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Black Mesh Fencing - Is it the right Horse Fencing for your Property? 

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Are you the proud owner of a beautiful equine property adorned with black fencing, and the thought of attaching a steel grey mesh fills you with dread, either because of the painting hassle or the potential eyesore it might create? If so, this article is tailor-made for you. 


Black mesh. It’s a rarity. 


There are very few options of steel mesh available in black colour, including the Black Label Equine Mesh. But is it right for your property? 


At Stock & Noble, we provide properties with premium fencing solutions. Black Label Equine Meshis exclusively supplied by us across Australia and New Zealand. Like all our products, it’s a globally successful solution with high horse safety standards. We are well-versed in its features and stand by its superior quality, however, we understand it might not be the perfect solution for every property. 


In this blog, we will delve into what black mesh fencing is, its key features, and the reasons why it’s the preferred choice for horse owners. We’ll also provide insights into the specific advantages of Black Mesh Fencing for equine properties as well as the disadvantages of this product. 


If Black mesh fencing is what you desire for your property, in the end, you will have all the information to make the right decision and have gorgeous mesh fencing elevating the look of your property and the safety of your precious animals. 


What is Black Mesh Fencing? 

Black mesh fencing is a type of fencing specifically designed to cater to the needs of horse properties. It’s characterised by its industry-leading strength and durability, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. The Black Label Equine Meshfence is a prime example of this fencing type, and it comes with several key features that set it apart. 


Cost: $597 AUD + GST 

Roll length: 30mx1.22m 

Availability: In stock in Australia 

Available to order for New Zealand 


Key Features of Black Mesh Fencing 


1. Square Deal® Knot for Extra Strength and Safety

One of the standout features of Black Label Equine Mesh fencing is its Square Deal® Knot design. This design prevents the fence from buckling or sagging, ensuring it remains sturdy and reliable. It also provides flexibility for installation over hilly terrain, a common consideration in equine properties. Additionally, the smooth side of the Square Deal® Knot helps protect the hides of your horses from injury. 


2. Optimal Mesh Spacing

With a mesh spacing of 2″x 4″, Black Label Equine Mesh fencing prevents horses from stepping through or getting entangled. This feature enhances the safety of your animals while allowing them to graze without the risk of escape. 


3. Durability and Weather Resistance

Constructed with quality galvanised wire and a durable zinc coating, this fencing is built to withstand the elements. It resists weathering, ensuring it remains in excellent condition even in challenging outdoor environments. 


4. Aesthetic Appeal

The painted black finish, applied after galvanisation, adds a touch of elegance to your property. Black mesh fencing blends seamlessly with the surroundings, making it a visually pleasing choice. It’s especially beneficial if you have all-black fencing, like most of the signature equine properties. 


5. Easy Installation

Whether your property is flat or hilly, Black Mesh fencing is easy to install. Its strong mesh design minimizes the potential for injury by flexing upon impact, further enhancing safety. 


Advantages of Black Mesh Fencing 


Strength and Longevity  

Black Label Equine Mesh fencing is built to last, providing years of trouble-free dependability. This exceptional durability translates into reduced long-term maintenance costs for property owners. 


No Painting Required 

Unlike some other fencing options, black mesh fencing doesn’t necessitate regular painting or maintenance, saving property owners time and effort. 


Premium Looks 

The visually pleasing black finish complements the property’s aesthetics, adding an elegant and refined look. 

The black finish seamlessly blends with the rest of the fencing, enhancing the overall visual appeal. 


High Horse Safety 

The unique Square Deal® Knot design and optimal mesh spacing prioritize the safety of horses and the security of your property. Horses are less likely to become entangled or injured, ensuring peace of mind for property owners. 


Disadvantages of Black Mesh Fencing 


Higher Cost 

It’s important to note that Black mesh fencing may come with a higher initial cost compared to galvanised mesh alternatives. However, this cost is often justified by its durability and long-term benefits. 


Visibility Concern 

Some horses might find galvanised mesh more visible, which could potentially affect their behaviour. 


Limited Availability 

Black mesh fencing, may not be as readily available as standard galvanised mesh. If you don’t plan your purchase, there might be a considerable wait before you get your product. 


Is Black Mesh Fencing Right for My Horse Property? 

If you’re drawn to the idea of Black Mesh fencing for your property, you now have all the information required to make an informed decision, sparing yourself the headache of dealing with a grey mesh fence. 


In summary, Black Mesh fencing, especially the Black Label Equine Meshvariant, offers a compelling blend of durability, safety, aesthetics, and minimal maintenance. To determine if it’s the perfect fit for your equine property, consider your specific requirements, preferences, budget, terrain, and climate, all while ensuring the well-being and security of your cherished animals. 


If you wish to continue exploring other steel mesh fencing options, then a detailed comparison of different types of steel meshavailable in Australia and New Zealand would be a good start. 


For more questions on the installation, availability or suitability of Black Label Equine Mesh fencing, feel free to get in touch with our fencing experts. They will answer all your queries in detail and help you make the right decision to bring your beautiful property to life. 

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