

Overall Classic Black fence paint maintains its sleek black look for a longer time as compared to Stud X and can be preferred if your property is located in a mould-prone area. 


Fence Paint Comparison: Application of Stud X Vs. Classic Black 

Stud X is recommended as a one-coat application, but the manufacturer advises regular coating after the initial application to maintain its desired look. 


In contrast, Classic Black is recommended for two coats initially, providing better coverage and protection for your fence. After the initial application, Classic Black only requires recoating as needed, which may be necessary after several years to address any visual wear or touch-up requirements. 


Fence Paint Comparison: Additional Features in Stud X Vs. Classic Black 

UV Protection: Classic Black is UV Stable. Stud X does not offer any UV protection properties. 


Anti-Mould: Classic Black includes an anti-mould feature, while Stud X does not. 


Cribbing Deterrent: Both Stud X and Classic Black are effective in deterring cribbing. The anti-Cribbing additive used in Classic Black has been tested and does not affect swab results for racehorses. 


Classic Black has more features than Stud X. 


Fence Paint Comparison: Suitability of Stud X Vs. Classic Black 

Classic Black and Stud X are preferred mainly due to budget constraints and the need for a quick freshen-up of the fence’s appearance. 


For individuals looking for a cost-effective solution to improve their fence’s aesthetics for a shorter period, these options can be suitable. 


However, it is worth noting that horse studs, in particular, have extensively used Stud X across Australia due to the absence of a better solution in the past. Nevertheless, with the introduction of premium fence paint options like Forever Black by Stock and Noble, some leading horse studs, such as GillGai Farm, New Gate Stud, and Cressfield Stud, have transitioned from Stud X to Forever Black (a premium fence paint option) recognizing the benefits of investing in a longer-lasting fence paint. 


Fence Paint Comparison: Cost of Stud X Vs. Classic Black 

Currently, a 20-litre pail of Stud X costs $135 including GST, while Classic Black is priced at $140 including GST for the same quantity. 


For a little extra, the look on your fences will last longer, so overall Classic Black proves to be more cost-effective. 


To ensure the best price, it is advisable to check for local resellers or contact the manufacturer directly to purchase the desired quantity. 


Which Fence Paint Should I Choose for My Property? 

You are looking for a cost-effective fence paint to spruce up your property and wanted to know which is a better choice between Stud X and Classic Black. Now you have all the required information to evaluate the two fence paints on various factors such as quality, longevity, application, additional features, and cost. 


In conclusion, while both Stud X and Classic Black are popular choices for budget-friendly fence paints, Classic Black outperforms Stud X in several aspects. 


Based on third-party testing results and overall performance, Classic Black emerges as the better choice between the two paints. It offers better looks, anti-mould properties, and longevity compared to Stud X. However, Classic Black costs slightly more than Stud X. 


However, if you’re looking for the finest fence paint for your property, it is important to note that both Stud X and Classic Black may not meet the standards expected for high-end horse studs or lifestyle properties. For such premium properties, considering options like Forever Black by Stock and Noble are recommended. 


So, while Stud X and Classic Black are suitable for those seeking an affordable fence paint solution, it is worth exploring other alternatives for long-lasting and visually appealing results. Investing in a higher-quality paint, such as Forever Black, can provide better durability and aesthetics for your fences. Before you make your final decision check out a comparison between Classic Black and Forever Black fence paints. 

At Stock and Noble, as we aim to transition the fence paint industry towards premium options, Classic Black remains in our product range to help clients gradually transition to better products. By offering a range of options, we can introduce customers to improved paint solutions on their journey to achieving a better-looking and long-lasting fence. 


If you have any questions about the cost, application or availability of our fence paints, feel free to connect with one of our experts. They will help you in creating a beautiful property with the finest, long-lasting fence paints that fit your vision as well as your budget. 


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