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Eco-friendly fence paints - 5 critical reasons to choose them in 2023. 

Eco-friendly fence paint
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Do you know there’s a high likelihood that the fence paint you’ve used on your fences might not be eco-friendly? It’s surprising yet true that most fence paints available today fail to pass the test of being environmentally responsible.  


Unfortunately, so many people do not realise how detrimental fence paint can be to the environment and even to the health of their loved ones.  


Research has established that traditional fence paints can have a negative impact on both the environment and human health. The production process of these paints can release harmful chemicals into the air and contribute to air pollution.  


Additionally, the chemicals in traditional fence paints, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can emit toxic fumes, causing health problems such as headaches, dizziness, and respiratory issues. These fumes can also harm the environment by contributing to ground-level ozone formation, which can lead to smog and respiratory problems. 


In contrast, eco-friendly fence paints are made using natural and non-toxic ingredients, reducing their impact on the environment and promoting a healthier outdoor living space. However, they are considered less effective and short-lived as compared to traditional fence paints. But is that true? 


At Stock & Noble, we have been providing the finest and safest fencing solutions to properties across Australia and New Zealand. We are conscious of our social responsibility towards the health of the planet and the people and thus created a range of water-based paints which are eco-friendly.  


Based on our years of experience, intensive research and insights from our customers we will share the truth about eco-friendly paints and 5 reasons why they should be the only option you must consider for your fence painting project. 


Reason#1: Eco-friendly fence paints are safer for the planet with low VOCs 

There’s enough awareness of the dire need to protect the world around us.  


Traditional fence paints are typically high in Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. They contain chemical waste that is not biodegradable and not recyclable. Furthermore, these can leach into the soil which will eventually make its way into our waterways contaminating our environment. 


In general, eco-friendly paints are those whose emissions and extractions are less harmful to the environment. The commercial painting industry refers to these as low in VOC. 


By choosing an eco-friendly option, you can help reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainability, while also creating a safer and healthier environment for yourself and your family. 


However, along with the eco-friendly aspect, there are more factors that you should consider before choosing a fence paint for your property. 


Reason#2: Eco-friendly fence paints help reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions 

A recent example of how global warming has had a detrimental effect on our planet is the Australian bushfires. Studies show that climate change increased the risk of bushfires by 30 %. 


Standard fence paint is brimming with harsh chemicals that potentially release toxins into the atmosphere for up to 5 years after the paint has dried. 


Here are some more ways fence paints can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions: 


Production process: The production of traditional fence paints often involves the use of fossil fuels, which release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The production process can also release other toxic chemicals into the air, contributing to air pollution and climate change. 


Use of VOCs: Many traditional fence paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can emit toxic fumes into the air. These fumes can contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, which is a greenhouse gas. 


Disposal of waste: The disposal of unused fence paint and paint cans can also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, as the waste can release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. 

Sadly, until we start to see bigger changes across the globe, the likelihood of natural disasters will increase and we will see more instances similar to the Australian bushfire crisis. 


This is why we think every small step towards using more eco-friendly products is a step closer to lessening our contribution to global warming. 


It will be worth learning about water-based fence paints and why they could be the safest choice for painting your fences.  


Reason#3: Eco-friendly fence paints are safer for your health 

Exposure to the VOCs in traditional paint can impact your health and the health of your family and animals. 


The VOCs found in paint are commonly found in cleaning products and even car exhaust fumes. They include acetone, formaldehyde, benzene, mercury and methylene chloride. 


These chemicals (and many others) in fence paint, are what make typical fence paint toxic and can have some terrible side effects. 


Common side effects include: 

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Skin problems
  • Respiratory irritation, which can be especially harmful to those with asthma


Even more concerning is that long-term exposure to VOCs is believed to increase the risk of cancer, as many of the compounds are known carcinogens. 


Therefore, finding an alternative that contains a limited number of VOCs is extremely critical.  


By choosing eco-friendly fence paints, you can help reduce exposure and protect your family, employees and animals from possible health hazards.  


Reason#4: Eco-friendly fence paints have the same durability 

Contrary to the common belief, eco-friendly fence paintshold colour permanence for just as long as traditional brands with some products lasting even longer than toxic paints. 


Since the painting experts are getting smarter and smarter, we can too! You don’t have to stick to the old ideas and expose your family and world to toxic fumes because a more natural option is available. 


However, to ensure you get the desired quality and longevity it’s important to do thorough research. A comparison between the top timber fence paints along with an in-depth review of different steel fence paints can prove to be helpful. 


Eventually, it will all come down to the quality, reputation, and price of the brand. For example, our Forever Black Timber Fence Paint is known to last much longer than traditional fence paint. 


Reason#5:  Choosing eco-friendly fence paints reflects your commitment to sustainability  

Thanks to the increased and much-needed awareness around the importance of being planet friendly, there’s a positive perception of the people who believe in this cause.  


By choosing an eco-friendly option, you can demonstrate your eco-consciousness, which can enhance your property’s value and appeal. 


Choosing eco-friendly fence paints is a smart and responsible decision that benefits both your family and your financial health. 


You can also find out how much you will save by making a responsible decision. 



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Are you ready to choose an eco-friendly fence paint for your property? 

You wanted to know why it’s important to choose a fence paint that’s branded as eco-friendly and if there are any real benefits of doing so. Now you knoweco-friendly fence paint is an environmentally conscious choice for protecting and beautifying your property.  


The truth is that no paint can be 100% devoid of all the harmful chemicals, however, the percentage can be minimised to an extent that it stops impacting our planet, property and people. In conclusion, choosing eco-friendly fence paints is a smart and responsible decision that benefits both the environment and your home. 


Once you’ve picked the paint the next step is to learn how to paint your fence for the most impactful look and effective results.  


If you want to know more about our fence paints, suitability on your property, application, longevity or price please feel free to connect with one of our experts. We would be glad to guide you in making the best decision for you and our world.  

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