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Choosing the Best Post and Rail Fencing for Your NSW Property 

Are you a property owner in New South Wales (NSW), and looking for beautiful, safe and long-lasting post and rail fencing? In the past, we would have said you’ve got a challenge on your hands. The state is massive, with weather that’s rather varied compared to other parts of Australia. From the sticky humidity up north to the harsh conditions inland and the Victoria-like weather down south, it’s  not easy finding something that can withstand the unpredictable NSW climate.  


Whether it’s termites giving you a headache, a lack of timber options or the struggle to keep a fence looking good despite the challenging conditions, we know the pains and fears you might be facing.  


At Stock & Noble, we provide the finest fencing solutions to property owners across Australia and New Zealand. We’ve helped numerous clients build beautiful properties in various parts of NSW and are well aware of the challenges this state presents.  


In this article, we’ll explore the unique fencing challenges in NSW and shed light on choosing the best post and rail solutions for your property.  


As we discuss the fencing solutions for different regions in NSW, you’ll walk away with more than just a fence – you’ll gain peace of mind. We’ll explore the reasons behind the rise of steel in NSW, the success stories that prove its worth, and even peek into innovative alternatives like Hogan posts and Horserail. But that’s not all – we’ll break down the factors influencing your choices, ensuring you’re armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision for your property. 


Post and Rail Fencing for Southern Highlands 

Southern Highlands is beautiful, we’ve worked on some good projects there. But there’s a problem – termites. They can ruin the fences, and even the best quality hardwood doesn’t seem to last. However, property owners in the Southern Highlands have an appetite for beautiful fences that could last a long time and have already begun the process of migrating across to premium steel as their chosen solution to fight the natural challenges. 

This is the reason the introduction of engineered systems like Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing, has gained popularity in this region. Our flagship product is more in demand here than in any other part of Australia. 

Timber and PVC are not a great solution for properties in Southern Highlands, due to the presence of termites and mould. While Timber post and rail fencing invariably give into the termite capital, PVC tends to discolour in the presence of mould. 

Also, in our experience, PVC isn’t a preferred post and rail fencing of lifestyle property owners, which seems to be prevalent in Southern Highlands. 

Here’s the journey of property owners in Southern NSW which will give you further insight into this region. Check out how Robert and Jenny Jones solved the issue of termites to create their signature equine property. 

Jones Property Video - Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing - Southern Highlands


Post and Rail Fencing Solutions for Northern NSW 

In the diverse landscapes of Northern New South Wales (NSW), where damp and humid conditions prevail, the choice of fencing materials becomes crucial. Steel post and rail are emerging as the preferred option due to their durability in such environments, steering clear of issues like mould growth that often plague timber and PVC alternatives. 

This preference extends to various locations, including the Orange and Bathurst areas, where the aesthetic appeal of Premium steel post and rail fencing is complemented by its longevity and low maintenance. Even regions close to the Victorian border like Albury/Wadonga have embraced the enduring qualities of steel fencing, showcasing a consistent demand for premium, long-lasting solutions throughout NSW. 


Noteworthy Premium Steel Post and Rail Fencing Projects

One of the standout examples highlighting the trust in Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is the Scone Equine Hospital, the largest equine hospital in the Southern Hemisphere. Opting for steel post and rail in their newly built complex, this choice underlines the significance of durable fencing in critical equine projects. 


Post and Rail Fencing Trends in NSW 

Here are some key trends in NSW, that will help you make the right decision for your property. 


Innovative Fencing Alternatives for NSW: Hogan Post and Horserail 

Recognising the ongoing demand for long-lasting products in NSW, innovative solutions like Hogan posts have gained popularity. Crafted from recyclable plastic, Hogan posts offer resistance to rust, rot, and termite damage, making them an ideal choice for challenging local conditions. 

Similarly, Horserail, flexible post and rail fencing known for its durability has become a sought-after product in the region. 


PVC and Steel – Front fences or Livestock Containment 

While closer to Sydney, where front fences take precedence over horse fencing, PVC has found its place, particularly where animals aren’t applying pressure. However, in cases involving livestock, steel remains the undisputed winner, providing both strength and durability. 

You can find out more about the difference between Steel and PVC Post and Rail Fencing. 


Challenges with Traditional Materials 

Traditional materials like timber face challenges such as mould and termite issues, prompting property owners to seek more resilient alternatives. PVC, while resistant to animal pressure, is prone to yellowing due to mould growth. Steel, with its proven track record, stands out as a reliable choice. 


Shift Towards Engineered Systems in NSW 

NSW property owners are familiar with the challenges posed by factors like fire and mould, leading to a preference for steel fencing. The introduction of new engineered systems has garnered considerable attention, gaining traction more rapidly in NSW than in other states across Australia. 


Timber Sourcing Challenges and Business Adaptation 

Across the country, timber sourcing has become increasingly challenging, especially high-quality hardwood. Fencing contractors in NSW are proactively exploring alternative materials to sustain their businesses in response to this shift in the availability of traditional resources. 


NSW vs. Victoria: Embracing Change 

Unlike areas in Victoria, like the Mornington Peninsula, where the transition from timber to steel has been slower, NSW has quickly adopted steel post and rail fencing. For those new to NSW or considering a move, understanding local conditions is crucial, whether dealing with dry seasons, likely fires, or wet seasons and floods. 


Which Post and Rail Fencing is Right for Your NSW Property? 

Overall Premium Steel post and rail fencing is the top pick in New South Wales (NSW), due to resistance towards termites and mould, high aesthetics, durability and growing scarcity of hardwood timber. Significant projects like the Scone Equine Hospital reflect the region’s preference for strong, beautiful and long-lasting fencing solutions. As the need for durable options persists, innovative alternatives such as Hogan posts and Horserail are also gaining popularity. 


While Steel post and rail fencing remain a favourite, we acknowledge that Premium steel isn’t for everyone. Talking to local experts, such as fencing contractors familiar with prevalent conditions like termites, is crucial. We recommend exploring options based on your priorities, whether it’s cattle rail, horserail, pine, PVC, or hardwood, or even considering a fence that’s not post and rail. 


Take this quiz to help bring clarity in choosing your fence. 

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In conclusion, if you’re aiming to create a beautiful property in NSW that stands the test of time, Premium Steel Post and Rail fencing is your go-to solution. However, the final decision depends on your vision and your budget. With an understanding of the varied conditions across the state, this guide equips you to make an informed decision, ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your fencing investment. 


If you have more questions about choosing the right fencing based on your location in NSW, speak to a professional. Our fencing experts will help you find the perfect post and rail fencing to help you create your dream property.   


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